How to Stop Procrastinating

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maricielo50 says:

you made my day……like u 100% 

Ana Botticelli says:

You can’t imagine how much this has helped me, I really really thank

vikas dadwal says:

when lovely people start motivating you like this…..IT REALLY
WORKS…becoz every time this beautiful girl come into your mind and saying
book and study now….hahahaha

Weronika Konkol says:

In every video you inspire me more and more.. You definitely ryt in 100 %..
U do a gr8 job! Thanks. Hope u doin well and Keep still makin videos as
well as now 🙂 

Sabsile TJ says:

What helps me a lot as well to fight against laziness is the 1 minute rule:
when something takes less than a minute, like picking something up from the
ground, put my make-up brushes back or whatever, just do it! And then after
you practice this for a while, you learn to say no to procrastination on
bigger tasks as while, and start thinking: oh, if I do this one hour task
right away, it wont take as long and I can check Instagram later on anyway,
or something, and you slowly but surly get more productive trough out the

fashionevas says:

I needed this !! Thank you I was procrastinating by watching this !!

Josie Houle says:

I’m procrastinating right now… I’m supposed to be doing homework

Chelsey Page says:

Ehhh procrastinating is serious when it comes to social, and video gaming.
I always say, “Oh 5 more minutes, that won’t hurt” and it ends up beings a
hour. *T-T* I really wish Reading a article or watching a video would give
me the motivation for days, but I always give up….. Well today is the day
it stops. 🙂 

jameelaMayatullah M says:

an hour? mate i’ve just wasted 8 hours 2day ….

HereIsSarah says:

YUS Mimi :)

Juta V says:

Thank you! :)) This help me a lot! 

Nikita Sunny says:

Thank you so much. This has really helped me. :)

Lielle Berger says:

this video motivated me to go downstairs and get an apple

Shibuki Ran says:

Can you please share more of your life advice to everyone? I really love
love love your advice so much. :)

Fayrouz Hares says:

I am getting up right now, and I am going to do what I’ve gotta do, thank
you :D

Dasha Tsapulina says:

Everything you say is so true. You’re very smart:)

dettitted says:

This was really helpful, thanks. ;-)

faketupperware says:

The irony is I should be working as I watch this

Emilie Johansen says:

how ironic- im procrastinating by watching this video

Surabhi Avhad says:

Mimi u r such a motivation…..!!! U r really helping me improve…

Caterina Cucereavaia says:

I need to watch this EVERYDAY!

Jocelyn De La Rosa says:

Currently procrastinating 

Gippi dazz says:

Wasted two days being procrastinating :(

Elyn Shazlien says:

Ilove this video so muchhhhhh 

Mandana Momennejad says:

i wish i had a friend or sister like you! :(

Lauryn Alexandra says:

Thank you so much I am now motivated to revise for my exam tomorrow

ALovelySideProject says:

Love this MiMi!!! 

Angelica Porro says:

I’m procrastinating with this video.

Alisha shrestha says:

i’m so much motivated now tq so much 

Sara G says:

I love your “motivating” videos. :)

chloeeson says:

Its probably bad that I’m watching this while procrastinating… 

Harshita Bajpai says:

watching many of your videos a.k.a procrastinating also a.k.a giving you
more views so you can earn and live a luxurious life which means I’m caring

LILI ZZZ says:

watched this while procrastinating…

mahfoxylady says:

Hi Mimi, I loved this video. To be honest I’ve been procrastinating about a
lot of things for the past few months as I suffered from severe morning
sickness. Since I was sick all day and night,my motivation levels were
always on empty. I’m feeling much better and I knew if I wanted to get
started on my small business ventures I had started prior to becoming sick
I needed to get a move along . I’ve always been Miss Positive but felt I
was in a deep rut but I’ve been slowly coming out of in the past week. When
I seen this video on my feed I knew I needed to watch it but I didn’t. It
took a while.I watched your how to be successful vid and the light in my
head switched. Today I watched you/listened while I sat organising piles of
paperwork that I’ve ignored-so thank you for inspiring and always
motivating me. Your like the rocket I need to be pro active. Your friend
Rach x

Vivian Montano says:

I LOVE this! I really needed it. 

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