Jose Silva Method of Mind Control

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Close From the archives of Silva International comes some very rare footage of Jose Silva from his 1987 TV Show. Here, he gives his …


millionmarch says:
Here learn it for free. Why pay anyone? No costs and no gimmicks. 

REd Light Studios says:

Wolffpack startup & Wolff’s Den

Natalie Moriarty says:

from my own personal experience, everything mr. Silva taught was true. I
believe someday spirituality, science, and religion will once again be

johnnie connell says:

slackclothes you need a light bulb matey..

nihalkamat says:


LaurenM001 says:

@CottoFan1 Very interesting. I’ve just recently purchased the Silva Life
Method course, and UltraMind ESP, and am fascinated by all of this. This
man was so far ahead of his time! I remember a couple of my religious
friends, back in the 70s (when I was in high school), around the time that
the Silva Method was first popular, my friends said it was “demonic” and
everything they taught was opening people up to demonic possession… some
in the church still think that way, I’m sure.

BODacious X Studios says:

This is a great explanation on how our mind is and works, thanks!!!

Krishan Chaudhry says:

i just discovered him today accidentally. i wish i had met him and know
about him awesome – unbelievable we all have it all within us and yet he go
all over the world to do soul searching going to temple, church and mosque
it is all within ourselves and he talks about brain – mind

Freemyworld1 says:

im a new parapligic and purchase the full program and still have problem to
achive and luck with it. anyone cam help me to go bank on my two

Son Goku says:

When Christians use the word “through god” they kinda mean “through love”.
If you make your life better nad yourself happy, by ruining other peoples
lives, then it is indeed wrong.

Aileen John says:

This guy is full of bullshit. He should be experimented upon the way he
experimented with other people without their knowing. He is a CIA prop.

Boxer Kalininski says:

Hey Guys, I figured out what the Silva method does it activates our natural
release of DMT from the pineal gland so that’s why we get the conscious
dream like state and that’s why he talks about seeing and communicating
with guides. Most of the people who had a DMT trip will tell you that they
encountered a creature a guide that has guided them through their trip.
Plus when were born our DMT feels with chloride will crystalized it. So by
bringing down the brain frequency you trick it into..

sackcloth777 says:

I was referring to the teachings of JC. The principles of the mind are
hidden in these words once you understand the principles of how the mind
works, and it’s influence over the other factors within the mind, and
exterior to others, on all levels of thought and energy interactions. The
law of attraction, what you sow u reap, at every level of energy in your
being, all is energy, all has frequency, and all in tune and harmony has
resonance amplification of that energy. Building & not destroying.

sackcloth777 says:

I find in principle these techniques are the KEYS what Jesus Christ used to
heal the sick and do miracles. I have found this from many different ways
of looking at methods to see the common KEYS. Inner peace, self
forgiveness, self love, forgiveness of others, be kind to all. Do not hold
grudges. Beleive in the good possibilities and self improvement in health
of body and mind. If all got this into their thinking, I believe this would
be the second coming of the mind of Christ, peace and love.

ShaolinMeditator101 says:

this man done such a amazing great achievement! self discovery of what
Chinese taoist masters keep secret but this guy done a self discovery on
it!! and spreaded it to the public! 😀

Esha Gayle says:

I had the good fortune of taking the Silva Mind Control course in 1970 in
Boston. I worked for Silva and learned directly from this man. I have to
say I am to this day grateful for every moment spent in the Silva courses
and with Mr Silva. A great human being.

Luis Gustavo says:

One must have a reason to go and create a Youtube acount just to post this
comment ! I’ll just say to you “rodger98531”: There is much more than meets
the eye… 1953!…

MrUreeka says:

Die and reincarnate

johnnie connell says:

MattRIM Thank you for your kind words, i would agree with you , but modesty
prevents me.

motherx6drawing says:

What am inspiration !

