How to Stop Procrastinating

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Tips to stop procrastination


LineEwa says:

This is weird for me. I have to edit a video for Social Studies (that I’m
procrastinating on), but the video is about the story of the Odyssey. And
in this video they mention the Odyssey. Trippy o-O

Marissa Klingforth says:

This has really helped! I have to work on this drawing for a contest and I
have been holding it off for too long! 

Karina Pirani says:

what i learned from this video: go to africa,kidnap an elephant.slice it
into pieces. eat it piece by piece!!!

Rainey86 says:

Oddly enough, I’m trying to write a novel that is about an elephant. I
don’t need this type of symbolism so early in the morning.

Paige Schuen says:

Grrrr!!! It’s 11:30 am..and I have homework!! my mom gets home at i
think i have plennttyy of time..yet because i have a lot of time, i
think..hey how ’bout a nice youtube video?! so i wait until like 4;30 pm to
do the work and I am panicking. Goodness!! Procrastination….LEAVE ME!!!

Hanna Marley says:

I should be studying for psych but instead I’m watching this.
Procrastination at its finest.

Karina Pirani says:

IISUPERWOMANII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Heisenberg says:

I think im gonna flung 8th grade 🙁 seriously, has me worried. I don’t know
what to do, i cant concentrate, i don’t even try because i know i cant.

ScoopexUs says:

I don’t have five minutes! I have things to do! Bye!!


Cato Refiti says:

3:95 TF2

cutekitten kuteeyy says:

such a lively tone she had! she encouraged me to procrastinate more!

Bernard Rossouw says:

I’ll do this later

Nour Eddin Dabour says:

good video, gonna watch later !

emilieNerds says:

I have to clean my room right now :(

Vojtěch Vázler says:

ehh… soo i devided the work… but i still cant manage myself to do it…
lil bit moar and im gonna divide it by 0

Kira Graccio says:

@Superwoman used this in her video!

West Kagle says:

The problem is that we procrastinators can’t do this stuff on our
own. We are our own worst enemy. Example: I did remarkablely well in school
given the fact that I am a notorious procrastinator. That is until I left
the rigidly structured confines of high school. Once in college, where the
teacher no longer gives a crap weather you even show up much less do the
work, I found myself thrown out on my keister. That’s because I need the
high school type teacher to be on my ass to get to the high standards my
potential can reach.
So while this is all good advise, the best idea is to get help. It
will require that you surrender a lot of you ‘freedom’. No one likes to
have someone ‘running’ their life. This, however is what some of us need if
we are to accomplish anything other than posting excessively long comments
on YouTube………….O_o….dam, I’m looking in the mirror again. :P

Jakob Kiebach says:

ehh… ill do that essay after i go through my subscription for the third
time in a row

Jacob Sebastian says:

internet password been changed? put into browser url and change
it back 🙂 or do your homework

A R says:


Inspiring Videos says:

3 Incredibly Easy Steps to Stop Procrastinating #procrastination

Lavender Springwood says:

Another good tip I’ve learned is to get a timer, set it for about ten
to fifteen minutes, and then *force* yourself to work as hard as you
can for about that amount of time, and then when time is up, immediately
reward yourself. It helps me sometimes.

Alin Cristinel Preda says:

hmmm… I think I’m gonna watch this later

Connor O'Sullivan says:

We’ll this is awkward… I’m procrastinating from reading The Odyssey.

Jaquelynn Palen says:

Thanx wellcast I’m not procrastinating anymore! I finished my math,
science, and reading homework! Actually I have to finish a poem so I’m not
going to comment anymore bye!!!!!!

tSatoZi says:

My sirens name is Birck and she is the prettiest

Freya Magna says:

great video, it helped me a lot 🙂 

adrian smith says:

i am addicted

sara ahmad says:


Mabek De Angon says:

Excellent !!

Nuke Japs says:

can’t stand her voice

Maurena Taylor says:


Maya Ensey says:

Ironic… I’m supposed to be writing an Odyssey essay right now…..

Chinmay Vivek says:

Its odysseus not ullyseus

Fandi Andrian says:

Thanks, this really help me :)

Allan Ochoa says:

holy kevin, my test is tomorrow.
All of a sudden I became a nuclear physicst , fml

jaziel tan says:

I love this video, I’m going to get to work right away! After watching a
few more of your awesome videos. I still have time. 

Ramandeep Kaur says:

pencil to farrrrrrrrr

Anna Joi says:

im actually procrastinating college work as I am watching this video tbh

michelle rosa says:

I’ll wrangle YOU into submission

Linh Pham says:

I have an exam tomorrow and I’m watching all the how-to-stop-procastinating
videos on Youtube instead of studying…

Melissa Cousineau says:

This was very helpful, thank you! :)

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