Jim Rohn – The Day That Turns Your Life Around (Jim Rohn)

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http://jim-hoy.com/10K (Jim Rohn) The day that turns your life around: is one of my favorite talks of all time. It was [Jim Rohn] that first instilled in me …


Lioness Izasha says:

I’ve definitely HAD IT. Jim Rohn – The Day That Turns Your Life Around (Jim

Lioness Izasha says:

#Resolve #Until 

Marc Vince says:

It would be wonderful if someone would start a blog that kept out spammers
and the non serious on how they use Jim’s work to help themselves. Imagine
if we could go to a blog or Google/Yahoo group and see inspiring quotes and
stories from the members every single day. We must immerse ourselves daily
in his words or it will never ever stick. I know people that have been
listening to the great Anthony Robbins or Brian Tracy fopr 20 years and
accomplished nothing. The self help industry doesnt want us to know about
those people. We can prevent being one of them by listening and blogging
with others daily. I will even be a co-moderator if someone starts the
group. Until then I will be listening to his you tube vids every single day
,365. That means Christmas and New Years too. Success needs no holidays.
Prosperity to all.

Helen Holland says:

Very powerful words from Jim Rohn….Take just over 6 minutes of your time
and listen in!

Jeremiah Barlow says:


Gareth Thomas says:

Nice short video with strong message. Thanks Jim.

Gareth Thomas says:

Nice and short but great message. Thanks Jim.

Phillip Phillips says:

Wow -I needed this reminder tonight!! Never give up…until….
Learn, Change, Grow! #life #inspiration #change #growth #decisions

atreya87 says:

this is one of his best speeches

Tina Hull says:

What a great video. What is “thing” that turned your life around?

Jonathan Coleman says:

Grown man bars is just something you gotta deal with.

Roger Grona says:
Stephen Waichulis says:

Good Message for All…

Jeff Hebb says:

4 Parts To The Day That Turns Your Live Around

Gints Lakutis says:

The real source of wealth and capital in this new era is not material
things.It is the human mind,the human spirit,the human imagination,and our
faith in the future.

Visnja Filipovic says:


Dan Dobrea says:

For all of us,there’s ONE DAY that could change our life forever.I just
found this great video about it.What do you think?

Bill Gwrless says:

*I’m hoping the “Occupy” people will watch this.*
But I’m posting it mostly because it will help *somebody* somewhere.
Somebody will get it. Seekers will get it. If you saw the parking lot of
this seminar, you would see Bentleys, Mercedes, & Beamers etc. You would
see that seekers, achieve, and keep seeking. Imagine, rich people paying to
hear another rich person talk about how to get rich. They ask not of the
government or of the corporations (Wall Street), but of themselves. It’s 15
minutes from a great philospher.

Zach Bornheimer says:
Marcos M. Gaser says:

Jim rohn was a mentor and a friend. Take care of his wisdom! #JimRohn

Lee Milligan says:

Thank you for sharing this short post.Really looking forward to read more.

lloydoffloyd says:

Go to TruthContest{}Com & click on “The Present”
This is the most important knowledge in the world.

Heather Bond says:

Good morning. I hope you had a great weekend.
Here’s some Monday motivation
The Day That Turns Your Life Around (Jim Rohn)

catherine hislop says:

The Day That Turns Your Life Around (Jim Rohn)

Otilia Capraru says:

The Day That Turns Your Life Around (Jim Rohn)

Asma Salim says:

The Day That Turns Your Life Around …

Catherine Hislop says:

The Day That Turns Your Life Around (Jim Rohn)

Matt Derrin says:

No, but thanks to the internet and the library and bookstores, his genius
still is and will be forever.

SignoreBanani says:

Jim Rohn is a cool guy

stickysound says:

@healthyprofits “Take down the wall! Go for the experience!” Respect! Let
me add 2 quotes to your comment which is an excellent advise. “Words
inform, experience transforms.” “The more experience you have, the more
mature you become”

Gary Soghomonian says:

Thank Jim Rohn Tribute I had the opportunity meet Jim . He has change the
world “Power of one”You are missed and loved.

Hamuera Mihara says:

haha, this was an awesome talk.

90260 says:

Amen brother RiP

Kreonsa says:

True, this is the first time I’ve seen his teachings and I find him a great

protein476 says:

eres el#1 jim Rohn tu as canbiado mi vida con solo escucharte

MrSeriousintentions says:

This man may not be with us anymore, but if you think about it his word and
thoughts will never expire. Thank you Jim.

J Ogrady says:

Jim is so insightful.

MistaEarlJackson says:

The day my life turned around after hearing Mr. Rohn’s philosophy on
“Profits are better than wages,” hence John Earl Shoaff!

Arun kumar gopal says:

the best..

trialtechnology says:

@kakliza Thank you for sharing your comeent. It is sometimes very difficult
taking that final step, heck sometimes it’s hard to take that first step:-)
Just keep moving towards and focusing on your dreams and somehow, someway
doors will open for you. Life is a test for sure. Good luck! Jim

Jim Hoy says:

@healthyprofits Great comment!! UNTIL!!!

Dave Johnson says:

Me too! Thank you, Jim Rohn

john daconqueror says:

“For the laast Tiiiiiime” lol. “Welcome ALL experiences” & after yesterday,
I really need to hear this. Jim Rohn-Forever

AE Mind says:

I could never thank Jim Rohn, enough for putting out the work that he did.

Schokoladen24 says:


lanatiaan says:

Best motivational speaker

Candela415 says:

Jim Rohn = Master Motivator

Chuck M says:

As good as it gets

Bob Esidje says:

good one

Walter W. Welle says:

@draper57 i do.. 🙂

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