Jim Rohn Getting Rich is Easy

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http://hey.got-cashflow.com – Jim Rohn goes into detail about how he got rich and that it was easy – not hard to do – contrary to what most people think. Bei…


MasterOfSparks says:

Jim Rohn was born in 1930. He says he was 31 when he got rich on
multi-level marketing. That makes it 1961 – when taxes were high and the
New Deal was thriving. Unfortunately LOW WAGE CONSERVATIVES have destroyed
opportunity in America. They have utterly destroyed upward economic
mobility. This stuff simply doesn’t work any more. America is over with.
Now days people come to this country take a look around and go back home.
In today’s America if you weren’t born into it you can just forget it.

Mulubrhan Dagnew says:

i love this great leaders: Dale Carnigie, Naploeon Hill, Jim Rohn, Les

Nero Wolff says:

R.I.P Jim Rohn. You are amongst the greatest positive influences I ever
had, even from beyond the grave you are one of the figures who have lit the
darkness of my life with the strongest inspiration and wisdom – even after
being dead for years, THAT is the magnitude of your greatness. Your
teachings are closer to my heart than those of my own father. I consider
you a honorary godfather of mine and, together with other legendary men of
your calibre, I dedicate to you the virtuous works I have carried out and
yet intend to accomplish. May you be in a better place than this dark world

Willy Dalid says:

The problem with people is they think everything is a SCAM. If you show
them you can make money in Network Marketing, oh its a SCAM/ Pyramid
Scheme…NoOne wants to work hard to be successful anymore and wants
everything given to them. Seems like the American Way Now..

Chastity B. The Entrepreneur says:

I remember listening to this a while back, and I’d have to agree that
getting and being rich is easy, especially if you live in America!! I mean
thee amount of resources we have at our fingertips is on another level!!! 

Michael Tabane says:

What I Love about Jim is his simplicity.

Milagros Garcia says:

Check out this video on YouTube: #morningfuel

raymondlcm Men says:

this must be freaking long time ago…getting rich is pretty easy


umm he really tells you nothing in this entire rant 

Hanna Brown says:

Everyone should listen to Jim and other great speakers every single day to
keep focused to the goals and dreams,to program yourself and go after
excellence ,not mediocrity ! You only live one life and you have every
right to make it the way you want it ! Dream big,everyone! 

Brensway says:

If a person learned just one thing, like making baskets for example and you
did it well you could earn as much money as you need but, most people don’t
know how to do anything. 

criztu says:

Now here’s number truth: You have to be connected. If you get to suck some
boss from JP Morgan’s dick, and he likes it, it all becomes? EASIEEE!

The New Generation says:

ROFL! I know Jim Rohn has awesome stuff, but I didn’t know he was this
funny! Omg loving it! http://youtu.be/wS7b1I50F7Y

Daniel Okafor says:

Jim Rohn’s words are ”classic”, old school..but in the real sense it’s
the old school wisdom that stands the test of time,he was right about his
philosophies about”change”, change is dynamic and it moves in
progression! Broke mindset, give excuses, but Rich mind-set is the
opposite,determination,strength,values,taking up challenges,successful(the
list goes on…) 

Sales Through Service says:

Joyous and all blindingly obvious common sense. But not common practice! 

Hans Schoff says:

Jim Rohn – “Getting Rich is EASY”

LadyDenisseM says:

Really great video 🙂 He is one of my role models. 

Melanie Wilks says:

Wow. How to you expect to have the life you want if you’re not willing to
leave the life you have now????

Maria Banfield says:

Such a pity Angela, I was lucky enough to see Jim Rohn in person, his
knowledge is endless…”for things to change you have to change”, in this
10 minute speech Jim is trying to give simple examples to the audience.
There are loads of hidden meanings and values in this speech. I would
recommend that you listen to Personal Development, and many other
talks…..ultimately this small video talks about “CHANGE!”

Marko Simurina says:

define rich

Mama says:

croatia is hard I always said I would be rich in America and my parents
would be slaves of loans

Bryan Le says:

China is NOT hard anymore 

greg0rius says:

This is the easiest way to get rich I have ever seen….

Lynda Lawson says:

