Jessica’s “Daily Affirmation”

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Jessica has a day where she’s feeling … really good about her life. ++++FAQ for this video ++++ Q: How old was Jess at the time of the video? A: She’d turn…


Faith McDaniel says:

Hell yeah!

Amelia Brazell says:

*How is this for a Can Do Anything Attitude?*

Love this video. 

sortilegus says:

Shameless self-promotion time. I made a song featuring samples from this
video. Check it out if you’d like. Or don’t, if you’d like that:

Donna Zachare says:

*Now THIS is the way to start the day!*

This video is an oldie but a goodie, and I smile every time I watch it!

shyflirt1 says:

Is she working as a motivational speaker now?

Aheste Beste says:

the cutest beginning to day ♥ ♥

Brandon Stuckey says:

If you have not seen this yet then you should watch this now. Everyone
should do this everyday when they wake up.

Mother's Niche says:

May this be all of you today!

Rob Schneider says:

and then she falls.

Michael Foley says:

Note to self: Life is 10% what happens to me, and 90% how I react to it.
Positive thoughts create positive outcomes! 

deputycat says:

Poor girl, already infiltrated with virulent ideas; it’s like a mantra that
mimizes the ability to think for oneself.

Jennifer Reinders says:

We should all do this. Kids need to boost themselves up. Instead of
pointing out what they dont like with their body or their daily life, they
need to find the good in themselves. And really, what woman couldnt use
this once in awhile even if it just made them feel silly?

Atlantis Newton says:

Best attitude ever!!! I can do ANYTHING GOOD

Lily Jameson says:

She’s 17 now – here’s an interview from 2010: watch?v=GJsGBjCiz0Y

Kelly Knecht says:

Here it is March of 2014. And this video inspires me to pick-up my game.
Thank you Jessica and your parents for sharing. :)

Don .D says:

She can be the best hospital patient ever when she falls off that sink and
cracks her skull!

Jessika Gomez says:

Daily affirmations for all!! :)

Angela Davis says:

This is the child like excitement we all should tap into when affirming who
we are & what we want!! I luv her, she is an extension of us all!!!

Hailey Bjarnson says:

I wish that I was this this peppy in the morning my teacher showed this to
us in the morning and told us that we should be more like her 

Sofia Espinosa says:

Wow she’s 17 now!

Yvonne Smith says:

I just love the postiveness of this even if i am not feeling so great it
picks me up.

Veronica Parker says:

Let’s affirm everything we like and love and let’s see it multiplied in our
lives! Yes!!!

Maryam Sultany says:

AWWW! This is so adorable!! :)

Robyn Bridgeman says:

Can I adopt her?

Adam19822000 says:

Still better than Justin Bieber

Rosa Hodge says:


suddendee says:

If I stand up on my bathroom sink, I would crack it. So, I’ll just do it
from the floor :P

Stefanie Kranz-Steven says:

Everyone can get inspired by watching this – and have a great day.

Victoria Glukhovskikh says:

I can do anything good :)))

Natalie Dorman says:

Jessica’s “Daily Affirmation”:

Anju Jibraan says:

good 1

Live, Laugh, Love says:

Lawrence Schwartz says:

I would Love to hear about how Jessica is doing these days….. Has the
smart little girl turned into an amazing teenager???

BlessedAdvocate says:

Little Jessica is great! And that’s a great minds set to have….She can do
something better than ANYONE! That is how I raise my son….Do anything
better than anyone!

ras689 says:

a good attitude…=)

foryoublue94 says:


Jessica Sha says:

That’s my name! Maybe a little bit of Jessica in the morning makes the
world a better place 🙂 I think so.

gaiduk7 says:

Very positive!

Sylva Makela says:


I Can Kids says:

Jessica’s Daily Affirmation!

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