Jack Canfield: Personal Power

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yvan mcgregor says:

Great mentorship!

zerosum2012 says:

Keep in mind that your core values can negate any laws of attraction. You
must first clear any core values that maybe in the way before trying
positive though. Besides it’s actually fun to find them and clear them,
like a weight lifting off you and you feel your spiritual side rise just a

Suchandra Dasi says:

I want to use the difficulties in my life, as stepping stones to being a
better person! Thankyou for sharing knowledge!

Joseph De Vito says:

BETTER: thanks for great video:)

B Achour says:

This dude is deep

Succeedo says:

Jack Canfield is great. Great words, thank you for sharing with us!

Lukaldcha says:

As you watch the video, let me remind you the law of attraction: 1.Decide
what you want. 2.Believe you got it. 3. Visualize you have it. 4. Feeling
it. 5. Enjoy it.6.Let the universe figure out, how it can be manifested to
you. 7. Remember to see audiogettingrichscience. com

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