I Put $1 Million Dollars On My Vision Board! It Happened!

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I am still shocked that what I put on my vision board has come true! But it came true in a different way than I expected. I invite you to become a member of …


Hash De says:

At the minute 4:35
cand someone to write what she says.?…I can’t understand the number 1
”I always try to…?

TheLdsLife says:


Hatem Abdallah says:

This stuff really works ONLY for those who BELIEVE in it and you have to
not just believe that you’re worthy or deserve it but you also have to
believe that you already have it and it’s on its way. I kinda disagree with
you only in setting timeframes, because usually setting up timeframes
doesn’t get your goals accomplished. Less specific better than more
specific because it opens up more doors for ya again that’s just my humble
Love and peace! Good luck and keep it up!Keep it up my friend!!

edward anxs says:

Hi ur video is amazing, but i have a question will the vison board work in
a country that is not so richs as the VS?

Stephanie Cox says:

:) Another Great Successful woman from ground up 

westcoastmoney247 says:

I just want to say that I truly love this video. I created a vision board
of the life that I wanted to have. I put up a vision of the woman that I
wanted to marry and what personifies beauty to me and it happened. My next
goal is becoming a millionaire by writing and publishing my book that I’m
writing at this moment 🙂 Keep it up my friend.

fabulousandhealthy says:

Hope you also enjoy my video too. Lots of love! thank you. I will make my
board now.

Stephen Harrison says:

I don’t believe a word.

Roberto Tramontano says:

Thanks for sharing. You gave me the drive to finally be specific with my
vision board! Some strong kind of resistance must have been at work with

Khurshed Marolia says:

Hi can the vision board be a pin up type? will the piercing of visions or
cuttings affect the manifestation? what do you recommend? thanks

Irann Bledl says:

Really Thank you! i like your video. You give hopes!!
i’ll make my vision board too 🙂
greetings from Mexico.

onesicinfi says:

The law of attraction works I put a numbers on my vision board and had a
painting drwan up and I won the lottery this year for the amount I had
drawn up Iet me till you rich is 1 trillion times better than poor I bought
my dream home in Laguna beach help family and friends know me and my wife
and daughter are living like kings and queens. Lifes does not get any
better than this…God is great and faith

Kari C.Tudorache says:

Again, thanks April, I’ll apply the principle , I just ask the
Divine/Universe to keep me still in my wishes !

Sarah Centrella says:

This is awesome!! Vision boards definitely work! I’ve created a brand new
life manifesting 2 boards in 4 years.. it’s life changing!

Daniel Francis says:

So pretty, pure and enthusiast, that it was a delight to watch the video,
and of course wishing you that your dreams come true :)

Sparklytank says:

I am so happy for you! It is ABSOLUTELY true that the LOA works. When I
have applied it, it really works. It has worked miracles in my life. The
latest was the dissolving of a pituitary tumor at my command. I KNOW this
sounds crazy, and I can’t absolutely prove it in any scientific way except
for the clean MRI two weeks after I wrote an email to myself declaring the
tumor gone, after 11 years. This came with years of working on how to love
myself and allow more and more good for myself, eat better, etc…but..I
believe that it was the laser-like precision of directed thought and my
communicating with ‘source’ that did it, and I will always ‘know’ this. I
absolutely love it when people like yourself speak of this…it is much
needed today! 

Ejup Ganic says:

why didn´t you visiolised peace on earth?

Chris Formitzi says:

Not to burst any bubbles, but $1 million is *not* a lot of money anymore.
Many, MANY very average houses cost far more. 

Sean Xavier Alquilita says:

Wow. Miss April Morris. I’m so happy you share your success story based on
your Vision Board. I want also to be a multi-millionaire like you. I am
starting to do my Vision Board like you. Just to be positive in life, feel
good, being generous and be grateful even just only I receive a small penny
out from my job. Someday/Soon, I will be a successful person like you.

I am Sean from Cebu City, Philippines. I hope someday I will meet you in
person for an interview more about your success stories.

I have a Millionaire Mind. I am a Money Magnet!!! (This will be my one of
my living words in life)

xsouldeath says:

What if I focus on, who needs a vision board, I think maybe you just need
to visualize.. I mean I attracted my 2TVS+Speaker system (1 contest) and
laptop(1 other contest) … I used a philosophy of “being happy with what
you have , but wanting more”. I also used the concept of being happy for
the TV coming, and being absolutely sure it was coming same as a shipping.

seen samm says:

wow, April Morris, tks u, i make my VISION BOARD now!!!!!!

Spiff Coltrain says:

I did that $1M thing on my vision board, using a similar bill you have. I
attracted back $1M . . . in the form of that same exact bill, lol. A
couple of months later another one identical to mine was laying on the
ground. Thanks, LOA. Also, I would draw out situations of what I wanted
to happen and they happened without my having realized it! It was crazy.
I tried it again with more drawings, but they never (still haven’t?)

maharani padusi says:

im going to make create vision board right now..thank u for share :)

Klaus Geltl says:

You are very inspirational! My goals are different, but to do this could
really motivate me to take more determined and clearer action to reach
I discovered this video through a tweet by Bonnie McKee. All the best to

Sam Banfield says:

This is amazing! FUN :)

lustleely says:

i am so very proud of you, April, for sticking with the LoA and Divine
Timing and attracting your desires – even when your desires didn’t come
about the way you imagined they would. you deserve it and i wish you even
more. thank you so much for posting this video. 

Jamillah Shabazz says:

You are so sweet.:) God blesa you.

Malinda Chacon says:

I put a lottery ticket and a Jeep on my vision board and about 6 months
later I got an inheritance ( the lottery ticket) from family i never even
knew and that bought my Jeep and then some.

fatiha el koubaa says:

looooooooooooove your video

natasha frazier says:

your positive energy radiates through the screen. thank you. 

timea farkas says:

I really liked your video it’s very great 

Emanuel Terzian says:

Hi April, I hade never heard of you until 8 minutes ago, when I started
watching your shiny video, and now you’re in my “Various Motivators” folder
… for now. I just wanted to thank you immensely for how you pierced through
any doubts that people may have about hoe the law of attraction works as
faithfully as gravity!

Fred Marlin says:

well i put $1,000,000 on mine and nothing happened. These boards are

Keya Mack says:

You really touched my heart.. I believe you were the key to unlock the
miracle!! I’m making my vision board today.. I am a firm believer that
nothing ‘just happens’. I envisioned myself living my dream and my goodness
manifestation Is taking place already. Thank you!!

KeenaArtist says:


Gaurav Jain says:

U R Wonderful April :)

白川愛 says:

Impressive, I have an Czech visa and some images of successful woman. I’ll
stay strong, and believe this is getting visualized!

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