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Tyler Oakley says:

Thanks for all the love on this video, y’all! I appreciate it :]

kelsi johnson says:

2:45 its Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil :3

Casper Axelsson says:

Hi mah fellow Oakleys!!!!!! 

Avtex Sports says:

is this guy gay?

moriahnelsonsings says:

watching trying to figure out what the email today was about!!!!

night ninja's awsome videos says:

y r you gay just asking you can e whoever you want I just want to know plz
tell me

Freddie Powell says:

Does 3 hours of Tyler-watching count as a wisely-spent morning??

CreativeColette says:

Now I want to help people but I also want to make myself happy but I just
don’t know what to be, I really really want to be an artist!!

Diana Ruiz Mendoza says:

VISION. The vision board really inspire me a lot. Thanks Tyler Oakley for
the inspiration 

Emily sa says:

I so mush love you
You help me

Helle Masias says:

1:07 #TARREN

TheresaTheTurtle says:

I’ve had a vision before about being in the zombie apocalypse and turning
into a zombie but it was more like being possessed by a demon because I was
there but I couldn’t control my actions. I could just watch from a 3rd
person point of view. Anyways… that was random but he said to comment
something with vision in it. Oh well.

Elaina Causley says:

love you ty❤️

Elisa Oulaeva says:

This is a great video!

Vennie Fiston says:

Is he gay?

brooke smith says:

tyler hun you are crazy but I love you

Julia oh says:

Tyler u r soo funny in most of your videos! Love you Tyler 

Kimberley Camilleri says:

+tylerOakley your hair is perfect in every video :,) godbless i love you

Bethan Boo says:

I’m finding it really hard to find my VISION 🙁 all my classmates know what
they’re going to do with their lives after school and i have no clue.
almost all of them are going to college but me? i just don’t know anymore.

Katie Nedderman says:

So inspiring <3

JoelletaylorXx says:

officially going to make one of these boards now!<3

Lowri Morgan says:

is Tyler gay? (there is nothing wrong with being gay)

Scott Kilmer says:

When you said you had a vision, It would have been more epic if you made
the animation like in That’s So Raven.

Ally Field says:

Awww I luv ur last thing you said that was on ur board! Perfectly said! I
agree 100%

Caroline Stock says:

I made 0:04 a gif because it had to be done http://makeagif.com/E3iz0C

nanu1980 says:

4:33 what is wrong with being an ordinary person? The world is made up of
them. Without them, no one could exist.

Tyler Oakslay says:


Ali Burdick says:

That color looks fierce on you Tyler.

Georgia Perry says:

do a collab
with conor franta pleaseeeeee you guys r both so funny.

Alys Williams says:

may have to get myself one of those

Sebastian Smythe says:

Where’s darren criss on this one? ;)

Bcmwolverine says:

So Tyler recently I bought a Coca-Cola and it said “Share a coke with
Tyler” so firstly I thought Tyler Oakley!!! So wanna share a coke!?!?!?!?!

Stone Drum says:

now whenever I go to type in vision of love to sing all with Mariah, I see
your face ˚¬˚

Hannah Farmer says:

You are my queen ✋

Leena Weigman says:

Your gay

shelby henry says:

I also have a vision board! .. People can really judge you on it though..
Like my dad and some of my (ex) friends were like why you wanna adopt!?And
Im like, I want a child to feel love and to have a fulfilled life. Like why
do you have to judge. So I watched this video and decided that I dont care
what they think. Its my decision! So thank you Tyler! ily!!xx

SaraNyx says:

Well frankly I feel like I need to thank you. Cause you really have along
with many other youtubers changed my life. I come on here feeling like a
complete nothing and always become happy watching you, or my other
favorites. But you just have a way of making me smile and believe that I
could do anything and everything. That I could make a YouTube channel
myself an not have to worry about people telling me things cause I’m happy
with who I am. And I learn and feel something new with each of your videos.
You are flawless and amazing. I love you a lot and thank you for not only
changing my life but making me feel more positive when it feels like a
cloud of sorrow is hanging over my head. <3

Caitlin Evans says:

Oh my gosh, how cute would Tyler and Chris Colfer be together?!!! x

Karen Hussain says:

Anybody kept replaying the first part 

apriko5 says:

I love you Tyler ☺❤ and I think Troye can treat you very well in a

figuresk8ter2000 says:

About helping others would anyone check out @looms.for.wishes//ig it’s a
charity I’m starting with my friends 

DanishMakers says:

So your gay ?

gamer-cravings says:

this is the most inspiring thing ver

Haneen Doe says:

You are my husband

Olivia Ramsay says:

What is the song plz 

Kelsi Green says:

your friggin adorable

M Leavitt says:

I want to make a dream board now. Tyler you have inspired me. I wish you
luck with your dream board. BTW I love your shirt, it’s my favorite color.
You will always be a.ble to inspire me, make a crappy day happier and a
happy day extordinary. Thanks for your example, love, helpfulness, and
inspiration. Stay amazing.

Kennedy Barth says:

You are my spirit animal <3

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