Job Interview Tips: How do you manage stress? Example of a good answer.

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A woman, interviewing for a Journalism position, answers the common interview question: How do you manage stress? This is an example of an GOOD way to answer…


cambiasso0330 says:

Thank you very much about your video. They helped me alot. Thank you!
Please take some time to keep posting.

havina03 says:

The absolute best insight I have ever received into the interview process.
Very straightforward and crisp – you are truly a genius at what you do!

hinghk says:


joseluison06 says:

Thanks to your interview tips. Very nice, simple and deadly effective.

catania031 says:

Your insight is great – I for one would really appreciate some EXTENDED
videos about interview process and other similar advice.

alishechka29 says:

maybe a phycological approach would be a good response ???

David Madeup says:

Same stupid stock intro but this time they added an echo. Maybe they have
just uncovered some editing equipment. Also you won’t get a chance to
answer for A WHOLE MINUTE. They will but in at some point, same with any

SirEmman says:

That question was also asked to me when I was applying for a call center
job and then I answered “I just eat chocolate whenever I’m stress and feel
tired.” then I got the job. Sounds funny but kinda cool ๐Ÿ˜€ LOL

dayatorresily says:

lmao ..

leamalaga03 says:

Very useful content. Thank you very much. Just one small problem is the
beginning but overall its useful.

david newman says:

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for every position it is really hard to stand out among the crowded resumes
in the stack. One of the best ways to stand out is to focus your resume on
results and impact. Focus not so much on what you did every day as much as
what you did generated some kind of specific results. Employers are looking
for solutions to their problems, maybe this site will help you in your
journey : goo.gljS7Zxb

bologna03 says:

Thank you very much about your video. Very straightforward and crisp.

daisyjimmy72 says:

Very useful content. Thank you very much. Just one small problem is the
beginning but overall its useful.

balotelli4561 says:

Amazing video. Let me follow your channel. Tks again.

pupentaco says:

@majortom321 LOL!!!!!!! Funny but you’ve got a great point there bro

sweetydreamful says:

how come her answer is soo long??? lol. I remember mine they only gave me
little time to answer… and she kept cutting me off by adding her words..

Jahjjj says:

Deadline pressure is stress, but there are LOTS of other kinds of stress.
Example: Conflict with co-worker. This type of stress doesn’t help you
become more productive. You certainly don’t need or want it. The point of
the question is to find out how you deal with a negative atmosphere in the
workplace. Answer: If I’m experiencing stress in the workplace, I take a
couple of deep breaths, re-focus on the tasks at hand, and re-prioritize as
needed to get the job done.

rensing888 says:

Very useful content. Thank you very much. Just one small problem is the
beginning but overall its useful.

xxxCRAZYLOVExxx says:

@majortom321 so many funny comments on youtube :D, you silly guys ๐Ÿ˜›

StatuesBleedingGreen says:

The whole “stress is needed to stay focused” thing is a great idea. I’m
going to use it.

Hawkhunter07 says:

I masturbate to handle stress

valladolid43 says:

Tks your video. It helped me a lot.

tomjimmallorca03 says:

Amazing clip. I hear many times. Tks again.

snookion899 says:

I would just say if I get stressed I push it aside and don’t let it effect
my work environment so I can stay focused and get what needs to be done
accomplished, because I think stress is something that if you show it
stresses out other people.

Kitti2909 says:

I have watched all the videos. And I found it really helpfull for those who
are freshers.

Petra Fojtรญkovรก says:

I do not belive when she is saying she does sports ๐Ÿ™‚ to take the stress
away, I would belive she takes her stress away in mcdonalds ๐Ÿ™‚

stretchypants123 says:

@majortom321 LOL!! I’m learning already~! I’m so glad I came here to watch
for interviewing tips. I have still yet to find a job.

4450012 says:

How i manage stress at work scenario 1 if there is a female co worker in
the room i will bust a nut on her forehead. scenario 2 if there is a male
co worker in the room i will get a stool preferable steel and hit over the

barrdd5171 says:

thankz to uploder…this is may me & my friends

maradona09901 says:

This is very useful clip.. Thank You

mike dan says:

Hi, I’ve been applying to hospitals and reference labs and have yet to
receive any positive responses. I was just wondering how long a typical job
search for a medical technologist lasts. I’ve been going at it for almost 2
months now, and I’m starting to feel pessimistic. Any advice would be

rlink73 says:

This girl is very pretty!

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