John Assaraf’s Vision Board Secret

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Close John Assaraf talks about reconditioning the brain for success using vision boards to activate the Law of Attraction and manifest anything you want.


Joe Jones says:

Don’t forget to create your crap board!

clealuira says:

I’m looking forward to my iPhone. Mind you I never thought it would take so

memangakupoyo says:

@theytd great story… just wondering, what do you put on your “vision
board” or the pictures you used?

zannierose says:

this is great. I have mine on my kitchen walls

Julianapsc says:

Direct to the point!! Itยดs helps a lot to understand the power of our
thoughts. Many thanks John.

LovePerthMusic says:

very very good ๐Ÿ™‚

Marita Steffe says:

Thanks for posting, I love John’s story about his house. I love vision
boards, I made one for my real estate business and the next day a new
client walked in and made an offer on a home 2 days late. I could not
believe it myself. Visit vision and Words for more stories.

Mohd Pitry Bahrim says:

Excellent!!! Thanks Bro….

Yammy Mackin says:

thats that?physical board

milliomoselme says:

Let’s make a better World ๐Ÿ™‚


VISION BOARDS WORK !!! Make sure to create a PHYSICAL BOARD … far more
effective in manifesting your desires !!!

VisionBoardPlayer says:

I never get enough of this story. I have heard it over and over again, and
the fact that John actually moved into the house on his vision board, is
just so cool. Thank you John, for being an inspiration. Victor

theytd says:

I must admit, using a vision board (although I didn’t know it was called
that at the time)helped me lose a lot of weight and get into great shape.
It’s nice to be 35 and have college girls check you out.

seaofclay says:


kristiiie9 says:

The house story was amazing, this truly truly works. I’ve already started
on my second board, my dreams are coming true day by day.

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