How to Stop Procrastinating

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MattG2105 says:

I procrastinated by watching this video.

Skystar says:

Step one: stop watching Youtube videos

Charlie Scene says:

And the other 10% of college students kept telling he selves they would
take the survey tomorrow

Julia Siewert says:

I’ll do it tomorrow!

Suman Arif says:

Lol procrastination is my middle name :)

DatSparklyUnicorn says:

I’m addicted to youtube so every time I finish the homework in a class I
reward myself with a video and then I keep doing that with all my homework

abcdLeeXY says:

I’ll get the pen and paper later…..

James thay guy says:

step 1 : I bought that great jacket I saw at the mall … now what ?!

Zozo C-W says:

How about: “Turn off this video” or “Get off the internet”…

Wally Wallop says:

I’m gonna do this!!! Tomarrow…

Omar Uzumaki says:

Finished my h.w. while listening to this!

Tiago Lucas says:

I watched this video to procrastinate a little longer.

gentlegiant6585 says:

Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow………or the next day.

69firefirefire says:

“Peer pressure is a great motivator.” Hahahahahahaha.

Brandon Abbott says:

I’ve been meaning to watch this video for a while now.

24680kong says:

This video has been in my “watch later” list for almost 2 months. Finally
got around to watching it. On a side note, i have an exam tomorrow that i’m
not studying for.

John Smith says:

I’ll get a strong motivator later.

seattlepaul11 says:

ill stop procrastination today you know tomorrow sounds better

luvleeaddi says:

how to stop procrastinating : GET OFF YOUTUBE hahaha well we both know that
will never happen

Beckah Rolandsson says:

You know you are procrastinating when… …you search “how to stop
procrastinating” on youtube.

rubbythune01 says:


Alex Funk says:

I think i’ll watch this later

Maria A says:

i tried to finish watching this video but i got too distracted.

orangemonkey92 says:

Ok, ill just watch this one last video and ill get back to work on that
essay that’s do in 20min…

Yolko Ohno says:

I have to annotate 270+ pages of huck finn by tomorrow with meaningful
points and observations. Top that.

AnOddRadish says:

The other 10% ARE LIARS!

graemedaly13 says:

watching this video is my form of procrastinating.

funnyjuiceeffects says:

I’m procrastinating by watching this

airkid88 says:

Music is what makes me procrastinate.

Stephen Pamphile says:

Making mistakes or failing? I just don’t feel like doing it.

cragglebreath says:

i’m watching this video instead of studying for a test and doing my home
work. tomorrow i’ll just tell my teach that i was to busy watching a video
on youtube about how to stop procrastinating

bustin7878 says:

I have been meaning for a long time to make a comment on this topic. I will
get to it one of these days.

WannaBeast123 says:

“What you’ll need. A pen and paper.” “I’ll just get those later.”

eaglevillage3 says:

You know what’s funny? I’m watching this video while I have homework to do.

graamd says:

why stop procrastinating now when you can do it later?

Clayton Ahearn says:

Started watching… Got to 0:13… Turned it off

Troy Barnes says:

How to stop procrastination: Just do it. You’re welcome.

sparklewench says:

how to stop procrastinating: 1. stop watching howcast

LovelyLiolet says:

It seems to me if I tell people I’ve already done it they’ll just be
fucking pissed!

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