Hypnosis for Clearing Subconscious Negativity

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Download this track: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/michaelsealey3 Sleep Version download of this track (“Wake up” ending is removed): …


Ahjee NagaPrincess says:

Can I listen to this while I am falling asleep?

Michael Sealey says:

Hypnosis for clearing and healing subconscious negativity, in all its
forms. This session was requested by 26bisket, may you and all others find
the positivity that is waiting for you :)

Rickard Vinger says:

Wow, just wow. I’m still a bit shaken up. This… has truly helped me. Wow.
I started to cry and I never ever cry, don’t recall when I did it the last
time but when I stepped through the portal I just lost it. Cried like a
baby, just wow. I feel like an entire new human being. Thank you alot,

Lauren Toner says:

This was truly amazing throughout this I felt completely safe and calm and
under this wonderful trance! I’ve never been put under trance before so it
was a whole new experience for me but I awoke and I felt like all my
problems had faded away and I felt so positive! I use this every day now as
it makes me forget all my problems and makes me feel calm and connect with
my brain again, thank you for making this :)

Jc Skan says:

thank you for making this video, it made me feel good 

Fania Gomez says:

Yall should try this…

Hypnosis for Clearing Subconscious Negativity: http://youtu.be/FiPDV9L5qpQ

Raine R says:

Thank you Michael. Your videos are incredible, and so powerful. I have
gotten so much positivity from listening to you. You have a real gift, and
thank you for sharing it. You are an inspiration. :)

Wisdom From North says:

Thank you, this was quite profound and a beautiful journey to take <3
from Jannecke

Devon Shaw says:

Ok I have been using hypnosis videos on youtube for awhile including yours.
But something about this one gave me the craziest awesome dream followed by
positivity as I awakened. Will be using this every night, thanks!!

Dianna Diatz says:

Dear Michael, I have listened a few times to this beautiful recording.

It reflects my perfect needs for removing deeply held subconcious beliefs
and experiences that I wasn’t even aware of. I am so grateful to hear your
voice and calming words to transform all of those old “tapes,” to help me
my life.

I am currently clearing and cleaning things in my apartment. My girlfriend
said to
think of the process as clearing out negative experiences from my life,
from my past.
To think of how I am literally dumping trash from my mind whenever I carry
the trash.

It has made me realize how many layers our souls have, so many that we are
continually discovering more. So your program has come at the perfect time
for me.

Every time I feel I’ve overcome one block, it seems there are others. But
gently, slowly, persistently, I know I am clearing everything and everyone
that is no longer needed or wanted from my life…and in a very loving way.

I was thinking of the poet Rumi, and how I would love to hear your voice
recording his words. I don’t know if his writings are copyright free, but
you would make an exquisite recording.

How did you find your spiritual path? I saw that you are an actor, writer,
director…How do you balance both careers? What film projects will you be
doing in the future?

You are now added to one of my very favorite voices to listen to on You
Tube. I also love to listen to Jason Stephenson (from Australia) and “The
Honest Guys.” It is such a joy to find so many wonderful spiritual
programs on YT. Truly amazing!

Thank you so much for this inspiring tape. Your voice sounds like that of
an old soul, rather than a young man.

Warmest regards,


Martine Peters says:

Thanks Michael, you have been a great support to me. Often when I listen to
you i see you talking. It’s like those Asmr videos, or how are they

Dhanyo Selier says:

My dear friend, I sincerely hope you don’t mind that on some level you have
a crotchety old lady leaning on you(r voice) like a small, traumatized
child would lean against her favorite uncle’s shoulder. I am so thankful
for your selfless gift; it is aiding me, ever so gently, in coming back to
a more balanced state of affairs after experiencing 20 years of extreme
hardship. My mind does not allow me, most of the time, to follow ‘your’
instructions and produce visions and vistas of your description but the
relaxation produced by your murmurings is profound and I find my entire
being ‘sitting’ still while some mighty river or ocean of dark, cosmic
energy courses by, and through me.

Philippe KOERBER says:

Thank you Micheal for all this stuff. I have experience a lot aof
negativity and bad situation (completely broke and lost everything i had
and bad health). I try to recover with the help of Hypnosis for clearing
and healing subconscious negativity. Hoping to be successful.

