I Start My Day With Love, Positive Affirmations

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Healing affirmations with photography by Robyn Nola and affirmations by Karen Drucker. Practicing positive daily positive affirmations can help motivate an…


donna marie Paquette says:

this is beautiful 

urgirlie22 says:


LondonDreamSoul says:

Thanks. That was very beautiful and inspiring. 

Mansi Manwani says:

Aw , This is heart touching. ♡
Thanks for sharing. :)

Dee Westcott says:

I Start My Day With Love

franky nelwan says:

I am so blessed…..good morning 2014! year of hope and abundance… and
thankyou for this beautiful music GBU

Ana Calderon says:

Good morning and Happy Friday Google friends hugs to all xo

Enjoy ;))

Dee Westcott says:

I Start My Day With Love, Positive Affirmations

Dee Westcott says:

I Start My Day With Love, Positive Affirmations:

Cardigan Babe says:

I super like this video. I’m listening to it early in the morning. Good day
to you!!

Mbxa3 says:

love is sooooooo powerful

Beingmyself64 says:

I am very blessed and grateful that I have Jesus in my life.

BuckleyCraigHanneman says:

one of my favorites 🙂

Robyn Nola says:

Thank you so much : ) Many Blessings to you…

sathish kmc says:

really very nice song and pictures… thank you. 🙂

Woldeghebriel Hagos says:

zzerat@ yaoo.com I jast went thank for brighten my life. with I am so
blessed song and video…….

Lani Kelly says:

Awesome! Thank you! 🙂

rockmont says:

beautiful! : )

Angelaze Heart says:

very uplifting

loyalty3500 says:

Good morning world 🙂

Centaine c says:

I agree: beautiful

Ray Chua says:

Love the song ! So apt! It’s stuck in my head n I’m gonna sing it all day
to remind myself that I m so blessed!

Robyn Nola says:

@TheDebbieWatson-Thank you so much! We are so grateful for your kindness!

Sasha Nikolic says:

Wonderful music and affirmations! Thank you, you are blessed, too.

Robyn Nola says:

Thank you :)

Robyn Nola says:

@c0rt3xvortex-Thank you! : )

Robyn Nola says:

Thank you! 🙂

NewZealandAri says:

@veggieclaire Please, please do share with me how it changed your life, I
really need to get motivated. Thanks and many blessings

Miss Clarity says:

Watching this and keeping it as a mantra has changed my life for the better
in unimaginable ways. Thank you.

Robyn Nola says:

@DreaDevine- Thank you! ♥ Bright Blessings ♥

Robyn Nola says:

Thank you and many blessings to you!! 🙂

deerfieldproductions says:

You’ll never know who I am or how you helped me, but thank you!

Positive Minds says:

This is lovely.

Robyn Nola says:

Thank you! 🙂

sgsadiq says:

thank u , thank u , thank u … in my journey of life and self realization
ur affirmation and song make me realaize so may things at once … may u be
blessed with love peace harmoney and financial succes here and herafter …
bessings and love … keep it up Dr prof Shaikh G. Sadiq

mimiisloved says:

Thank you god I am so blessed..so grateful for all that I am.I am so
grateful for everything good in my life.Thank You!

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