Ciaranpollakeel says:

Thank you very much. I have found the Silva team very helpful and I am
looking forward to augmenting my knowledge from their ‘new’ and now
scientifically substantiated science of the mind

johnnie connell says:

Make up your mind, you either like him or you don’t..

just4fame says:

Let’s all go practice divination now kids! Forget the Holy Spirit, God,
Christ and the Kingdom of heaven within and the Living Water POWER from on
high from God to you, forget eternal life and God giving you the SPIRIT…
what a world… what a world… heaven is within you, you can see Christ if
one wants bad enough, that’s all HE wants too! djvalis (at) gmail (dot) com
— message me if you want to put in 2-3 weeks effort and receive POWER
from GOD literally!

lovakia says:

I bought and read his books it helped me so much to connect with myself to
the world.

Boxer Kalininski says:

Just type in this in the search box and watch this documentary and this
will all make sense to you DMT – The Spirit Molecule Documentary 1/5

georgekush says:

im confused.

johnnie connell says:

Your video on your channel about the jap cleaning shop is a
pathetic that you promote thugs and violence.. how very sad..

Aman Vig says:

@irynahnatyuk kid , shutup and just listen what is out there till u grow
and realise no one will listen to your crap

johnnie connell says:

silverapehead listen a leopard does not change its spots. and i know japs
are asian too

Rybka Betta says:

I have almost all his book,

Rose Calderon says:

mind is the faculty of human intellegence, spirit is the energy of matter,
human intellegence

smzavala10 says:

Fear is demonic, it is a tool of DARK POWERS…

Boxer Kalininski says:

thinking that’s it asleep thus releasing large amounts of DMT from the
pineal gland which triggers everything that Jose Silva talks about ability
to read minds, ability to interact with spirits and eventually ability to
transform back and forth from our realm into the spiritual realm the
kingdom of the mind like he puts it. Please people comment on this and let
me know if you have any ideas

Luis Gustavo says:

Only those who know his story can understand what a great man he was. His
work is the base of all books and works in personal developement of all
kinds. It is very possible that his achivements were influenced by alien
contact in 1953. Original early methodes are the best. With some effort and
time, there can be outstanding results.

yaychella says:

my late father was friends with mr. silva and always spoke very highly
about the value of his refreshing, powerful contributions to society…. he
actually had a centre (or maybe it was his home?) close to where i grew up
and i wish i would’ve been aware (well, old enough to have been aware, esp.
since i’m so into this sort of thing and study psych, myself) of the gem
that was actually but a few blocks away from my childhood home in the
barrio heights of laredo, tx… it’s all boarded up now.

Mak Titan says:

Это работает!!!

Mak Titan says:

Прочтите книгу “Управление разумом по методу Хозе Сильва” и примените и
поймете какая сила в этом!!!

Infectedways says:

he seems like a nice person and is covincing

taleeni says:

@aliczrabbit Interesting how we all view things and ppl differently.
Eckhart Tolle creeps me out personally, don’t ask me why, I really do not
have an answer, but whenever I see or hear him, I get that same nauseated
feeling similar to whenever I see or hear Benny Hinn. He may very well be a
wonderful and evolved spirit. On the converse, I am currently reading Mr
Silva’s book with no ill-effects.

JaCSM1 says:

Amazing person with a wonderful mission, to help us to create a Better
humanity through our Mind development.

aliczrabbit says:

sackcloth-I think eckhart tolle is closer to enlightenment than this man.
According to eckhart the mind is a fraction of a being’s intelligence. A
person could use the mind to make an atom bomb but that is stupid
intelligence. If you come from an enlightened consciousness you are in
accordance with god- the all which intelligence far outweighs the minds.
Having said all that…The buddha said “all we are is the result of what we
have thought” tricky things we deal with.

sackcloth777 says:

Yes religion has a blind faith superstitious angle prone to those who are
not understanding and see such things as magical. Technology and computers
are magical if you don’t understand how the building blocks make up the
whole. Far too many cause their own problems by not understanding, and
religions all fall short, due to the corruption of their logic by the
unenlightened in their past and in the present. The keys stand out, and
show that which is not truth, when one gets an eye for it.

sackcloth777 says:

only the truly unenlightened would say such a thing. Kapish?

johnnie connell says:

shut up whilst you are behind…

2009rogera says:

@romantiqrik You’re right, this guy is so full of bullshit

rodger98531 says:

Jose Silva’s teachings are backed by 50 years of Research and Scientific
evidence. Not once have I heard that his achievements were influenced by

Original Ultramind ESP System says:

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