Hypnosis to reduce stress while boosting self esteem and self confidence

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This is a really cool session for teenagers that will help build self esteem, self belief and feel good! Of course it will work on adults too ­čÖé so have a li…


Kathleen Dandridge says:

Still love this!´╗┐

Peili Maelstrom says:

I really needed a time on my own after feeling a bit down. This was
perfect, I feel relieved and better about myself. Thank you :)´╗┐

Emily :P says:

this really was good for me thank you, very much´╗┐

Soph Masta says:

I feel so good!!! This actually worked!!!!´╗┐

monika mendez says:

Wow!this was awesome. Thank you!:) ´╗┐

LeLucky90 says:

It’s a good relaxation video, but to be honest, when you say things like
“you are unconscious” or “you can’t open your eyes anymore”… It’s not
even close to be working for me. I do not feel like I’m giving away any
control. Is there something I do wrong? Am I supposed to fall into some
semi-sleeping state or am I just supposed to relax? Is it me who’s doing
something that prevents it from working or is it just that for some people
it doesn’t work?´╗┐

Dorothy Henri says:

My first time! It was great, very relaxing. I couldnt feel My hands and
arms nearly the whole time… Great!´╗┐

Ofri Fuchs says:

very very good.´╗┐

Saki says:

Thank You´╗┐

Hayley Roach says:

That was fantastic´╗┐

anastasia edwards says:

that was the most amazing thing that ever happened to me im going though so
much an you just helped me a lot may god bless you ´╗┐

madmonkey9001 says:

that helped´╗┐

BroskiAngus says:

Thank you so much that really helped me out you are awesome!´╗┐

Anu Haridas says:

thnks a lotttttttttttttt´╗┐

Violeta Alonso Ma├▒anes says:

I am an adult with a teenage mind, this was amazing. Thanks so much!´╗┐

Stoney Dixie says:

Hypnosis for the teenage mind…´╗┐

Kathleen Dandridge says:

Seriously love this video!´╗┐

Jeremy Johnson says:

It’s weird, my dreams now are in direct correlation to my desires and
imagination. Every time I fall asleep now I dive into my imagination and
into the universe and my dreams start. And the weird thing is now I have
complete control and can experience anything I want while dreaming. No more
mundane dreams, or dreams that make no sense whatsoever. I don’t even have
nightmares anymore. Every dream is exactly what I want to experience and I
wake up feeling like I’m on top of the world. Thank you

pavel castro says:

Great exp

AnorexicPower Ranger says:

Thank You again <3

Anaya Leonard says:

Dude ur awesome

shelbie leinen says:

thank u ur voice is amazing how u softly talk makes me sleepy ­čÖé it helps
me alot its amazing bc i have trouble sleeping n i dont like relieing on
pills to help me and this helps me ALOT thank u very much!

MrSerpent89 says:

I have depersonalization and most of the symptoms are feeling like in a
dream emotionally numb and not knowing who u are also a lot of rumination
and worry, supposedly depersonalization is a symptom of anxiety, basically
depersonalization is a symptom of a very scared very tired mind and the key
to overcoming it it is overcoming your anxiety and relaxing your over
exhausted mind, this helped but not sure if its the key of overcoming
DPD…got any pointers?

Bekka F says:

this is amazing I feel like a pair of recharged batteries! thanks

artis arn─źti says:

After this i felt really sleepy . Did it work ?

Juanky C says:

Damn thats cool thanks… I feel great

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