I Am a Magnet – I Attract – Affirmations / Meditation For Abundance

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In this recording you will experience a powerful set of affirmations using the Law of Attraction and your ability to become a magnet of all and any goodness in your life.


Annapoorani Kannappan says:

beautiful video

Luis Zubiran says:

Thank you

PositiveRealityTV says:

I AM a magnet to all things positive :)

Dhanaraj sambath says:

nice thank you very much for uploading…..

Osagumwengie Jesuorobo says:

Good morning all . Please remain blessed. Amen and Amen.

Ginger McCarthy says:
korisa7 says:

Can you tell me what music plays in the background? I love it! Would like
if it played longer at the end and faded out as opposed to abruptly

Robert Williams says:

Thank you very much. A new subscriber here.

thesfmnetwork says:


ZodiacSystem says:

Very beautiful video. Thanks for sending it to me.

Jonathan Baldock's Art, Trails & Abandoned Places says:

Sorry, your right, my bad God Bless what you are doing.

Konstadina Sadoriniou says:

@fireblast245 You might like to try repeating the affirmations loudly and
keep your eyes open. Switch on the full screen mode and let yourself be
absorbed in the images. The images and their colours have been purposefully
chosen for each affirmation. It is also vital to allow yourself to bring up
the feelings associated with each affirmation i.e. feel the peace, the love
etc. You milght also like to listen to my video clips on meditation. Hope
this helps.

Nita Chawla says:

yes thank you for sharing!

theradiorahimshow says:

your winning with this, thank you

edutainerre says:

Much gratitude and appreciation for this affirmation… It has and continue
to help me in great ways…… I am that I am

Konstadina Sadoriniou says:

Thank you for your post! If this can be achieved just by this small input
then I feel accomplished! blessings!

jiha003 says:

Thank you for your gift and for sharing. I will positively pass it on to
whom can benefit. Hey, how about the world. oh, you’re already doing it.
clue: feel the feelings. Namaste

humane75 says:

Again I turn to your video for peace and calm in avery difficult time and
it has given me peace and hope at an extremely hard time in my life.I thank
you again your voice is so powerful to me.

Alora Mai says:

You have a beautiful voice. Thank you for uploading. I suffer with panic
attacks and your voice really calmed me.

D2AStar says:

I will say honestly that this vocal, very positively influenced on my
cerebral cortex, exactly in the areas behind the ears thank You for posting
this video [5/5]

8auspiciousdragons says:

Hi ..:) Thanks!!! :))) Wish great things come your way too!!! XD

saudadedemais says:

Your videos are truly a blessing ! May Our Lord be always with you !

Konstadina Sadoriniou says:

Glad to know you are enjoying this!

Konstadina Sadoriniou says:

Thank you so much! I appreciate your comments! Spread the love and share it
with many.

roli252520 says:

this will help so many of our fellow human beings that seek
comfort,peace,and prosperity. Thank you for sharing this wonderful
gift.peace unto everyone.

humane75 says:

Again I turn to your video for peace and calm.

melody tune says:

its super, can u make a longer one ie 1hr plus pls

GAREY plantsAREcool says:

this vid iz da shizzle!! good job!!!

Konstadina Sadoriniou says:

Thank you! I hope to get the time to create more of these videos!

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