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Queen B says:

Tyler, I just had a vision… After about two years he’s going to be
sitting at your house, making a video with you and he’ll confess that he
saw your videos and then you’ll live happily ever after with Darren and
Troye Sivan (you’ll find about that cupcake later) as your hubbies :)))

msagathe19 says:

clara bee : i’m here from the new Darren Criss video !!!

savi bisaillon says:

I had to come back to this <3 just because of last night

Clara Bee says:

Who’s here from the new Darren Criss video ?!?

Roseenna says:


TvojaMAMA77 says:

Darren…. Ughh *_*

Kim Idol says:

Bringing this back because baby Tyler and baby Korey :)

OMGLOL says:

To continue being a GIRL

rac hel says:

‘hot guy corner’

Carly Toenniges says:

Oh my god…… Flash back…. im just gonna go cry in a corner now

Catherine Buchanan says:

“The love of my life, Mr. Darren” preach

Ida Bergman says:

I went back to this video after seeing the new vision board, and throughout
the video I was like “aww, I remember this! :’)” and it was kinda nostalgic

Ashlynn Rose says:

OMG. 2012?! WHERE DID MY LIFE GO?! Oh, wait… computer…..

Hannah davis says:

Peace and happy

Shauna Burton says:

I just saw ur new video about this board, so I wanted to see how you
explained it in 2012.

Harmony Brookins says:

To make fetch happen 

Kristel Prestwich says:

And now you’ve met Darren Criss…

Courtney Palmer Jones says:

“This is my mum say hi”
Hi Queen Jackie!!

Madison Riley says:

I come back and look at this video because it’s so inspiring to me to be
able to see how far you have come and it just makes me so happy! It gives
me hope that someday really cool things can happen for me too :D

Kristin Ber says:


Elyse Koranda says:

Nothing can take you down and nothing can bring you down as long as you
have the will to keep fighting. Remember that right now Tyler because just
remember if times are tough you will always have 3 million people with you
who love and support you ♡ 

Maddie Chesterfield says:

The more i look at Korey’s face, the more cuter it is. ~love u Tyler <3

Irem I says:

This video deserves more views

Miguel Aldana says:

Korey looks like he’s stoned. Love him.

TBrigitaaaaa says:


cerys paynemurs says:

me and tyler have a special bond over darren criss

chickensarecool01 says:

wow you were so different

María Luján Sarazola Santillán says:

Back after the 2014 vision board! Still inspiring and fabulous!

MissKatieBrianna says:


Laraiabobaia says:

Ahahah who else noticed Korey at 1:40 and Tyler at 2:38 ?

Sammie Andrews says:

kyle in the hat and jason in sporty type top they were made for each other
and noone knows what i’m on about

Tim Blake says:

LOL 1:39-2:01! Korey is the cutest thing, I am so jealous you get to have
him around!

Danna Ben Dov says:

Including the gay couple with the kids?

daxilen1 says:

Am I the only one who sees Korey on the bottom doing crazy shit?

Raeanne Castro says:

Girl 😉 keep it uppppp!

lottieland4 says:

Ur hair

LaChiqUizZ98 says:

At 1:49 how Korey strives to be seen

Agustin Jimenez says:

“These a grey”

ILoveOneDirection180 says:

Why are gay guys the only hot guys!?!?!?

Brittany Currey says:

To meet you.

Madison Chase says:

Making a vision board now -3

Kalaisha Totty says:

Kory under the board lol

kylie peters says:

oh korey

Lee Metcalfe says:

“this is my mom say hi” omg i’m laughing

Alexandra Lopez says:

Did I see Ricky Martin <3 love him

Dominique A says:

Love you Ty!

MeowsandMustaches says:

1:40 Korey <3 omfg.

Sammie Hill says:

to meet you!!!! and darren and too many people!!!!

Candace J says:

i made my vision board. i love it. it inspires me. it reminds me to be
proud of my sexuality and that i have the power to fight for equal rights
and equal respect. thanks for the idea.

bigbangshangover says:


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