Jack Canfield On Using EFT with the Law of Attraction

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Jack Canifield’s view on Tapping Technique.


Scott Mayo says:

I understand I can accomplish many great things, can I attract things i
want much faster?

I am a Richman says:

some day I shall meet Jack Canfield,only to drop on my knees and kiss his
hands,for,he’s changed my life for ever!

Dawn Lotharius says:


wolfgangnz3 says:

This is really good. Thank you.

Dave Clowers says:

Oh dear, If placebo helps someone I won’t spoil the illusion. But this is a
breeding ground for charlatanism. Beware folks. Love to all.

Amy Levine-Klaus says:

thought he said the 5 minute fogy! lol

kerby franck says:

So true 

GoGo Graphix says:

intro toooo long

Jennifer Recker says:

I want to get wealthy and blissful, can there be a more powerful way to

Caroline Lawrence says:

Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with the Law of Attraction
This amazing tool is so simple to use and provides amazing results. Try it
and see for yourself.

createdinHisimage says:

“even though I don’t believe that EFT will work for me, I believe in the
power of EFT”…try tapping on this for a start & see where it goes…I
dare you.

Pinky Maniri says:

It is a very effective technique. Thank you Jack for your detailed idea on

Kingdeme says:


John O'Brien says:

I’ve been watching a few videos about EFT. Is there scientific evidence
behind this stuff. I can’t find anything that explains how it actually
works. Can you explain. Thanks

edthewave says:

Are you being facetious or are you actually that depressed? Either way,
beware of what you say and tell yourself, it may become true one day!

Linda J says:

can this positive tapping bring my boyfriend back to me through powerful

TheHomemadeStrength says:

I appreciate you Jack. I loved watching this.

Roy Long says:

Wow, I never heard of this b4.

MrShaman1234 says:

I was not a believer of EFT. I’d tried it by chance with Brian Yates, and
it was quite a release. I was amazed how it worked on a cellular level that
released blocks from a long time ago. Must try it. It works …..IF you are

pdog78 says:

jack you are one of my idols! one day i will shake your hand!

DragonToko says:

Tap tap, fap fap…

Jake Trapp says:

i think he’s being sarcastic

John O'Brien says:

Yes I do care 🙂 I find the subject fascinating. I like to understand these
things as well as use them. I’m wondering if a lot of these things work due
to the placebo effect. If you are convinced that something is working then
it will have an effect.

germankiwigal says:

Look up “eftwizard” here on youtube. He does EFT tapping videos on a
variety of things. The guy’s name is Brad Yates, and he is really good.
David Childerley is another good EFT practitioner. He has a lovely EFT
video with abundance affirmations that is pretty popular. It’s all on
youtube, look it up! 🙂

Jennifer Pena says:

physical change and loa is possible… look at the silva method. my eyes
are getting lighter. and im making my skin clear and even toned!!! :]

lakshmi priya says:

jack is awesome! thank you with “LOA” mobile app by hanumappa, i am able to
succeed in attracting good things

Panurgije says:

Amazing insights! Thanks Jack.

lorrietyre says:

There is a link above, thanks to DragonToko, Bruce Lipton explaines all.

raspberrybaggio says:

Lol. That cracked me up:)

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