How to Use “The Law of Attraction” For A Positive Life!

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Mr Pregnant - Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st says:

There’s nothing esoteric or arcane about “The Law Of Attraction,” it’s
inextricable interlacing with quantum mechanics is a forced juxtaposition;
hence the reason there’s an opinionated dichotomy in terms of their
interpretations, discrepancies only derive because it’s the subordination
of quantum mechanics. And Ofcourse the perpetual abuse of semantics; “The
Secret,” “The Universe,” etc………

Carl Jung, the Swedish Psychologist promulgated synchronicity and tangled
its analogical attributes with quantum mechanics; it’s enigmatic notion
begs much bigger question; questions that usually fade into oblivion simply
because the proponents of such ideologies are comfortable with their
already established preconceived notions; external-divine-interventions,
oracles, predestinations, purpose, fairies and ghost.

Cewyyy says:

I heard about The Secret like 2008. It has changed my life so much!!

The821821 says:

How to get what you want? Is to be grateful for what you have.

Breeze G. says:

I think this is just like when people were convinced the sun revolved
around the earth, and not the other way around. It’s just a new concept
that we haven’t fully discovered yet, but it’s there, just as the earth has
always revolved around the sun. We just need to fully accept it. And many
of us have!

IskrenIvanov says:

Did someone of you ever had the chance to use the law of attraction and
make their life towards good and better life? I mean all those people who
make these documentaries about people getting the law of attraction in use,
to become rich enough to allow them self anything they like, or have a
better happy`er life?
All my life I had i rough, and still do, and so desperate that I seek
guidence like this. The thing I wan`t is to become a rich person, not that
rich that I would not know what to do with all those money, but rich enough
that if I wan`t a new can or a vacation on the Bahamas or Egypt, I could go
without worrying about the costs.
Every person has a dream, a dream that can some day live it.

Richard Kunis says:

This is real, I look back at my entire life and my past and The Law of
Attraction has done so much for me when I didn’t even realize what it was.
Now that I know this is real, so much good things are on their way and so
many good things are happening to me on a daily basis. I am finally happy
and free. My mind is open and my spirit is free. I am so thankful for this.

Natalie Herron says:

This relates so much! I was in a horrible Rship for 6yrs that I’ve finally
broken free of. I’m back at college, happy and taking steps to ensure he
never hurts me or my kids again. The law of attraction is what I base my
future on now. The fundamentals and principles can be applied and when
doing so, your dreams and potentials are unleashed!

Adam Gonedridge says:

I do not know if I am really using the law of attraction, but I can live a
positive life just by living.
I don’t need to wait anymore in this bitch ass world; I can build my own
boyfriend in my basement.

Bernadette Falcone says:

Its really great… great !!!

Niels Vandamme says:

“A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove
— Nietzsche

YouAreCreators2 says:

Choose a positive life

Mr Pregnant - Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st says:

The Law Of Attraction is a pseudoscientific metaphor extracted from quantum
mechanics and legitimized, not based on inferences but pseudo-empiricism.
the success of these mediocrities are contingent on two factors: the appeal
to authority and the compartmentalization of personal biases. Trailing the
evidence and dealing with the consequences regardless of personal biases,
tends to protrude objective reasoning rather than subjective appeal to
personal desires. Conversely enough, the former has propagated generations
of rapacious gullibility. A credulity riveted on emotions and viable
nothing more that prejudice of ideology.

Lucy Scheiffer says:

Everything is controlled by the *balancing force*. When you get in tune
with the balance, you stop living in your mind, and live in accordance with *true
life* bliss. *Seek the truth*

Google, *Truth Contest* and then open the top entry, The Present

abo mortaja says:

This a time losing time .
The main idea about this fil, is ; THE LAW OF VIBRATION CONTROLS THE LAW OF

Clinton Dredge says:

Law of attraction to me is more to find myself within, been feeling lost
for a long time having trouble with my mind/ego then emotions that follow
I’m dedicated to this being a father of 4 with a broken heart and
addictions that got worse because of it so with these principles (I am
that, I am) and prayer” I will succeed” we all can to all dont give up I no
how easy it is to I’m fighting it the it being the ego let us shine

Glenn Bauer says:

Not a new concept. I’m in the process of writing the biography of a young
man that overcame drugs, crime and the stigma of a prison sentence. In
researching how he managed this it becomes more and more obvious – mystics
have know of this and similar concepts for thousands – not hundreds –
thousands of years.

