Jim Rohn – How to have Your Best Year Ever 2 of 3

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Jomar Hilario Pinoy earn at home specialist says:

Here’s the continuation: Jim Rohn – How To Have Your Best Year Ever Part 2

vwazp says:


Charles Lwanga says:

this had better work, and if it doesnt, i have nothin to loose and
everything to gain. but i am tired of living my life as it is, and i have
had enough of my excuses and procrastinations, i shall dream but more
importantly, i shall act with enthusiasm and with guidance and commitment
to the ideal that “i can achieve my dreams, and i will achieve my dreams”

mlmgoldmineisunfair says:

Jim is one of my mentors. His style is just attractive. The way his voice
vibrates just takes his message right down to the soul! Thank you Jim and
thank you whoever uploaded this video! And thank you youtube for the
character counter at the bottom. It’s priceless. Really priceless.

Jane Spencer-cook says:

We have let so much time go by, time to stop messing around, it’s time for
a new plan, so that we can have what we want in life.

jsvitak says:

Thanks so much for this upload! I LOVE Jim Rohn!

Nicool333 says:

5:13 “Affirmations are valuable as long as you affirm the truth.”……wow,
thank you Jim Rohn.


May the peace of God rest on all that hear your word of wisdom Rest in
Peace Jim Rohn

Ovidiu Ionut Bujor says:


jeanlenor says:

What if you were 50 and broke? He is the best, I listen to him regularly.

RoxSal2320 says:

The Best!…Mr. Rhon is changing my life.! a master…!

Chokula99 says:

Beautiful concise syntax in development of achievements this man
Understands the Human mind very well.

toran rai says:

tony robbins mentor, i had not bothered to look but i had missed a great
teaher, motivator and success developer

Mongodelight says:

i am reading 5 of the best theme book at the same time. I am about to do
everthing to become more valueable. I would like to give something to Jim
Rohn, i feel bad that i cant give anything back

Creevie says:

@ZeraYaqob u’re so right. absolutely worked for me. used to walk by sight,
now i walk by faith dat’s true baby! take care stay well 😀

PraetorDrew says:

Very practical, implementable tips


Great speaker, Great ideas, Great message !! I advise to buy the the
collection on cd. THE ART OF EXCEPTIONAL LIVING !!

StopNoDotCom says:

The Best Motivational Speaker Who Walks the Walk and Talks the Talk,The man
is a Genius. The best I liked from Mr Rohn “Ask Your Self Four Questions
When You Get Up In The Morning” Why? Why Not? Why Not Me? Why Not Now?

jamiecp333 says:

he is amazing full stop

goyoon says:

Thank you for posting the great videos! This man is truly a motivational
and uplifting individual. I keep coming back and watching him and I went on
ebay and got some of his other audio speeches as well. I tell you with
youtube our life will never be the same. I love what technology has brought
us and I ,for one,am greatful and appreciative of this vast world we have
opened up for all the man kind. keep posting more of his video’s if you got
more. Thank you,

charliestube1 says:

I have heard a lot of very good things about this man, Jim Rohn. I have
heard that some of the best motivational seakers and life coaches have
learned from him, like Les Brown and Tony Robbins. And from hearing him
myself, I can tell that his reputation only outdone by his speaking. R.I.P

phantomsuccour says:


investwithpassion says:

Every time I hear him, I get fired up again! Thanks for posting!

ZeraYaqob says:

One key…(you probably had heard many advices before)…What sets apart
the top 3% of high achievers in the U.S. and what’s unique with them is
that they all Set their Goals(they think of what they value, what they want
in their personal and professional areas of life and dream as if they only
have 6 months to live) and they WRITE THEM OUT…I was amazed when I heard
this…It sounded simple but the rest 97% trivialize this step saying “if i
just think of my goals i don’t need to write them”

Neil Hendricks says:

Great talker, so easy to listen to, and great advice!

susanbunch1980 says:

This video has so helpful! You should enter your video in this contest,

TobiasTime says:

Thank you Mr. Rohn for teaching me to set a better sail.

anxietyawaynow says:

just wanted to show some of my appreciation, thx..

crumcon says:

look at the audience writing all what he´s saying. They listen carefully
and focus 100% to get inspired to the MAX! instead they focus on their
paper and pen

aibelievebiz says:

Great stuff ..Taking action Today is the key..

kendhtbbtbf says:

does anyone else do traverus ?

MsFullofNONSENSE says:

amazing. You have opened my eyes and my mind. thank you so much

popupwool says:

A motivation master !

CorvetteZ06Nezumi says:

R.I.P. Mister Rohn. v.v You were a very good speaker and will for sure be
greatly missed. VIII>///

AftabSyed says:

Result is the Name of the Game! -Jim Rohn

claudewhitacre says:

His arguments are bulletproof. Phenomenal speaker.

DalinEspinal says:

Thank You very much for this videos. I appreciate it. A lot!

Roshansmith says:

R.I.P Jim Rohn !!!

gilbet says:

4:54 “Be willing to face the numbers”

airshow3 says:


MsApsolute says:

He was the greatest business trainer!

joehillion says:

he has neat handwriting

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