Inner Child Affirmations

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Close Research indicates our core beliefs originate in childhood. It stands to reason that if a person’s life is not working it is…


Chris Nelwan says:

love this!, the combined lyric, voice and music is magical to my
ears…(and heart) , thank you :)

Dorka Reyes says:

Inner Child Affirmations

Tamara McDonald says:

I love this…. it is magical to my heart and every one needs to hear this
and be reminded they are there own light !!! 

Mike Austin says:

Sounds good on the surface but the obsession with “I” throughout history
has created and continues to create billions of self-gods that can
mistakenly believe the “affirmations” a bit too strongly and forget about
the critical balance of “you”, “us” and “we”. True self-esteem is earned
and learned, not chanted. Please, kindly consider:
(The six most important words: “I admit I made a mistake.” The five most
important words: “You did a good job.” The four most important words: “What
is your opinion?” The three most important words: “If you please.” The two
most important words: “Thank you.” The single most important word: “We.”
The least important word: “I.”)

Ron Davis says:


Hemanshu Nanavati says:

I disagree with mike. U have to love yourself first then only u can love
others. Be kind and generous to yourself and then u can extend it to
others. One who does not have it can’t share with others. God loves those
who love themselves. I love this chant and we must teach our children such
chants only. It will increase their self worth and make them valuable
beings. God bless us all. Dr. Nanavati from India.

Linda Ferrell says:

God offers all of this love and hope to all who will believe in him and his
son Jesus Christ whom he sent here from heaven above to help show us the
way to an everlasting happy and joyous life!

Indigo Star says:

beautiful, i am gonna teach my daughter this song as well although i am
dutch and she is too, her english is remarkable

Sudha Dhandapani says:

its is self inspiring

MARYLU500 says:


adil3249 says:

call me 00923214772686 thanks.

seraphdcox says:

I AM the Light of my Soul! I AM Love, Wisdom, Power, and Purity. Truly this
song is awesome. To declare is to call forth the Light of God which you
are. The Light manifests into experience what you declare. ^_^ I AM, is
saying God in me is… That part in You that is God- Consciously, Empowers
Your Words to become Life. This act of acknowledging the Soul Child of
Light is Powerful Practicing. You are in this song causing change in your
experience of self. We are Always One with God. God is Love.

snipo77ify says:

I loved this. Very nice song and presentation. Thanks ☆

marita e w says:

this was soo cute, I like it

maogrady05 says:

Love this

vmlnc says:

so wonderful…thank you !!!

Native Akkadean says:

I liked this.

Grace Pina says:

I have been practicing to awake the inner child that live in my heart. This
song is perfect to accomplish it. I will sing it for 40 days, time that is
said it will root the changes.

psychkim2009 says:

Very podtive. beautiful song. All human kind are beautiful no matter where
you are!

SuperAnnabelll says:

I `am Bliss thank you ” Choose Love ” 🙂

bonheurbelle says:


Barbara Leger says:

I’m awed. My life’s lessons to my kids. Thank you.

9iloveme9 says:

I find this song very uplifting. It gives me a lift up every time I hear
it. Thanks for posting it. 🙂

Ashley Campbell says:

I love this video…so peacful…one steady thought of possitiveness and
happiness can over come the strongest negativity.

Paola Gonzalez says:

this is beautiful I m going to show it to my baby girl, so she can sing the
affirmations since a baby girl

kierredestiny2 says:

@TheKrispyKat….I AGREE!!!

AffirmationsTV says:

I love, love, love this video…it is so joyful…I am going to make it one
of the first things I play and sing along to each day….thank you for
posting it 🙂

Osolemio09 says:

I ~ AM ~ BLISS! Thanks Cathryn for sharing this wonderful message!

Andrea Santos says:

loove it!!!!

Stephanie Chu says:

I am trying to nurture this sad inner child of me. She is so sad:( and
always so affection-starved:(

featherbliss says:

thank you, a light song with a profound message

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