Spook Spacely says:

None of this shit works

410longcolt says:

I’m sorry , law of attraction is not real .

Patricia F. says:


Martin Loreto says:

Wow this is good and useful stuff. My friend recommended this book
Knowledge of the Forbidden Tree. It’s teaching have changed my life,
mostly I make a lot more money and I”m a lot happier and more successful
now because of this book.. I guess if you’re reading this, you attracted
this book to you I guess. I’m just so glad to have this book I want to
share it with everyone.

Katrice G says:

Omg went through the exact same thing….maybe it was meant to come across

DarkDesertHWY says:

I am still unsure of how this is supposed to work. I want a happy
successful life, I want a nice house and a loving family but I am not
capable of earning money. I am uneducated and of limited intelligence. I
barely graduated high school and flunked out of community college even with
tutoring. How should someone like me become successful. It seems like I
would need to go to a good university and get a degree in a field like
computer science or medicine and obtain a good paying job. That is how you
make money. I do not understand how you are supposed to be positive if you
have nothing to look forward to. All of the positive thinking in the world
will not get me into MIT if my IQ is 75. Are these people really saying
that you just somehow convince yourself, despite all of the evidence to the
contrary, that you will be rich and it just magically happens? That is hard
to believe.

Antonio Ramos says:

All attitude baby!! you either are or your not about what your doing in
what ever it is you do!!!

Jiaer Lavon says:

I make POWERFUL Law Of Attraction videos! come over to my channel and
become happy and wealthy! #Subcribe

MindMovieSiteReview says:

Well produced video and we are creators

bladabladiebla says:

Wauw, thank you!

mirien ainaoui says:

yes yes the law off attraction works 

Clarence Medrano says:

Dear Ones =)

Triveni satyanarayana says:

Awesome Video!

I was almost poor and in debts and my family was pissed off with my
failures in life!
Somehow, i got to know about Secret, Law of Attraction and after that there
is no looking back!
I am now roughly earning 175$/day and it is unbelievable now!

I used “LOA” mobile app by lokesh to manifest my desires as it motivated me
to keep doing this!

Deb Griff says:

This is the link to use “The Law of Attraction”

Victor Tajan says:

@ To really understand the secrets of our eternal existence, most people
should learn about all basic Universal Laws of Perfect Justice System,
beyond many false beliefs, fake theories and foolish speculations…

Marvin Sanico says:

I swear!!! This is really working!!! One of God’s blessings to us!!!

MrBunnyIcecream says:

I manifested my dream job , ideal dream wife and an ideal dream home.
Thanks to LOA <3

Priscilla McQueen says:

To the person who asked about if two people want a job and there is only
one available, who gets it? Well, if you follow the law of attraction, and
you invest in it, meaning you give your all, you see yourself getting that
job and you tell yourself you’re /going/ to get that job, then you’ll get
it. Whoever wants it more, gets the job. 

Amitaf IkwIw says:

It’s working 😀 .

therealMeming says:

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Make A Dream Real says:

Nice video. Thanks for sharing!

Arthur Pruitta says:

I enjoy these so much that i let my daughter listen to them as she sleeps
hahaha….this is alot more stimulating than music if you ask me

mmanbjjstudent says:

Lately, I’ve been a little confused. I always thought that manifesting, and
using the law of attraction consisted of keeping with your wants, and
desires at all times. focusing on them, thinking of them often, staying
emotionally involved with them. Also, I thought looking at your dream board
on a daily basis to help in the manifesting of your wants/desires was the
way to go as well. Yet I recently viewed a video by “Bashar” where he says
after we know for sure what we want, and we build up an emotional
involvement with it, we should “completely” forget about it(our
wants/desires). After hearing that, it’s like whoa, two different views on
how one should manifest, yet which is right, or does it simply matter only
to the person doing the manifesting…yet if one method is better than the
other, then I want to follow in the path of the one that is best for
manifesting things the right way. I wish not to waste time manifesting in a
way I thought was right, yet it’s completely wrong. So if “anyone” has any
advice on which method is best, I would appreciate your feed back. Thanks.

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