Instant Stress Relief – Alpha Brain Waves

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Close – Instant stress relief can be obtained by listening to this audio that contains alpha brainwave entrainment.


Alias Foxx says:

@Inb4Out lol American.

Geraldolini says:

i think i can see the fetus rising in 2001 space odessy!

Chris Fuller says:

@VisionofOrion oh you’re too much! I just took two xanax and thought I was
the only one. You just made me smile. Thanks.

Mutedwordz says:

@psydwaindah …..oohkkk im scared. well! I’ma go find another relaxing
song that doesn’t sound like…that….lol

norrisality says:

@pelicanus11 not all guys think with their dicks so stop steryotyping the
male gender

LogosTheos says:

Music sounds scary

zamreda says:

@iranianboy123 i feel it to…..

22AgentBauer369 says:

It made me me see a miniature platypus bear climbing through my window and
dark piss was all on my carpet and i had to make a effort to hold my door
close and it grew bigger. I was sleeping when this was on.

Mat Erick says:

yeah im not stressed anymore but i feel anxiety in place of it though like
u say

bck1990 says:

can i listen to this while studying? its very noisy at my flat and i want
to use this to block out the noise and achieve a calm state of mind.

hardhittin .suckah says:

For those looking to meditate longer then eight minutes and dont want to
put it in a playlist just type “repeat” between youtube and .com It will
open a new window and run endlessly

Fugue5tate says:

I am very curious as to why this music scares the crap out of people and
why it soothes others…if you have a psychology background and can answer
this please let me know o_O im serious

aelxrcom says:

Really inspiring, but main thing to believe that it will relax:) Also try
our stress-relief therapy – you can smash plates ONLINE with extreme
realness, also it is free!

DebraB927 says:

I think the reason people think it’s scary it’s because it sounds like a
theme to some sci-fi movie with aliens. Either way I find it soothing.

altiris says:

@pinkorangesoda I also get faster heart beats from it…. not relaxing at
all imo

abbyxxoo says:

It’s like saying the more you sleep around the better chance you have of
getting a disgusting std. Cause it’s true lololol.

tubester358 says:

I don’t feel anything, why is it so hard for me to reach a meditated state
of mind, or at least achieve a high level of peace ?,?

angelfrombulgaria says:

@keenterbounds hahahahahahaha you are absolutely right!

Robert Fontana says:


ThetaRealms says:

all i can say is thought sounds vol.1 – i know the composer personally:)
whink whink

hardhittin .suckah says:

@1blondeberrymuffin I’ll see those Xanaxes and raise you a smile. always
nice to be rewarded with a kind comment

ThePeoples Herbalist says:

My daughter came down stairs this morning raging, so I turned this on and
she became calm and quiet.

Adam Mortimer says:

This is good. I have a technique that is guarenteed to reduce stress in 60

Vessoland Vessoland says:

@pelicanus11 Aha! I get it. Stress relief hehe…

redroze1000 says:


Dylan Overholt says:

@notabanana2 you arent gaining anything by being hateful and angry…
except maybe high blood pressure it doesnt do any one any good you are just
being stupid close minded and weak

blrr5blrr says:

the person attacking gays is small minded. that is the worst quality that
any human being can have ! open your mind and open your heart and stop
being such a closed off hateful individual.

goatboy63 says:

Well this is the uses from the future, getting a relapse of mind.

Ultimatefanofmid says:


Jonathan Fredette says:

@tubester358 You have to be able to focus everything you are doing on
listening as intently as possible-to outside noises, and more importantly
the thoughts that surface…”listen and be the watcher” -Eckhart Tolle

youareajackass2005 says:

the only thing this did was give me a head ache

abbyxxoo says:

I like it but it makes me anxious more than anything. It reminds me of
creepy opera shit

SUvita1989 says:


Vidk1ng says:

@Davidos696969 Nocebo effect. Placebo effects are always positive.

brandy johnson says:

I fell asleep watching this lol. I was tired and stressed until I put this
on….I’m still yawning!

gabriel moraes says:

@mississippirebel1 LOL

stupidvampiretwat says:

@erbdeen Yea.. It made me feel.. Angry. Like mental claustrophobia..

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