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Jim Rohn – http://MastersOfThinking.com for more!

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popupwool says:

Good stuff!

Steve Morrison says:

More skills? Like Bow Hunting skills, Nun-Chuck Skills, Computer Hacking
Skills. Girls only like guys with good skills!

stonecold2013 says:


lolll666 says:

there is sometimes a need to be told something to learn it, in a
teacher-student sort of way. not everyone is a born philosopher

agustintadeo says:

Thank You…That is easier.

cowtipper99 says:

fool’s gold.

David Haines says:


popupwool says:

“If you want things in your life to change, you’re going to have to change
things in your life”. (I heard it from Kevin Trudeau).

MakenWaves says:

these all things you can do, not wish for, you wish for things x-ray
vision, or super hero powers, not more money, or less problems! but I got
the message, thanks.

zit1117 says:

audio overly compressed, distorted and too loud

m0nkeysensei says:

Subscribe now so you can pay me to tell you obvious things about life.
Don’t wish for someone else to tell you how to live. Get the courage to
live how you feel like living.

markanddrockshow says:

Yeah more skills sounds good! so college then? haha Check out our new show!
I breath fire onto my friends head!

mikestheman2b says:

hey ppls, look at my vids, ive heard that theyre good see what u think 4
yourself 🙂

Lapaixchezvous says:

Soldier in Iraq gets scared by a mortar /watch?v=YYwAZGToeSQ in my folder!

mikestheman2b says:

hewy guys, check out videos, ive heard theyre pretty good, see it 4

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