Jim Rohn – Walk away from the 90 percent

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Make Money Online says:


zootier says:

you dont have to be old to be wise. you don’t have to have money or a
totally intelligent vulcabulary to be happy. you don’t have to crap on the
97% to be in peace with yourself.
You don’t have to like to have money, don’t have to be a productive part of
this overproductive society to get epiphany.
You don’t have to pollute the world by driving car to show others you are
an important person. You don’t have to behave like this snobbish 3% for to
get respect from those pippifaxes. You don’t have to talk that self fart
smelling like Jimmy to be a Übermensch.
That’s no wisdom or knowledge, that’s ivory tower booger crapping.

anthony raposo says:

Jim Rohn’s wisdom…Be part of the few!

#Motivation #Inspirational #JimRohn 


Are you 95% ? Or 5% ?

YA REDDY says:

Are you 95% ? Or 5% ?

atreya87 says:

this was brilliant

leucotomy101 says:


Jeremy Mandile says:

Make a Vow this Year to Walk Away from the 97% who “settle” for living a
life thats “just ok”, “average” or less…

A Vow to have better Health, Greater Happiness, Better Relationships and
Increased Finances.

Get the motivation needed by making the first step to watch Jim Rohn’s –
Walk away from the 90 percent video

Cutella Talbot says:

Very inspiring

Dolly Lutz says:

Love this man……way back in 1997 I listened to his Audio Series called,
“Five Major Pieces to Life’s Puzzle”. I made many good changes in my life
almost immediately after listening to Jim. I’ve now listened to it at
least 50 times over the years. Of course you can get it on CD’S….from
his website. Yes, I know Jim is in Heaven…but he is still impacting
lives every day. That is the type of legacy I would love to leave
behind………..Listen to anything he has to say……and take
ACTION….Your life will improve in ways you can’t possibly imagine……I
know it can….mine sure didI

Mack Dewitt + Associates (MDA) says:

I Dare you!
Jim Rohn – Walk away from the 90 percent

Cutella Talbot says:

Very inspiring

Tracy Baker says:

Magic words from Jim…. Take charge of your own life…
Apple a day A good book a Journal and Commitment
spend 3 minutes… listening to the master….
Where will you start?
I started with Nerium and will never look back. I am growing into the
Person to have the Business that will take me around the World.
Easy to Do… Easy not to do…
If you are ready for a change and a chance..

#choices #changeyourlife #opportunityknocks #success 

Lisa J says:

This man wisdom changed thousands of lives,especially mine.

Michael Leyva says:

This man wisdom changed thousands of lives,especially mine.

Bob Krause says:

Always did like Jim Rohn!

Kathleen Ayers says:

Check out this Video. It is awesome!

Maalik Aal-anubia says:

Prime the pump (Zig Ziglar) Success is a brick by brick A-Z process. So,
what if someone gave you the bricks, the tools and the process? What would
you do with it then?

Gordon Williams says:

One of the best motivational speakers of all time! Get his series called
“The Art of Exceptional Living”. You won’t be sorry.

Brock Cannon says:
G Money says:


Sasa Sieht says:

LOVE IT, will always love you , JIM
since 1994
USA: 001- 214 329 0702
Italia: 0039- 346 24 52 282
Deutschland: 0049- 5233 70 93 696
Skype: sabrinaefabio


You don’t have to be part of the multitude, walk away and stand out!

BigIdeaBadass says:

lol yeah his voice is definitely unique. Makes me listen intently.

bodylikepro says:

at school they taught us what is good for them not what good for us to be a
slave no more no less work like machine eat like a pig and buy useless junk
it’s part of a system to keep you down and keep them up

Adam Wagener says:

If you like Jim Rohn, you’re probably going to like Steve Siebold’s 177
Mental Toughness Secrets. I listen to it on audio and strongly recommend it.

LethalGreenSmoke says:


Theresa Ramos says:


nafism6969 says:

its not in the corporate interest for kids to eat apples 😉

katiagification says:

i bought that book..richest man in babylon. never even read it smh. walking
away from utube and going to read my book 🙂

DojiSan says:

Just wondering how much you make in life? Thanks

tanio12 says:

well no he is pushing truth

prebenso says:

God this guy is obnoxious to listen to – I am doing well with my snake oil
sales technique so you can do the same. He is just selling fluff and you
fools pay up. Good for him

ampat1779 says:

Here we go again, always the victim. Rich people don’t know who the hell
you are. Be responsible, whatever happens in my life good or bad, is my
fault. Grow up and be accountable, my word. So typical, they powers that
be, the ‘educators’, politicians, and bureaucrats want us at each others
throats. Takes the heat off them, the guilty elites. The media is their
willing accomplice, like frankensteins assistant Igor. Yes master…. they
want us to be dumbed down, well in 45 years they’ve succeeded

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