Jack Canfield: Create Your Attitude

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Create Your Attitude


Heather Bond says:

I hope you had a fun weekend and wishing you an awesome week.
Monday motivation…
Jack Canfield: Create Your Attitude´╗┐

brucebuddha says:

ya… I am a reverse paranoid…thanks

josephh6 says:

Thanks, I needed that!

Tristan Luke says:

I love that part about the Nutty Professor!

Annie B Lawrence says:

Thank you for sharing great information and ways to refocus. I include a
lot of this information in my new book Love’s Secret Live Your Life In
Love. I am a Spiritual Life Coach and offer EFT as a means to shift old
habits. This video is a wonderful way to shift thinking! Annie Lawrence

Suchandra Dasi says:

I want to be a reverse paranoid!

Cathy White says:

if we can reach more people with this the world will become a better place
where we can all help each other and stop the fighting and live in peace as
we were ment to

learningtoinvest says:

Very good advice. Different people interpet the same stimuli in different
ways. That interpretation determines your fate. Be positive.

alldayDIPSETallday says:

im a reverse paranoid………..now

Lukaldcha says:

As you watch the video, let me remind you the law of attraction: 1.Decide
what you want. 2.Believe you got it. 3. Visualize you have it. 4. Feeling
it. 5. Enjoy it.6.Let the universe figure out, how it can be manifested to
you. 7. Remember to see audiogettingrichscience. com

Cesar Gaxiola says:

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