Jim Rohn: How to Avoid Being Broke and Stupid

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How to Avoid Being Broke and Stupid


Maricela Potoc says:
Luis Angel says:

Classic Jim Rohn!

Abimael Vargas says:

time to change! do something different for that result you want!

Zeen Liu says:

Mihai Stipanov says:

AMVDB9 says:

Plank, he is talking about you.

onegreeneye grace says:

lolo funny and true. Wisdom.

B Achour says:

Yea no doubt, Stupid and Ugly can be very bad, I know a lot of some stupid
and uuuuuuuuuugly MF out there and I do avoid them as much as I can cause
the MF are fools and they are life blockers

jeanlenor says:

There’s no one like Him. He is the best!

abundancelaw says:

An excellent presentation! Jim Rohn is one of my heroes. Bob Proctor is
another one as he and Jim are both great leaders and motivators. I recently
read a great quote from Bob from a report found at

Robcartl says:

Jim is the man, a world leader in success mastery, heed every word like you
heed every bit of air you breathe. Rob

aussiejohnr says:

Jim is the reason I am a millionaire today. Take heed to what he says, and
then take action on his words. John Regan Galway

Victor Alvarez says:

Simple but powerful !!!

INTLTV says:

Jim ~ you Rock Brother!

jeanlenor says:

I never met him, he doesn’t know me, but I think about him everyday because
I need to make some changes in my life, his cassettes tapes are helping me
make those changes. He’s the best, I can’t get enough of him. I’d encourage
you to buy his cassettes/cds specially “the art of personal living”.

jnuser says:

Typical respongs of someone who is broke and stupid!

RockStarInLife says:

Love Jim! Also one thing that really stuck with me that Jim said is to take
lots of pictures of your life. I went and bought a Nikon D80 SLR (amazing
digital semi pro camera) and take at least 500-1000 at each event now.
Great memories. Live Your Life Like a RockStar! Dr Dan DrDanzBlog

maBuzzelli says:

Jim Rohn is by far the greatest motivational speaker. Thanks again Jim Rohn
for your great advice..to learn all you can…Marianne

Cristina Lisii says:

Elena Scutaru says:

blackberryjuice1 says:


Lukaldcha says:

I like what Jim Rohn said: We have to keep on learning.
audiogettingrichscience. com

Diana Pantoja says:

You are so stupid to listen to what he’s saying, and admire him for that…
something that is not new, and he’s just saving you the effort of getting
to that conclution by your own mental habilities, and is making you pay for
it…. hahahahaha now that’s stupid… and broke!

turk775 says:

^^^DOTscienceofgettingrichDOTnet/gifts/newfreedom.html. LOVE AND SUCESS TO

socw says:

Great insight from John Rohn. We are affected by what we know. So learn.
Learn how to go from broke to wealthy at attractionaccelerators . com

ls411 says:

Why do I have a niggling feeling at the back of my mind telling me that
this person is not to be trusted?

Robert Sterling says:
Nomusa Mhlanga says:
Kent Braun says:
Milwaukee Saves says:

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