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This animated video is a quick way to see how Holosync meditation technology can change your life and how you can get a free eBook and free Holosync soundtra…


Patricia del Valle says:

Holosync helped me heal a lot of anger from a childhood trauma–not caused
by my parents–but which years of conventional therapy did nothing but take
my money … because you were supposed to “talk it out.” By the time I got
to that point, my 50 minutes was up. Holosync is soothing, has helped me in
many ways, but healing the trauma helped me to grow emotionally. Childhood
trauma stunts emotional growth in some areas. A fact I found out later.
Holosync is a peaceful meditation with many other benefits like
increased mental awareness, and changing poor habits more easily, not by
willpower or white-knuckling methods, but by increased awareness.

And it doesn’t work instantaneously. Bill Harris said to
give Holosync time. What happens sooner rather than later is the calmness
and anger resolution.

I continue with the Holosync Meditation Levels, and appreciate the benefits
and high quality of the CDs.

The professional support team at Centerpointe Research Institute is a
caring, and competent staff which has listened and given me better
techniques to resolve day-to-day upheavals than I ever got from
conventional therapy. And as a retired nuclear medicine technologist, I’m
not exactly a basket case who falls for anything.

I have also tried other meditation programs. The CD quality is good on some
like Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s. I just don’t seem to get the same depth of
benefits over time. They’re good but seem to be more superficial, and
that’s probably their purpose.

Holosync is for deep meditation, and it works for me. I highly recommend
it, especially if you are in high stress situations regularly.

And BTW, there is no such word as “anyways.” The word is anyway. Oh, and
one more thing: I receive no compensation for this testimonial.

Jade Kon says:

it does work..

iSpesh says:

Bullshit. I don’t believe a word.

CenterpointeVideo says:

@yeshead9 The “button” in our video isn’t actually a link… Sorry for the
confusion! If you head over to our Facebook fan page, you can download the
eBook and soundtrack.

Paul M Ruzicka says:

clicked on link and nothing happened

sharonjferguson says:

Clicked on the bottom on your Facebook page, and you just get put into a
loop of some kind that never does allow you to download the ebook.

Harry Tuttle says:

Brilliant video, the cartoon is well done as well.

shedforbread says:

I used this for awhile years ago and have just gotten back into it due to
life’s many distractions. It’s very relaxing… feels wonderful. I get all
kinds of “feel good” physical sensations from it and I’ve been having more
epiphanies lately. Looking forward to it enhancing my efforts in personal
growth and awareness.

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