Instant Weight Loss Self Hypnosis

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Check out the new video – with improved sound – that focuses on motivation for weight loss at This is an audio pre…


Morris Beckham says:

Hypnosis for weight loss, when combined with nutritional guidance and
regular exercise, has been proven to be a helpful tool when it comes to
breaking the cycle of yoyo dieting. It allows those who truly want to
change their habits to stay motivated, which can help create significant
weight loss that lasts. In fact, studies in reputable scientific
publications such as the International Journal of Eating Disorders and
Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology all show an increased success
rate for those who incorporated hypnosis into their treatment, compared to
those who did not.

Abbas Abedi says:

Instant Weight Loss Self Hypnosis Instant Weight Loss Self Hypnosis
#selfhypnosis #hypnosis #weightloss 

Soerjadi Santoso says:

can not work ,,, 

Nick Dansby says:

does NOT work

Finchley HairSalon says:

This is by far the most comprehensive video tips for weight loss. I also
want to recommend this to my friends. Thanks.

peekaboots01 says:

what does standing up for your own opinions have to do with weight loss?
It’s a good suggestion and I appreciate the video but not sure how it ties
in to weight loss. It’s also on the confidence video but that makes sense.

zid00001 says:

Must kill gingerbread men, must kill gingerbread men………..and what’s
with the water torture ?

Reaper says:

i dont get it?

Samantha Strick says:

@niodman lol

ThatOneGirl says:

@rebigan687 But maybe that’s how they loose the weight so fast, it makes
them pee so much that there’s nothing left of them

Abbas_Abedi says:

@11mlee If you use it over time, yes.

Erin Bayas says:

“You like exercising” *raises hand* Sir, I would like to report bullshit
being said.

Henryfabulous says:

both women in this picture are fat

ksuresh25 says:

If you really want to burn off your body fat, you might want to take a look
on Google for “PAFF Fat Furnace”. You are surely going to get the
appearance you deserve.

kyileeray says:


TheRjDeka says:

Hi, can you make another video about PRACTICING ART AND ANTI
PROCRASTINATION. This video has really helped me, hoping if self hypnosis
can solve some of my other problems. Thanks 🙂

Sharon Hladky says:

Ah fuck I need to pee

WicyMJ says:

i guess it’s the sound of water gushing and streams tat encourages the urge
to pee 0_0

lightsey123789 says:

all this did was make me have 2 pee!!!!!

Amber Weaver says:

woahhhh i cant actually remember much of this but it worked! It’s 1 in the
morning and i feel alive.

Izzat Ahmadi says:

oryt now this just made anorecsic

princesslexxi says:

there not the same people!

Roy Cropper says:

The noises in this video just makes me want to pee

Jessi Ewan says:

holllyyyyyyyy shit

Peyton Thomas says:


mypurplehair1412 says:

Of course some people hearing this wants to pee.. you put the sound of
water rushing and waves.. -.-

ShantillyLace27 says:

I used this for a while and it helps but I had a nice side effect it
lowered my blood pressure to normal

Maddison Lalonde says:

wow i felt all cold at the begining and then my body felt all heavy. i dont
know if it works for weight loss but its good for relaxation.

Brady Night says:

this makes me just wanna pee

FirstImpressions99 says:

That made me need to pee real bad.

couturexlove1 says:

“do not operate machinery” ok i wont use a tractor while listening to this
soft quiet video.

RawCarrot says:

Hmm, I hope this works. Seem’s fake.

niodman says:

at 1:56 i thought it said time for slow death!

le3e3 says:

@rebigan687 lol ur so ryt

Hayley says:

Diuretics **

Doreen Leigh says:

going to pee

RandomCutieLOL says:

This made me full……YAY!!! I was aboutto grab a bag of chips and
now…..I thought…I ate enough now lets exercise 😀 (I am 12 so it works
on kids!)

Josh Crews says:

this actually works!

Wada Ayaka says:

Lol, I sleep half way, when. I woke up it was already half hour since I
stared playing the videos

TheHenryTown says:


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