How to Stop Procrastinating

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Karina Eissler says:

posted on my

Mursa ArtDragons says:

I’m a bit more adventures in where I eat, and also the masses are always
wrong in my opinion.

Rager DoesGaming says:

easiest way is close YouTube

Andrew Lindenmeyer says:

JellyBelly inscense- $ka-ching$ That was the one, Link. Not with candy
but like little blobs of wax and essential oil. I can almost smell the
sweet watermelon. As a bonus, you could use those skunk spray ones to get
people out of your car, hmmm, nevermind.

Mike Hedges says:

worst helicopters ever lol, love the show though!

Lil_Bad_Bubba412 says:

ps2 YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sirusie says:

Rhett “You gotta use an APP people !”
Link ” APPsolutly !”

Kajotex says:

So… R&L’s advice to stop procrastinating is…. just stop not doing it
and do it?
Not that helpful :/

TheBusy Miner says:

You guys really got off topic BTW.

Emma Tatum says:

XD 9:01 I am SO sorry Link, but you can totally see your under arm

Celest Donna says:

I get my friends to hold me accountable x3 always works for me.

Snark The Walrus says:

I’m to lazy to be productive.

TheBusy Miner says:

6:13 Appsolutly………….I’m so funny lul.

Mohamed Jamal says:

Damn it im doing it right now 

mary welton says:

Close youtube
No matter how much you want too keep it open

I procrastinated to watch the procrastination video then this video
procrastinated me from my work!

Braeden Davis says:

Haha I’m supposed to take the trash out but I’m watching YouTube instead. 

The Aura Tree says:


Raed A says:

i’ll write this comment later…

Chlo P says:

9:02 They went full-retard, never go full-retard.

Mike LaSalle says:

Meh, i’ll stop procrastinating next week

angelo says:

I’ll watch this later.

SteamedBananaGaming says:

ill just watch this before doing my hmwk :p

Amelia RoseXEvans says:

i think danisnotonfire needs to watch this video!

Robert Gilmour says:

Simple!…you unsubscribe from Nerd³ ;)

Aaron Peplinski says:

I live in Omaha, NE, and I had no clue “I Don’t Care Bar & Grill” even
existed. lol It must be a terrible place. 

Will Faulkner says:

I’m currently procrastinating while watching this video.

maichan97 says:

Once you start procastinating, there’s no way back.. No escape route.

Francisco Huerta says:

wow i thought of the jelly beans as soon as you guys mentioned where to get
them. You guys are awesome!

boulder sky says:

i just procrastinated for about 4 hours on youtube…

Kimberly Hawkins says:

Sexy pit stains, Link!

Astip says:

First things first.. get off youtube esspecially Rhett and Link.. You can’t
just watch one video 

Some Guy says:

I guess I’ll watch this later…

Nate Cabble says:

I need this video!

Paul Anderson says:

Procrastinating doing homework watching a video about how to stop

KentusMaximos says:

What about procasterbation?? 

BobTheGamer says:

I’m Procrastinating while watching this :I

Zubeeda Ashraf says:

9:01 link is sweating so much dont worry we still love you guys

dabid85 says:

you know what i hate about the comment update, the sound the like button
makes when you click it.

Toby Mack says:

How do I record that motivational speech?

Cat M says:

I have a question: How do I keep my sister out of my room? Because she
always t
takes my stuff.

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