Jack Canfield introduces The Secret SGR

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Jack Canfield explains why your Self Esteem controls your wealth, health and happiness. He shares how The Secret SGR will help your self-esteem to rise to gr…


Gints Lakutis says:

Happiness is not an accident. Nor is it something you wish for. Happiness
is something you design.

samtayeh says:

What an awesome presentation. if you are an Aussie, come join us at meetup
;we are the SECRET SOCIETY (Melb AU)

dollofagrl says:

7 lessons free… thescienceofgettingrich-revealed dot com

sterlingrose33 says:

Father Robert Barron – please get over here and view these videos, and tell
the Christian world (Catholic and non-Catholic alike) the truth about this!
People, you actually can trust Father Barron to steer you towards Christ
and not blow smoke up your backsides.

skawdz101 says:

You have to lace every thought that you plant with a “thank you” behind it.
For instance, you want success, planet that thought followed by thank you.
500-1000x in relax state. The shit works like a motherfucker. I got off of
drugs and alcohol, into a better relationship and moved out of my folks
home in the last 3 months! Shit works!

Susanne Wuthrich says:

There is only one problem, if I can teach such an enlightment, I also have
very big dreams. Those wants can become so strong that we do anyhing we can
do get there. We can even tell ourself that we love work more then
playtime. We dont even know how to recognise the singns of selfdistraction
while using our entire energy for showing the rest of the world how happy
we are…..I was one of those idiots myself. lol

Vincent Lim says:

wow great! now that you’ve seen The Secret.. go read the report at:
abundanceattracting dot com and it is a free giveaway

rockingdownunder says:

I find the law of attraction from the secret very interesting, and that
video was very powerful and fascinating. If you’re interested in the secret
and the law of attraction, I think you may like to get this free report
from the actual guy who was in the secret movie, Bob Proctor. I found it
quite motivating Here’s the link 😉 selfimageimprovement dot com*forward
slash* dot bobproctorfreereport dot pdf

thinkcolour1 says:

I highly recommend Jacks book ‘the success principles’ !!!

PoftaDeRas says:

@Csperm you can recive it by action

thesecretsgrprogram says:

Here’s to a brighter life for all 🙂

springfeild45 says:


Lukaldcha says:

As you watch the video, let me remind you the law of attraction: 1.Decide
what you want. 2.Believe you got it. 3. Visualize you have it. 4. Feeling
it. 5. Enjoy it.6.Let the universe figure out, how it can be manifested to
you. 7. Remember to see audiogettingrichscience. com

Starrgtm says:

Thanks mindvalley! I adore Jack Canfield. Love his sincerity. Did you sign
up for the SGR program? If so, your thoughts? Peace and Prosperity to you
and yours, StarrShine.

Jerry Bruckner says:

Jack Canfield has enhanced the lives of millions of people and inspired me
to create my motivational website “personal-development-tv (dot) com”

RetireIn3Years says:

I haven’t checked this out for myself, so I can’t say whether or not it
will work for you, but I know what works for me and allows me to make
almost $10,000 a month while working only about 1 hour a day from home. I
simply let technology and the power of multiplication do 90% of the work
for me while I spend the rest of the day doing whatever I want. Doesn’t it
make sense that in the 21st century we should be letting technology do most
of the work for us? Check out my page for more info.

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