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WATCH THE FULL MOVIE of the Meta Secret (where Jack Canfield is one of the stars) – on Joy’s blog http://metasecretgurus.blogspot.com/


John Jochem says:

I think the law of action works when combined with flow and Jack Canfield’s
Rule of Five (action) and being 100% responsible. Great teaching. Thank

pinkpoo007 says:

There is something to The Law Of Attraction. But it’s not the only Law!
Action needs to be taken to achieve anything!

NemanjaSIDO says:

so i can be next Stalin if i do this? :)

re98 wlk says:

this is so corny, cheesy and schmarmy. such a telemarketing sales scheme to
make money. isnt this kind shit out of style? who falls or this shit?

caren wolmarans says:
Mary Flores says:

I love Jack Canfield, I’ve read The Secret, but law of attraction still
doesn’t work for me somehow…


Hi jack!its simple,have deep desire,plan ,set the objective,define the
process,the strategy,work hard passionately till you achieve your goal,well
done,you are creating in people the faith,the believe that it can be
done,its so simple,call by any name,well done appreciated. virendradr

Billy Rowe says:

Wow, you took that comment completely the opposite from what he was saying.
He is saying “all those who have negative vibes, go watch nascar and beat
up your wife.” he’s not saying he did it, he his saying this video, “Law of
Attraction” helped him. 😐 You don’t have to turn everything around and
make someone look like they hit their wife… Doing that, won’t get you top
comment, either.

Corey N. Bush says:

Yes, because you and many others have something called; Subconscious
programming. I strongly suggest you look into something called Emotional
Freedom Technique, unblock all your doubts, fears, phobias and also
programming around abundance. Then go back to The Law of Attraction
principles. I’m fifteen, I used EFT to clear; Social Anxiety of many kinds,
from eating out to presentations. I used LOA to attract popularity. Try it,


You are great jack,inspiring,motivating,creating belief,faith ..in
individuals to achieve what they can perceive&achieve..well done..vir

lakshmi priya says:

these guys are awesome! thanks for upload! i am manifesting my desires with
the help of “LOA” mobile app by lokesh

Yevgeniy Kupchenko says:

Why some people are successful and the others are not? That’s because some
people have “The Keys To Success” and the others don’t.

downwardwinning says:

Great Video! Good INformation

bala subrahmanyam Kovvali says:

Thank you Jack for this wonderful video-Dream Big-The Law of Attraction. I
agree with you the importance of focusing on the results we want with
Belief and positive expectation.Well said-Dr.Balu.

Robert Edwards says:

God help anyone who can believe this rubbish. And God help James Arthur Ray

hakeem muhammad says:


Billy Rowe says:

Haha no he isn’t saying he beat’s his wife. He is saying those who don’t
believe in this, beats their wife and probably watches Nascar. I don’t even
have a wife, either. I’m only 19, almost 20. I’m not sure if you were
talking to me lol. I’m not sure what kind of mind you have, assuming that
his comment meant he beats his wife. Where did he say “I beat my wife.” He
said “it worked for me – ” but he was referring to this video. Do you see
how you turned his comment around into a sick way? Gross.

BigIdeaBadass says:

If we take action and always move forward then the universe bends to our
liking. Always be in action!

don cathey says:

If you are concerned, what have you done to fed them that is so much better?

mark christopher says:


don cathey says:

You think everything into existence, think about it.

Mista Villain says:

$500,000 in a month?? Yeah Fuckinggg RIGHT!

shemeji melayeki says:

good one

Inge B says:

Why do people advertise their own shot on other people’s channels . Get
your own

Jake Beachell says:

Is it natural for me to be hesitant about this? *____*

jackdaknife says:

OMG how many times do they talk about money, health and relationships
before you handed over your credit card? Shit for a dollar i’ll make a
remix of this that loops for you instead of just playing for 30 minutes.

KINOEYE83 says:

at least i dont feed people bullshit

ali hajbi says:

plz to all pppl with negative vibes stay away from this and go watch
nascars and beat up your wife , it worked for me it works in all way

KINOEYE83 says:

People are so fucking naive, im all for positive thinking, but this is just
pure bullshit.

KINOEYE83 says:

So the kids who are starving around the world every day need to see this
video ?

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