Jose and Laura Silva Explaining The Basics of The Silva Method

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More information about Jose Silva and his discovery here:


Leonardi Caraballo says:

How to analyze/explain the human brain functions using electronic knowledge
and how to know in which “frequency” our brain works better…..

violinonero says:

If so many of Silva’s students claim to have regained perfect vision, why
is he wearing glasses? why wouldn’t he use his own method to gain perfect

Daniel Zamora says:

what is the 10 thinking frequency and 20 ACTING frequency. from my
understanding is that at 20 is the Beta frequency, is that right?

Jose Damaso Ramon says:

Everything we find to help build the world we love is great to try.

frans smith says:

Laura is the daughter of Jose Silva, his kids had mind control training
when very young. Now she’s interviewing her father. This is only a
commercial to get more

david strickland says:

To Julian Reid.All magick is self Hypnosis….JUST

frans smith says:

Mind control can work, but one must never let someone else take over your
like in hypnosis. I did a Silva Mind control basic leacture in 1998. They
play a alpha
rytm, only a alpha rytm, (today there a much better tapes). Then an
instructor is
using a sorth of programming, basically hypnosis. SMC claims it is not
But the instructor is programming you. Affirmation are beter cause no one
else is
programming you but your self. Also the use of modern braintapes is better.

Blk Popeye says:

He was a brilliant mind Jose Silva R.I.P

Open Your Mind says:

Does somebody know the name of the auther of “the history of psychiatry” ?

Freedomtoascend says:

Amazing, very lovely explanation of something so complicated as the human
mind in simple terms. Thank you for all that beautiful work that is helping
so many people including me

ArseneLupin2009 says:

interesting interview

taleeni says:

It would have been so lovely to listen to him speak live. Laura, you and
your siblings are blessed to have had Mr Silva as your father. Insightful

Esther Mora says:

QUE HOMBRE TAN MARAVILLOSO…!! Solo tomo un curso por correspondencia en
electronica y todo lo que logro. ! Bendicones a la Famila Silva Quesada!!

Mark Smith says:

I enjoyed this video. He is a very, very, brilliant and gifted man.

Daniel Palacios says:

Mr. Silva wasn’t obsessed with the things that make us acceptable in
today’s society as you apparently are. We all have goals and his were
greater than those that can explained as pure vanity.

Dalia Burgoin says:

wow they thought he was working for the devil?!!? ppl are so funny

sourena mirdadian says:

he is a pure genius!

Ricky notailok says:

This is what Buddha Discovered for himself 563 BC


Glory be to da Most High for wisdom.

nazaruddin abu zaharin says:

Wow .. what a brilliant man he is based on his explanation. I m lost at a
time ..

Julian Reid says:

This is just autohypnosis.

dethstark says:

I am 34 now. Took my first class at age 7. Studied under Laura. When most
kids my age in Oklahoma were going to bible camp in the summer, I was
spending my days in classes developing the skills that serve me so well. I
did classes specificaly designed for children for three consecutive sumers.
The program made me who i am. I come from a family of artists a long
unbroken line of very creative people in a profesional capacity. I never
forgot the lessons i learned my life is better for it.

Richard Morden says:

For those who are able to take advantage of this training it is life
changing. I was fortunate to have a very dedicated instructor Lise Blouin
who like many have a passion for teaching. This system and her instruction
has made a significant improvement in my life and I’m grateful for this
amazing method. Thank you

Dave Driscoll says:

SO…this is just self affirmation / talk? isnt that counter productive as
it just makes you think of what you DONT want???

peekaboots01 says:

I don’t feel that Mr. Silva got the recognition and respect that he
deserved. For example look at how view viewings this video has received. He
was a genius. Where is the recognition?

Holly Reardon says:

I don’t think Jose would be impressed or happy with the way that Mind
Valley is marketing and selling his products. I believe the method is
genius and incredible – I think the company now responsible for marketing
and selling it here is trapping and duping people with false advertising.

rafael gomez says:

Indeed, he was a genius. I think he has not received the recognition he
deserves for a very simple reason: he affirmed that 90% of humanity is not
thinking correctly. Few people are ready to accept that 🙂

George ruiz says:

I have the fortune of meeting Jose Silva when I was 20, his influence on me
has been amazing, it opened my mind, literally! Life has been really
different for the best since I did the training…

cjgs400 says:

Thank you for sharing this! I can’t wait to get started!

Dalia Burgoin says:

how interesting. i always assumed going to delta would be even better than
alpha but this explains why when problem solving, alpha is best.

aparsa33 says:

He is pure wisdom, thank you

aralegim says:

Brilliant man. Great system.

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