Jim Rohn – Do the Best You Can

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Jim Rohn (1930-2009) is a legend in personal development. From humble beginnings, Jim became one of the world’s truly great speakers and writers on the power…


Robb Gorringe says:

I love that quote: “When you’re resting to renew your reserves— it’s much
different than resting to avoid your day.” 

Roger Tiwari says:

Living in the moment and being all you can be, that’s what life is about.
Thanks Jim!

Gerald de Woot de Trixhe says:

Excellent insight to understand why it is key to always “Do the Best You
Can”. It explains why we are on Earth and how to keep motivated by life!

Joe Maestas says:

A tree never gives up when growing. it will grow as tall as it possibly
can. Have the same determination and do the absolute best you can: YOU have
a choice! You must gain the attitude that you will be waving from the top,
and that the only other way is to be found laying dead on the side. Think
big and make it happen: Anyone can!!!!!!

Nissar Ahamed says:
Art Rissler says:

Dean Rissler

Dangelo Hunt says:

$$$ Jim Rohn “Do The Best You Can”


Trade To Live Academy says:

Do the best you can: http://bit.ly/14sjb7n

Reginald Dontache says:

Growth is the essence of life. Achieve the best you can. Man can determine
the growth of his mind. Make all you can to GO TO THE MAX.

Iffah Ishak says:

The essence of life is growth, so *do the best you can* !

David Chandler says:

Ear Candy / Food For Thought..

Maurilio gomes da Silva says:

ve que pronuncioamento


One of the world’s greatest speakers and writers. Truly motivational!!!

Kellie Hosaka says:

“Do The Best You Can. Earn The Most You Possibly Can. Be The Most You
Possibly Can. The Essence Of Life Is Growth. To Do The Best You Can.”
~Jim Rohn … listen to Jim Rohn’s words of wisdom…


Do The Best You Can.

Bojan Dordevic says:

Motivational clip, on an intelectual level. Jim Rohn is a legend.

Inspireman says:

How to get motivated? #success #personaldevelpoment #happiness 

Deb Marshall says:

Thanks For This, Gotta Love Jim Rohn.

Santos Rolon says:

God has given every humanoid a gift, the ORGAN, the Brain ! What a
mysterious gift. Its amazing when we really learn to make the Best With it.

Flyness Models says:

300th like!

Richard Hardy says:

GOD used this man to bless & encourage my spirit through his teachings &
trainings. Thanks for everything Mr.Rohn Sincerly RSVP Mr.Hardy

Lynn Drake says:

I wan to do the best I can.

Edmond Wee says:

yup, he quite often talks much about money but i believe he’s also
referring to achievement in general and not money alone. money is form of

andysjumpers09 says:

thanks for sharing very interesting

Talkofthatown919 says:


nkem1965 says:

I have just one regret – that I never got to meeting Jim Rohn in person.
But I am glad I met him thru his books, tapes and videos (including this
one). Jim, I hope you’re in Heaven for helping mankind.

Joseph Fountain says:

please check my sing nephew ft. bud da don-parade

nathan hill says:


Insightfulmarketer says:

Nothing matters if you never do your best…The quality of your work is the
signature of who you are and your brand….Always do your best….Even if
you don’t win # 1 but you did all with nothing left and did more….YOU
HAVE WON WITHIN…. Be the LIVING emPOWERMENT!!!! Insightful marketer….

cynthiameans says:

It’s never too late. Life is full of second chances. Make the decision now
to learn from your past mistakes and move on. If you move on leave the
guilt in the past so it doesn’t hinder your future.

jovell delas alas says:

The ESSENCE of LIFE is GROWTH,to do BEST YOU CAN..VERY inspiring
Motivational words by MR.JIM ROHN..He was a LEGEND and a MAN of REAL
INTEGRITY…jovelldelas alas.davao city,phils..09421755188

CobaltCO60 says:

Weird. These guys just talk about money… life is so bigger than that…

Otacon Sps says:

Such a good message!

chisince80 says:

yeah. they are probably on welfare. a “choice” that I fucking have to pay

Heiko Lewandrowski says:

Es wär sehr schön wenn das Video auch für Deutschsprachige Leute von euch
übertragen würde . LG, Heiko

Robert Weekes says:

Time to buy another notebook.

mindauggas says:

How should I read as much as possible and see as much as possible? I have
to choose because these activities are mutually incompatible with respect
to time. Can I ask – which is better? Trust me – no one will answer this.
Sorry, not even Jim Rohn.

Mujib King says:

Jim rohn-the best

CoachOfDreams says:

SO MANY good quotes from this!! Here’s a few: “Choose the ALL.” (Listen,
you’ll understand what that means..=). “Once I’ve gotten on track I’ve
never looked back.” “The essence of life is growth.” “The best way to track
your progress is to WRITE IT DOWN.” “How can you reflect on a day unless
you record it in history?” JimRohn.com

13sh says:

good [grumpy cat]

Jimmy Salserito says:

just kidding

jose cuevas says:

this is the best info ever if you really put it to th test.

Norman Osborn says:

u need money to do alot of those things

Matthew Riley says:

Great, thanks. Just discovered this man – I want to hear much more of what
he had to say.

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