Jim Rohn Setting Goals Part 2

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Niki Alltree says:

Great interview, thanks for sharing! I recently read Jim Rohn’s book ‘Five
major pieces of the life puzzle’ – It is a fantastic read, highly

Raye Newman says:

Jim Rohn speaks gold!

John Melville says:

This is part 2. The start surprised me. He spoke about reading as a way to
achieve your goals. He mentioned a book called “How to Read a Book” by
Mortimer Adler…

Robert Tj Prambada says:

If You Change, the world will change for you. Thanks Mr.Rohn. Thats one of
my favorite quotes

alwed ekka says:

Set goals first to enjoy a great lifestyle….read…

Iwona O'Donoghue says:

Jim Rhon died exactly 4 years ago… Such an inspirational person and great

faneprofanel2007 says:

Jim Rohn-great speeches,great wisdom.I listen like a dog.. May God rest him
in peace !May God bless America by giving her such incredible leaders!

buzzclick500 says:

There WAS?! It must have been a dry and boring time….all those BOOKS, and
having to TURN THE PAGES….yes, I vaguely remember….it was a terrible
time… ;])

Bin Ho says:

who can share me some books of him? thanks

ahamd304 says:


Adalhard von Beck says:

But What Book did he started reading much about when he came to enter the
business world? Is it Self-Help or Business Books? Like this with technical
business terms?

Dejorn Goldsmith says:

Thanks for posting, Jim helped me turn my life around, I am sure he has
done the same for many millions of others.

eddiehatred says:

@BeastNation2009 I totally agree with you! I think it’s just whatever works
best for the individual though. John Rohn incorporates Christianity into
his self improvement because he’s a Christian, and if that helps him then
I’m glad there’s people using their religious beliefs for good. The same
obviously goes for you, it’s great you find security in it. I just think
that you have nothing to worry about with planning ‘destiny’, strive to be
a good person and any decent God will be satisfied!

anxietyawaynow says:

cool channel…

roniepao says:

if you cant read well, just watch youtube.

ShepherdOwner1212 says:

@BeastNation2009 Well I am not an expert on anything, but the way that I
look at is…we can come up with a plan that we feel fits our “destiny”,
goal, purpose, whatever you want to call it and we can move steadily in
that direction. But god will bring up variables, and different
circumstances and situations in our day to day life that will shift what we
thought our goal or plan was to fit his ultimate goal/plan. That’s just my

Ross Aicrag says:

the interveiwer looks like the cartoon version of batman!

bluescanfly1981 says:

behold the power..

Jazzper79 says:

Very inspirational person Jesper, Denmark

Feel Good Now says:

Very powerful stuff. If you want things on your life to change , YOU have
to change things in your life

Wouterfitness says:

Right…Right…again Right… and so on…

Michael Ward says:

Uh huh, and they probably can’t afford to keep their internet on for 12
months in a row, either

JM Mariano says:

I was inspired by this video. Thank you Mr. Rohn.

Reg B. says:

🙂 thanks Judy I pressed like. You made my day and i had a great laugh!! 🙂

anxietyawaynow says:

i like your channel, its cool

keeya rogers says:

The video was educative

Edna Hearsey says:

I love you Mr. Rohn. I am so blessed and privedged not just to hear your
wisdom, your care and your inspiration but also thanking Herbalife for
having you as our guide to show us how to believe in our selves, to give us
the confidence to pursue our dreams. To help us to believe that we can
become more. Your always in my heart and mind. Thank YOU.

Reg B. says:

I “liked” the video but are those Jim Rohn’s real ear lobes? shit theyre

connor martin says:

the majority of people do the easy thing. and the majority of people won’t
be very successful. Let em watch their cat videos.


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lepoesera1 says:

Thank you Mr Rohn, you have truly done an amazing job in helping millions
of people around the world. R.I.P I’m sure you’re in a better place and god
bless your soul!! love your work.

Manny Barns says:

type in (topnotch do you)and press search,this is just what i needed to

rainier anthony sarol says:

jim rohn is the man…

tanio12 says:

damn this is deep

hobgamer1 says:

Thank Mr. Rohn for opening so many doors for me; you will always be

AE Mind says:

Jim Rohn has had such a huge impact on my life and the lives of my friends
and family members. RIP Mr. Rohn

bluescanfly1981 says:

@BeastNation2009 I m not a very religious person, but Bible does say
something about using your talents. Don’t let religion become an excuse for
inactivity. If we take that God is after our best interest, than for sure
He’d promote our development. Religion has a tendency of diminishing the
importance of an individual. Last i heard, God wants us to love our
neighbors, we can’t truly serve another by not being our best self first.
If Rohn has never taken that commitment, we’d all be missing out.

4seenJourney says:

my hero

Ben Asamoah says:

It’s crazy how someone can dislike this !

bigbuggie5 says:

I like his idea of planning the day ahead of time because I have a hard
time of knowing what to do when I wake up. ( I’m a stay at home mom so my
schedule is more flexible than those with a job or school on a set
schedule) This may help out some of the issues I’m having with time

bluescanfly1981 says:

@BeastNation2009 How do you think you’d come up with your own plans? Maybe
God is already directing you at this point? He should…

batballa001 says:

Simply amazing…..inspirational

Judy Baughn says:


SA Sri says:

he seems like a great man

BeastNation2009 says:

@bluescanfly1981 oh I definitely agree. I’m going into the AirForce. That’s
the door that the Lord has opened for me and I’m gonna run through it!

Volthramios says:

Thank you Mr. Rohn very inspiring!Have peace wherever you are.

Triveni satyanarayana says:

This is the greatest channel here I believe. Thanks a Lot Vic, God Bless
you! I used to have many goals, but achieve none at the end. So, what I
know do is set one goal ,focus fully , achieve it and then move to the
next. I am using a tool, precisely an iPhone app called “just1goal” which
helps precisely to focus fully on only one goal. I think , we have to
constantly a) listen to motivations b) focus fully on one goal at a time.
This has worked for me and i am sure it will for all.

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