Jack Canfield: Getting Over a Difficult Situation

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Subhakar Rao Surapaneni says:

A Video recommended for all working professionals´╗┐

Suchandra Dasi says:

wow I found myself back here again after 7 months! Today is thanks giving
and I am very grateful that I can come to these reminders on youtube, with
Jack. Thank you so much!

Jayhawkblue says:

Thanks Jack!

Suchandra Dasi says:

this is a really immportant one I often forget or overlook, whenever I am
overwhelmed with saddness and failure. must count successes……and
practice more of Those behaviours!

Starrgtm says:

Wwhat a great way to remind ourself of all the good we’ve created and
experienced. Thank you for sharing this, I so needed to hear it right
now!!!! Blessings to you, StarrShine

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