Jim Rohn INSPIRATIONAL Quotes w/music by U2

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R.I.P. and God Bless Jim Rohn… one of the most Inspirational speakers of our time!! Jim Rohn Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own by U2 – Inspirational …


Erin Pizzo says:

Inspiration on the go!

MissLafay says:

Lovely work. I’d like to know why you were able to use a U2 song in a video
and I was nearly blocked from using You Tube for doing the same thing,


I was not aware that Jim had passed, he will be missed by many!! I just
became acquainted with his work. Rejoice for JIM, because now he stands in
the face of his inspiration! He had and incredible ministry, despite the
fact that far to few would not see it that way!! GOD BLESS Jim, enjoy
eternity, you’ve earned it!!

Muhammad Ali says:

itna lamba comment???

john656656 says:

great video, good wording, absolute loved it! thx.

lifeadifferentangle says:

thankyou … 🙂

John Leonard says:

Thanks Tom..

Joe Burns says:

Jim – now you can reunite with Mr. Shoaf. RIP

John Leonard says:

@sysherry 2 months later and I’m still smiling as I read this… I’m
“blessed” that our paths have crossed through this video Sherry 🙂

onegreeneye grace says:

i luvvvvvvv it!! i need to see this often..fantasticccccc!!! thank u!! God
Bless if we dont do our dreams, i guess its as living like
death-purposeless..and so many are waiting on us to go, perservere… this
is what i needed – thanks

lilshortylol says:

This is fantastic !!!, one of the best inspirational vids i have seen,
welldone to who created it, much Love to you my friend 🙂 Hope you do more,
cheers Kovs l)

kristenjudy says:

yeah, Jim Rohn’s an amazing inspirational speaker =)

contrerasmcr1 says:

Jim Rohn = Inspiration

robmiron68 says:


Dhanzlabz says:

Sometimes you can’t make it on your Rohn.

Matt Mortenson says:

Jim Rohn once said. Being sick, broke and stupid is about as far as you can
fall. I thought after hereing those words that he was an egotistical
uncaring ahole. Especially since I had been paralyzed with Multiple
sclerosis at 25 years old. But he woke me up with those words. I now
absolutely know that for anything to change I have to change myself and
that I have to be acountable, no matter what the circumstances are. See,
his words really did change lives, including mine. Be well Jim

LynnPerron says:

Thanks John for the words of wisdom, so beautiful.

Nacho Sanchez says:

i love this video, i’ve seen it and recomended it so many times. Can anyone
tell what tools could i use to make a video just like this? i wanna do it
for my work team

dennis medrano says:


AE Mind says:

I have learned so much from Jim Rohn

rene29200 says:

Thank You for sharing!!!

sdmacdonald says:

Thank you for sharing! Jim Rohn is such an inspiration.

Yves Lanot says:

Mr Rohn you will be missed thanks for the wealth of Knowledge. Thanks for
this Vid

Barb Huff says:

Jim Rohn will live forever in his quotes and thoughts that we all know and

MikeJTildsley says:

very nice. makes you feel all warm and enthusiastic. just a few words and
some good music goes a long way.

shamil S says:

Excellent video… really inspiring and awesome

OnlineSuccessSkills says:

Love it and with the contempory music of U2 it takes on a new meaning all

kaspal71 says:

great combination of words and music, thank you!

snapdatcracker says:

Sometimes we forget the simple things in life. It’s nice to be reminded who
we all can really be. May good always be with you John.

drumfulofsoul says:

We don’t know each other but I’d like to share this. Thanks.

mrwizard500 says:

im crying of happiness right now 😉 thank you John, you improved my life
now i want to live with happiness and never ever feeled ashamed of myslef
anymore. thank you so much R.I.P my good friend you inspired me happiness
in my life, and from now on im gonna carry a much happy life. Thank you
John 😉

arisspublications says:

Great Job Loved The Video! Sotiris

veronica smith says:

This is so hard for me to write this, I’m so sadden to hear of his death.
He reminded me of my dad, a great man, leader, speaker, and having a lot of
faith. Jim we will all miss you so much. Veronica Smith

controldeck says:

he and his impact on tony robbins have greatly impacted me in many positive
ways. thank you Mr Rohn. RIP.

dapiqrdi says:

Hello to everyone! Thanks to Jim Rohn for the inspiration, to U2 for the
song and to the Author of the video for the great skills combination:)!
superb. Lets believe in miracle? With best! Irina from Georgia

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