Jack Canfield: Planning Your Day

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Planning Your Day


Sid Richard Morris says:

At a most teachable moment my instructions were … “daily take care of
little things, keep accurate records, pay your honest debts” … are you
ready to listen? Jack Canfield can help.

Sheri Gauthier says:

A great ONE minute strategy to become MORE effective in your day. Simple
and effective make success easier to chase! Have a great day!

Bulletyme says:

LOLOLOL this was a great comment, thanks for the laugh

Sam Sum says:

Thank you.

RockStarInLife says:

Love it! Helped me to become the RockStar in Life I am Today! Live Your
Life Like a RockStar! Dr Dan DrDanzBlog

koolkai5953 says:

great video, felt like i had to contribute to the positive energy
here…this is my first post so awesome video, keep em comin!

lady2342002 says:

I started this 2 month ago, I write my plan for next day before I go to
bed. That way I don’t waste my time much.

GerrysPlace says:

Great. Plan your day the night before.

Bulletyme says:

thanks for the tip! i would love to be able to embed this and post it in
myspace bulletins so that i can share it with my friends and let the
message reach more people……just a thought.

Superbbw07 says:

Love the idea. I will have to implement this.

PragueVlogg says:

Amazing idea! I’ve always done my to-do list/schedule in the morning; never
considered doing it the night before. I will give it a try, making sure to
time the activities. Thank you.

Dennis Wallberg says:

Or just join the army 🙂

StuEvo says:

Yes i agree, i almost cracked a rib LOL

Jayhawkblue says:

Great idea. I am going to start doing that now.

thelightbeyond says:

Simple, but effective. Great stuff, as ever. Thanks Jack!

Lilou Mace says:

I needed to hear this again. thanks.

Blue Skies says:

Good advice! Check out this interview with Bob Proctor too at
personalgrowthplan. com/rights

Lukaldcha says:

As you watch the video, let me remind you the law of attraction: 1.Decide
what you want. 2.Believe you got it. 3. Visualize you have it. 4. Feeling
it. 5. Enjoy it.6.Let the universe figure out, how it can be manifested to
you. 7. Remember to see audiogettingrichscience. com

spade121981 says:

Not always possible.What about people that work on call? or people that
work as truck drivers?or in professions where you have to be avilable at
all times of day, doctors, firemen etc…Some people can’t plan each day
because of their job.

takewhole says:

What has this self-help guru achieved? He’s a millionaire telling people
how to be great. Has he really really been out in the real world and
worked? Like a Donald Trump, like Richard Branson, has he ever run a small
business or worked for a corporate firm? NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!! Keep
ure advice Jack, I prefer to take advice from those that have made it and
have the scars to prove it.

Dee Westcott says:
salah eddine bentalba says:

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