How To Train The Mind To Attract What You Desire! (Law Of Attraction)

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Seek Truth says:

Tired of BS? Try the truth the evidence supports: go to
www·TruthContest·com and read “The Present”.

Mr Pregnant - Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st says:

The Law Of Attraction is a pseudoscientific metaphor extracted from quantum
mechanics and legitimized, not based on inferences but pseudo-empiricism.
the success of these mediocrities are contingent on two factors: the appeal
to authority and the compartmentalization of personal biases. Trailing the
evidence and dealing with the consequences regardless of personal biases,
tends to protrude objective reasoning rather than subjective appeal to
personal desires. Conversely enough, the former has propagated generations
of rapacious gullibility. A credulity riveted on emotions and viable
nothing more that prejudice of ideology.

Conrad Weis says:

Why can’t canadians ever say “about”?

“Aboooot”. . . lmao

Jeffery Paramore says:

kuul talk.

Graeme Glendinning says:

so simple yet so elusive

Barbara Brinkmeyer says:

02/17/14. So true !

Tnc874 says:

good information… im not sure about attraction BUT I know that someone
mind set sets their lives. if you walk around with a negative mind, then
NOTHING will be positive.. I was trapped by negative thinking and have
worked hard for years to change my mind… its works and it helps… I
still have negative thoughts ( I guess I feel safe in my negative mind) BUT
I know how tools to combat and check those thoughts

jeronimo silva says:

Anoying background music..

Lois Campbell says:

Thx for the upload. Very interesting.

Bella Tina says:

Thank you for posting! I come across this accidentally. Positive thinking
and control your mind instead of letting your negative thoughts run wild. I
would recommend Abraham Hicks videos on Youtube because they teach law of

Renee Boley says:

It makes sense to me!

Peetri Coetzee says:

this music made my ears buzz

WebTrafficWarrior says:

Tithing. Get it done.

Alexander Leatherman says:

if the subconscious can not tell what is real and what is not real, then
why are we sometimes aware during dreams, that we are dreaming?

Vincent Gill says:

I agree with Vanessa Perky “One should create from the HEART not from the
MIND..the mind is in duality the heart is in oneness…”
When you create from the mind you also create the opposite – wealth –
The first law of creation – do no harm!

lisana yoga says:

On you tube Everyone is arguing about the details of these audios, everyone
thinks they have proof everyone wants to be right and make everyone else
believe they are….youll never do that so just believe what you want and
let everyone else do the same 

eric portugal says:

thank you for sharing it

David Brady says:

Mr. Pregnant. I’m afraid you had an intellectual miscarriage. But, i can
see your post secondary education was not wasted. However – combined with
an open mind all things are possible. db

Stephanie Bruce says:

Regardless of your beliefs, your academic credentials, your subjective
emotional experience, whether you are a scientist or a brujo, there is no
need to communicate your ideas disrespectfully. If you can’t even discuss
an idea without insulting someone, then none of this stuff matters at all.
We have to live side by side here on this planet, and learning to simply
respect each other in spite of differences will improve the quality of life
for everyone. It takes far more strength and personal power to maintain a
respectful attitude than it does to belittle others who don’t share your
point of view.

Jobelle Amalian says:

its a very nice video sir!and thank you for sharin this..well its also a
more percent of what u have and i know God will blessed u a hundred
fold!cos this video will make a life change..and thank you for this..u
inspire people..God bless you..

Bill Stone says:

Awesome video, right on target and full of facts… Thanks!

alreadythere1993 says:

i am generally very sceptical person with this sort of stuff , hypnotherepy
never worked for me for addictions , but i have tried this positive
thinking stuff a few times over the last couple of years and i must admit i
do feel things going slightly better for a bit, dont get me wrong i have
only ever managed to keep with it for a week or so before i resort back to
my normal negative thinking and negative actions like heavy weed smoking
and other drugs but thats prob because i have had quite a negative mindset
since i was young and a lot of that is to do how i was raised(very
negative , critical parents) ,but i am def gona stick with it now and see
where it goes as i have stuck to it for a week or so now and i just feel
slightly different and things seems to be going slightly better , i just
wonder why they dont teach this in schools? in theory the world could be a
very different place if a good majority of us got into the habit of postive
thinking but kids get taught bullshit that they hardly even get any use for
in their average life,, foreign languages?!! geography?! religous
eduaction? pretty crazy .. could sumone try and explain to me in simple
terms what bill hicks and countless other people mean when they say “we are
all one concious” ? i never realy understood that , please dont try and
take the piss i am pretty new to all this stuff and im just looking for
sumone to explain what it is people like hicks were trying to say,, is he
saying we are not real, lifes a dream inside our heads? for me that sort of
ties in with the positive thinking stuff because surely if we are changing
our thinking and then in turn changing our own reality/life, is that sum
sort of proof that we realy do live inside our own minds? anyone? cheers

Lukáš Havlíček says:

That’s a great answert to a lot of my questions.

Pamela Durocher says:

thanks for your informative and applicable self improvement video!! 

Pharaoh King says:

The brain is a powerful tool. It is the foundation of the body. What you
master it especially your subconscious mind. The sky is the limit great
video real truth.

sheri barton says:

I Love This

Cody H says:

i really wish this was better quality. its so hard listen to without
getting a headache… :(

Sequentially Compact says:

That song gets really repetitive after a while.

Stephanie Brown says:

listening to this video helps me become more aware of what I need to focus
on, does this count as part of the 15 minutes?

aman ballagan says:

every one know that what’s new.

Vibrant Smiles says:

Fabulous real life mind power lessons!

Patricia Diekroger says:


redy2meet says:

Those that are meant to listen to this message will get the true meaning
behind it.. Waking up, and taking responsibility for yourself individually,
and as a group consciousness. Or you can move on, and go back to sleep, and
let the world mass-consciousness create your life for you… Namaste,

Indio Armani says:

thank you, great knowledge

Bill Williams says:

This would have been a very nice interview if that young kid could keep his
mouth shut so the subject would have been much nicer and people would not
have to listen to the video more than once to learn anything.

Joshua Clement says:

I used to listen to music and different information that was negative. I am
more than grateful to be listening to this information and information from
those of which that know what they’re talking about and information that
shows the truth.

Antoine Miller says:

This is great im so grateful for this. Thank you so much :)

ArisonBand says:

For the record I love the videos with added music I started doing dong hat
to my own audio books. 

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