Jack Canfield: First Step to Achieve Your Dreams

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So, youve got this big dream in your head and you have no flipping idea how you could possibly make it a reality in your life. Fact is, though, if youre able…


Empower Thoughts says:

Jack Canfield: First Step to Achieve Your Dreams

Jack Canfield: First Step to Achieve Your Dreams

Hua Jai Sila says:

I find his words very true. People might disagree and agree but I have this
BIG dream and watching this video helped me think through a lot :))

Erin Janus says:

Stop complaining? Jenna Marbles complains and she’s a millionaire now
because of it.

Netsurit Pty Ltd says:
MindMovieSiteReview says:

This is a great video Jack, You are a top speaker

Gray Lawrence says:

Jack is wonderful to listen to and as great as his books

Dee Westcott says:

Jack Canfield: First Step to Achieve Your Dreams

flix bix says:

ma nigga shut up with that shit you brainwashed ahahahahha

Scott McGregor says:

Jack, people DO complain about things they can’t change (mb not gravity). A
lot! My daughter should listen to me! My husband should appreciate me! Life
is unfair…etc etc. I would like to hear you go deeper with this
exploration… what is it about me that I do not feel worthy of my goal…
heal that and watch everything change!

Sweet says:

i somewhat agree and disagree with you. i agree that it does take luck, but
you have to put yourself in the right spots to get the call, for example,
if you’re not in the minor leagues , you’re just sitting at home watching
the mets play instead of working on your swing, you’ll never get the call
from them. I say that most people want success but are afraid to work hard
at their craft. that’s the only thing holding us back, let’s face it we’re
work averse.

Divine Valkey says:

so amazing and thoughtfull . thanks for uploading……………

Sweet says:

gdamn gravity, we’d be able to fly without gravity, curse you gravity,
curse you!

Valeria Knightley says:

I’ve got his book “Success principles” and it really made me realise many
things. But still I’m not sure I can control my life 100%. I have dad who
drinks too much alcohol. And my mum doesn’t want to divorce even though she
doesn’t like what is going on, because she’s afraid of having no money. I
can’t work and earn money because I haven’t got my diploma yet, and I’ve
got a sister who needs dad’s money… I mean, I can’t do anything about it
even though I hate my father. This is so frustrating

Horacio Cuevas says:

So funny when says gravity sucks

Psychedelightful says:

This guy needs to get around a bunch of women in about their mid-forties to
late fifties…he’ll hear a whole lot of bitching about gravity…

Karl Irwin says:

@ValeriaKnightley Controlling your life and being responsible are distinct.
Controlling implies that there is something wrong, when in fact, nothing is
wrong, it just is the way that it is. You could have compassion for you dad
and your family for being afraid. That is a very human thing to do. In
blaming and judging others, you lose all your power.

619millionaire says:

شكرا لنشر.

Rice Raps says:

check out healthymindnut to see me!

Charly Her says:

I don’t like your theory. Wow, I created everything around me. I would love
to handicap and break everybody’s legs and be guilt free. Why? Because they
created their own handicap.

Jake Gary says:

This guy is a stand-up comedian/ life coach up there for god sakes. He’s a
great speaker.

hamza h says:

blal bla bla . same thing and tlking . its uselesssss .

thethirdq says:

What a great channel! I can tell you spent some time on your video and
really respect that. Hope you enjoy mine

Blad771 says:

100 likes, 0 dislikes cool 🙂

Andrew Whyte says:

How does that work for the Palestinians. As if the Israelis are God’s
chosen people then sure the Palestinians are God’s forsaken people.


So good. Thanks for uploading

3Angyal says:

I blame myself not to know enough to make money online….but I know what I
don,t know…..this its my luck……I like to laugh at on myself….I
liked your funny video. Thanks to complain!

Chetan Kambli says:

a community of people following their dreams, follow your dreams and share
it with the world. thedogandponyshow.tv

Stephen Bellin says:

@valeriaknightly Ummm…you typed a whole paragraph and did nothing but
complain Thing about the good things in your life and then think about the
good things you want then think about how to get there…easy

Karatewolf1 says:

thanks this really helped

Ryan Alexander Osborn says:

Believe that Jesus Christ is your savior for all your sins. If you truly
believe in Jesus Christ to be your savior for all your sins then you will
go to Heaven. If you believe in Jesus Christ then you are saved and you are
in salvation and you have gained God’s righteousness. It matters not how
much you have sinned in the past, in the present and especially in the
future. Believe that Jesus Christ is your savior and you will go to Heaven
forever and that is the whole truth. Spread the truth.

DonLeo7965 says:

Guess what my dream is?

shalee7GS says:

i complain about gravity….something wrong with me? thankyou for the vid

Tally Koren says:

Thank you Jack, you really helped me achieve my dreams!

Harry Sharma says:

Why do spread a fiction; you have to be responsible for your own life: you
cannot hire someone to do your push ups.

Blankname101 says:

@Ryboy1381 Smh

Triveni satyanarayana says:

This is the #1 Channel for me! I had 100s of Goals , but achieve almost
Zero. Now, I just keep 1 goal at a time and put full focus on it and
achieve it! I use an iPhone app called “just1goal” which serves my need
Now, i am really moving forward in my life!

roniepao says:

wow lots of people in the seminar.

BlackIceDds says:

You’ve clearly not read the bible :’)

Valeria Knightley says:

@talkinghead22 Thanks for your comment! You might be right.

seventeenmen says:

@ckher777 Don’t take it too literally. This theory is correct to a certain
extent. It gets more clear in the long run, not necessarily short term.
Denial and doubt is pointless. Quantum physics is already confirming this
theory as we speak.

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