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I AM Aiffimations with 528 Hz “Miracle” Frequency frequency 528, relates to the note MI on the scale and derives from the phrase “MI-ra gestorum” in Latin me…


OlgaMaria Carmen Sanchez Rodriguez says:

Thank You Love!

AstrologerSatish Kumar says:

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Riyan Syed says:

Light of the Christ what a joke hey guys dont mix religion please

bearmanmr says:

I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am
I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am
I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am
I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am
I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am
I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am

jasperpaws24 says:

Thank you for this!! This has helped me overcome drug addiction!!!

jasperpaws24 says:

@anandaofLove wonderful video. definitly my favorite of all the
affirmations on youtube. Many Blessings. thx again

Sir_Princely says:

@djfico69 to you they are angles to me they are angels. don’t rush to cast
out those things that don’t make sense to you due to limited understanding
based on your perspective of it. How do you think somebody of ancient times
would describe something of modern time? Something as basic as a laptop to
them would be a book of light, right or wrong? Think about it for a second.

Larry Shelton says:

I am, the hidden voice that speaks to all. I am omnipresent. I am all there
is. everything is ends in the now and is renewed in the now. All there is
is now. Beyond Space and Time, beyond thought, beyond emotion, beyond
disease, beyond dreams, beyond life, beyond death, and still right here,
doing my thing, with you all, all the time. Explore the many doors of your
mind and see the possibilities that await your arrival. Remember there is a
thin line between insanity and enlightenment. I am.

Lusti007 says:

Nope. Respectfully, she can’t include “Christian” in the title because we
are in a spiritual supernatural warfare. Does the Illuminati tell you
“warning the music you are about to listen to has demonic subliminal
messages?” No, All-is-fair-in-love-and-war.. Be Blessed. Jesus is Lord!!!

ANALIZA T. says:

A million Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!! so beautiful affirmations with religious
content <3

Angie Venix says:

Maybe I’m stupid, (I’m not from an english-speaking country) to any account
you affirm to draw energy? The password I use can be cut in half. One half
is a good powerfull word, the other half is something we say does not
exist. Compare: Lion Alien

SuperClockworks says:

cut the religion crap more wars have been started because of religion than
anything else.

Peter ThankGod says:


birthdaypig2000 says:

@malmsteen2002 chicks love money 😉

Kevin Wiggs says:

thank u LOVED ONE! 4 LOVE

ldi54321 says:

i send you peace and love and WE are ONE. peace my friend. I Am willing to

Maya Racette says:

All the manifestations said I AM not just Jesus all of them staring from
Abraham, Moses, Zoroaster, Budda, Mohamad, The Bab, which means the door.
and Baha’u’llah who is the latest manifestation on earth rather that Means
The Glory of God. the New Name that the Bible predicts, He is the Lord of
Lords. So I believe.. and the truth sets me free. Love to all. Bahai.org if
you want to investigate more and it means to Love all mankind.

Cristina Longo says:

I love your videos Ananda, they inspire me, I see movement, thank you!!
love, cristina

Rainy64 says:

Garbage–Get tired of the term “christ” consciousness.” I am god too
stuff.” I am god,….NO you are not

laila linuza says:

thank you very much!

stevesrd says:

what is an alien-lion type of creature?

emre ozkose says:

Very appreciable

LUVhappyPeace says:

Awesome video! Thanks for sharing! God Bless you!

jdickerson23 says:

Jesus said I AM.

Nickey Jorgensen says:

Love it, Thank you

Gene Williams says:

now that was good …thank you.

Dylan Schaller says:

Try focusing on Happiness or Joy, while just listening to the affirmations.
You will manifest your thoughts while subconsciously putting your mind in a
positive environment.

Tchelaone says:

Love♥ thank you♥

EarlGreyBeatz says:

this is true spaceness 😛

Sarah Starr says:

Wow! I feel better !!!!

Mars J says:

Thank you for this wonderful presentation, the Word of God is “quick” and
powerful, thank you!

BuyWagDrummer says:

Wonderful !!

now1963 says:

Ananda, you should change your name to Amanda, sounds nicer. As for your
video, i have not seen it, but reading what other people had to say, sounds
like its just another brick on your wall of ego.

ModernDeism says:

I enjoy the work you did with this video. The affirmations are powerful.
However I think instead of naming the diseases , a negative word therefor
thought ,through me off my meditation. Perhaps just saying bones, muscles,
heart etc in stead. just my thought. IMHO Peace & Prosperity To You – I am
(so are you) a Christ (Anointed) Prophet(s) (speak it)

laila linuza says:

@personne2012 Christianity is just a word.word becomes alive if you put
meaning in it.so what do you want to experience?if you have a negative
mind,a Christ for you can become a devil if you believe so.if this video
irritates you,don’t let in to your life.if it helps,take advantage and be

Sweettart9467 says:

To all those mad over this video, relax and know if you didn’t like it
don’t think about it. It’s making some people happy so let them. Won’t hurt
us any to let someone else have their fun.

Lusti007 says:

@anandaofLove It’s actually, Psalms 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am
God…” It means, God requests us to meditate on his word the Bible so we
can hear his voice, which comes as guided thoughts better known as
intuition or intuitive voice. God bless you, and Jesus is Lord!

Denise Yvette Perez says:

I LOVE THIS ……….thank you for sharing. Many smiles to you.

ceezero1 says:

Ceezero stands for clean erase erase get your self back to zero state
that’s all we need to do find out who we really are without all this data
that we have repressed

Angie Venix says:

I don’t get that (And it’s kinda important to me that I do, I’m writing a
book on affir/afformations). Do you mean the password people use to for
example login to their email, their computer, and so? Never thought of that.

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