If the apathetic American public remains home election day, then those who
have out sourced our jobs and gotten rich doing it, will finish off any
“American dream” left..The New Deal that saved America from corporate and
banking greed then, and saved the US from a depression, is being taken away
again, by corporate rights over human rights. Don’t fall for the “religion
or free speech” games they play that allows an employer to dictate what you
do in your own family and ruins entire towns by taking jobs as Tom Foley
did. Now Foley wants to do this to CT as Governor? Think of everything the
GOP have done to this country since Reagan. Selling fear keeps us poor, and
under control, as slaves..
The new GOP is Koch owned and operated. The Tea Party is entirely funded
by the Koch’s who have used a deregulated media to “sell us” the idea that
our own Government is wrong. They pushed SYG laws, anti voter suppression
and next outsourcing Public education to corporate owned schools with 300+
plus kids, with one teacher, under paid and a teacher that these kids never
meet at home on a computer. Stop buying their lies and hurting your own
self interests with the same divide and conquer games of billionaires.
Our Government worked only when we had a voice and voted. Our Government
feared our voices and losing our votes. Now they dance to ALEC and private
meetings with elected officials.
ALEC is writing their own laws and polluting at will with billionaires
telling them what to do, literally!
The voice of the people is being sold by a corporate owned media that will
lie for profits and sides with profits over humanity to divide the American
people from each other. It seems to be working if people give up and remain
home on election day and buy into media like Fox News that insults even our
children’s intellect..
The Citizens United decision by the GOP appointed Supreme court justices
handed our Rights away to who ever we work for…Along with our health
choices to the Insurance Industry that once delayed and denied policyholder
payment and legally killed them or cancelled them for finally being ill and
using their paid for policies.
American’s fought for every right we ever had. Don’t buy a Party! Instead,
save your own country and vote against the corporation who put GMO in our
food and spends billions to prevent us from knowing about what’s in our
food. Stop being sold death!
The reason the GOP obstruct voters is to keep people uneducated, as the
Koch’s newest agenda is to now sell us the idea to go after, (and even
market the idea), to “out source Public education. Anti voter suppression
is also the easiest way to push a silent National ID Card under our noses.
Don’t buy the fear the GOP are selling as they push wars that aren’t ours
for corporate profits at human costs. Even as we are pushed to fear Ebola,
yet they forget to mention the GOP refused to fund Ebola prevention too!
The GOP also refused to appoint a Surgeon General that was well qualified
to speak to the public about what to fear or not about Ebola, and handle
this right. More people will die for lack of health care in red states than
American education was the best in the world until Charter Schools run by
Corporate America took money from Public schools, gutted funding to states
for Public education and Charters also took only the best students with
them to make them look more successful. Regardless if it’s Public
education, voter suppression or wars in the name of fear, we must stop
buying their fear for sale methods. Those same fears keep us poor in life.
Wealthy people are wealthy because they aren’t afraid. Take a chance that
perhaps the Party your parents once voted for is no longer the same. The
facts exist.
Take your rights back on November 4th and vote. Vote for the Democrats who
will fight for human people, not corporate outsourcing interests meant for
their profit over humanity, and country.
What poor idiot defends a wealthy corporate interest and their historic
profit of greed, instead of a raise in minimum wage when every economist
states higher wages always raises entire cities and states economies?
Instead people have chosen to buy the fear of so called “lost jobs”..The
fact is corporations paying CEO millions while paying workers scraps are
only hurting themselves and have realized this recently. Other developed
countries, pay more an hour than we do. Have longer lives, better
healthcare, education and we go behind in growth faster than we grow..
Make America great again! Vote and use your voice while you still can. This
election is about your choice. Do you choose being sold fear, or do you
choose your country and choose to keep the rights we all are supposed to
have? Staying home is a vote for “Business as usual” and people losing jobs
and a disappearing middle class. Look around. The choice is yours, use your
right to vote, or lose that too, along with every other right of privacy
and a future that their fears will guarantee if you buy the fear they sell.
Vote for the country FDR gave us.

Frederick Beebe says:

Hi All, Jim was G-r-e-a-t! Jim said it best believe in yourself, plant
your seeds, water regularly, the birds may get some but don’t give up. Keep
it simple and duplicatable so it can be repeated over and over. I found
that kind of opportunity with everyone succeeding. $18 one time pay with
thousands paid wkly. http://www.presidentialdiamondsclub.com/splash/bbfredrix

Victor Ifeanyi Ezeja says:

it is easy to get rich also it is easy not get rich we just have to chose
one of the easy things.

Mind Stamina says:

find a teacher/mentor that is where you want to be and do exactly what they
say…..this one step could drastically change your life!

raymondlcm Men says:

…in China…

siraz rocky says:

Love you Jim And thank you Hans for putting it up.

kevin weber says:

here you go my love……

11someguy69 says:

success has always been a great liar 

Lameck Bonaventure Luwanda says:

Thanks for the lessons Jim, RIP….

Philip Fifi Bachinger says:


IQFinanciar says:

Verry good content. Posted in IQ Financiar:

Jeffery Paramore says:

great talk

WealthyLiving says:

This man changed my mind over 3 years ago …..Now I am changing my LIFE
R.I.P. Jim Rohn 

Carollyn Rennie says:

Jim Rohn is awesome!! and funny!!

Its Me says:

Jim Rohn just mentally screwed my mine like a woman WOW!!!! Amazing 

Govinda says:

Things change, now you can get rich in almost any part of the
world…specially in China.

rthelionheart says:

Lame at best. 

Jose Vargas says:

I’m sorry, I’m trying to listen but his voice and maneurisms are so
annoying to me lol

Robert Brown says:

Jim Rohn Is AWESOME 

Emah Sarah says:

Life Changing…

WillYouLaugh says:

Getting Rich is Easy

mmadsen1968 says:

china russia middle east are now the powerful one

Joshua Pastory says:

Tanks for sharing

Isaac Mohlala says:

Hands off my man!!!!

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