Jack Canfield – Four Tips For Success – Law of Attraction &

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Jack Canfield offers four simple pearls of wisdom, in this short inspirational video. The Law of Attraction is a wonderful law, and brings you this wisdom ri…


cnealy15 says:

Fantastic thoughts and ideas! Connie Nealy GUTz Media Training

actions4success says:

@jonnyrhombus sham that you dont underatand that someone has already
succeeded the next thing they do is show others. He is co author of chicken
soup for the soul series of books and other programes I wish you wisdom to
understand that once you suceed you dont stop

Blankname101 says:

I have a lot of respect for you.Great man

Zenzareus says:

@jonnyrhombus hang on, what didn’t work? and for your infomation, the
secret is only part of the whole thing. maybe people need extra advice, or
hear it in a different way, and the film didn’t have enough time to go
through everything of every angle.

FireSteels says:

Excellent advice! You can always tell who follows it and who doesn’t just
by the reader comments. I have many thousands of dollars a week with this

yayamankapinoy says:

you are only as good as you think yourself to be… THINK BIG! DREAM BIG!
and pay it forward, share the opportunity and riches: yayamankapinoy . com

Syndicat3 says:


jasonmontes1492 says:

This is a brilliant video! After watching “Discover the Gift” I’ve learned
that the power of belief is one of the most valuable weapons that we have.
Has anyone else seen it? I’ve never felt so compelled to do something this
short life

Aidil Khairunsyah says:

Guys, knowing the the complete secrets to happiness, health, and success
does not have to be hard (I used to think it did). I’ll give you some
advice right now. Look for a famous course called Zumavelax Secrets (do a
google search). Seriously, that course has transformed my life. I probably
shouldn’t even be talking about it because I do not want a bunch of other
guys out there running the same “game” but whatever, I’m in a great mood
today so I’ll share the wealth haha.

Bruce Lee says:

This is exactly what we need to hear !

jonnyrhombus says:

Okay so this guys was on the Secret and now he’s giving us additional
advice? So the crap he spewed on the secret didn’t work obviously. So why
listen to him?

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