RiverUnfortunate says:

This is not the first hypnosis video I’ve tried from you, but it’s the
first I’m commenting on. I found out a girl I like a lot is now in a
relationship after I had taken her out on a date and she just said yes to a
second one. After doing this I became happy and then found out, thanks to
my clearer mind, that it was her form of a joke (fake guy with a fake
facebook profile). This helped me see things clearly. Thank you for helping
guide me on this journey that led me to not be depressed.

kitty odonoghue says:

Beautiful voice , this is my favorite hypnosis video .Thank you.

Steve Bigfoot says:

Hi Michael ,this is first time that I can actually fill what hypnoses
means. First two times I fall a slip so did not haw chance to listen to the
end. Last time I was awake end there are my question ,please don’t take me
wrong I am Christian ,in your session you are mentioning ancient powers ,I
like your work a lot but I am worry not to offend my own religion .Please
if u can replay to this. I also haw( like lady from below) weird visions
trough session that I can understand them ,dreams are also crazies .Last
night I woke up few minutes after 3am and actually cut my self praying
.There definitely something into this ,I haw reasons why I am doing
hypnoses ,being a lot in the past and present is also not
pleasant.Please reply, God bless you. Thanks/ 

Mark Brown says:

I am speechless and amazed. Fantastic. 

Sadel Bunny says:

Hello everyone! Can this hypnosis help me in achieving results practicing

Kanupreeyaa Ria says:

Thank you For sharing this! I stumbled upon this video and consequently
your channel while going through some Doreen Virtue Videos.. Have to say
that I feel deep gratitude for what you have chosen to share with us all..
Also, its one of the best made videos I Wld have come across, may be its
your Film making skills which have come well in handy here! I happen to be
a Producer myslf.. Based out of New Delhi, India and invite you here for
any videos you may want to shoot! Would Love to help you with whatever i
can and return with love, what you have shared freely! Best Regards, God
Bless. K

Elaine Matos says:

Amazing Michael! This is taking me to a way deeper level of relaxation
which serves like an emotional detox. This is a great technique to train
the subconcious. Thanks again for sharing. ..this has been so helpful now
that Im experiencing some intense challenges. Much love and blessings! 

liz arthur says:

Thank you so much .. your voice, words and background music are helping me

Jason Archean says:

This is quite possibly the best hypnosis I’ ve ever experienced, and I have
tried a few. Beautiful, empowering, profound and truly inspiring. Thanks
Micheal! I’m happy to add to this deserved show of appreciation. All good
things to you. Jason

Sandy V says:

Powerful journey, many thanx for your work. (thought i had ‘healed’ main
nods.. appears some tears still popped up when contemplating the ‘black
cloud’.. 😉 ) makes me think i’ll have to repeat it until i feel totally
serene. 🙂 just a quick note: almost was short (in time) for me to
‘dissolve’ that cloud – had to ‘rush’ ^^ and catch up the part where we
land on grass… (i tend to ‘unfocus’ when i hear the instructions –
depends on parts..) will keep exercising. :))

malinaJU says:

I’ve never been under hypnosis before. This was quiet an experience for me.
Michael, when you’ve mentioned black cloud – all negative episodes from my
life started flying to me at once, it was scary and I could help but cry..
I wonder if that’s a normal reaction? Thank you for sharing this

Michele May says:

Thank you for this. I’ve been going through some stressful things, and it
was causing unpleasant dreams. Last night was the first time in a couple of
months that I didn’t have any upsetting dreams. Thank you!

Apsara A says:

Very very nice.

naruhinafan100 says:

This was amazing! I feel like such a new person

MiriamMonroe says:

Thank you.

Karen Webb says:

Thank you this is really good even for Christian folk x

Rusty Brooks says:

Michael, anytime I feel like I’ve entered into trance, after 20 to 30
minutes in this state I will suddenly become overwhelmed by anxiety and
have to bring myself out, no matter how relaxed and good I was feeling at
the time. I haven’t had much luck finding any answers for this phenomenon,
and I was hoping you could perhaps shed some insight on the problem. This
happens no matter who happens to be guiding me into trance. I also
experience this issue when doing mindfulness meditation. Any guidance on
this issue would be greatly appreciated! 

Jeff Chamblin says:

Thank you for this! I love it! While i am still in th beining stages of
listening to it, it does seem to relax me deeply. Do you have anything for
alcoholisim/ addiction?

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