Jim Rohn – How to have Your Best Year Ever

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Jim Rohn explains how to have your best year ever.


H. Joseph Davis says:

How valuable are you?

Deana Hudson says:

One of my favorites from Jim Rohn! :)♥

Roger Botton says:

What value do you bring to the market place? 

Sid Richard Morris says:

“On Your Way To 100K” … Rule #3 – be careful who your teachers are. SDG

Rahul Tilloo says:

” We have to make measurable progress in reasonable time ” – Jim Rohn :
Watching (^_^) How to have best year ever . Do check it out really really

Jomar Hilario Pinoy earn at home specialist says:

Watch this video: Jim Rohn – How To Have Your Best Year Ever Part 1

Kommaseir says:

RIP Jim Rohn

Greg Santilli says:

I wore out The Art of Exceptional Living on cassette over the years so I
purchased it on CD. Now to see this presentation on video is a real treat.
Thanks for the post!

Keith Dorsey says:

RIP Mr.Rohn uve been a mentor to millions

Demain8 says:

Jim Rohn is awesome

Niranjan Ranade says:

Excellent video. I have subscribed 🙂

LynneAndChad says:

RIP Jim Rohn…truly one of the most influential men of his time and an
inspiration to so many. You will be missed forever…

HealthyYou2011 says:

Good info, i really like your videos…. Nice

Pelendaba says:

Great mentor! I’ve been following and applying Jim Rohn’s “teachings” for
the past 5 years. What a difference in my personal and business life!!!

LiveLifeFreee says:

Keep up the good work on your Video. Remember This Success is not to be
pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become. Have a Great day!
From John

GM Fast Feet Favorites says:

RIP Mr.Rohn

vicmor899 says:

its not that he is smarter than us tho. i have realized all of this along
time ago. its just he sees things far more clearly than most people. he is
able to take away all the layers that all of us have stacted up and tells
us the basics of business. which everyone knows about but just dont have
the same realistic point of view towards life.

Dawn Mendonca says:

RIP Jim Rohn A unique inspirational leader who touched and made a
difference to so many lives. God Bless Dawn Mendonca

Rocky McDaniel says:

I loved the twelve pillars book. Jim Rohn rocks.

aneagletall says:

very true we all over look things in life. this is a good video, and i pray
to follow the principles. thank you

Jeremy Mwangelwa says:

simple economics

thewaytosuccess says:

Hey luck you! I bet that was an experience and a half. Jim Rohn is
basically a hero to me.

ElGuacheLoco says:

I thought it was hilarious, but true =P.

J Jordan says:

The loss of a great man… RIP

Iz Ramos says:

As simple as that……… Mr. Rhon is THE man.

Vicnony24 says:

Sad that Jim has passed away. May his soul rest in peace.

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