How to Stop Procrastinating

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How many times have you said to yourself, “I’ll get that done tomorrow.”, “It’s on my list of things to do.” Or maybe, “I’ll get to it someday.” So we got of…


Paul Kevin Relente says:

I’ll start making a schedule, make accountability, analyze the task. and
make the task fun… tomorrow.

youtubingiseasy says:

HOW WE SHOULD STOP PROCRASTINATION : come up with a different names to
replace the word procrastination……I fail so hard….. coming up with
this mediocre comment was the most productive thing I’ve done all day X)

ddtbird156 says:

i subbed 2 u

m1n1maltec says:

this video is procrastinating

Scott Allens says:

How to stop procrastinating: step 1: quit being lazy step 2: there are no
more steps

kanumay says:

Nice. Tell all the procastinators to do all this shit to help them do all
their shit. Genius

Nope Nopesworth says:

who gives kids Christmas homework !?! it sucks bawlz

Pavboys says:

I really should be working on that research paper…

ddtbird156 says:

I’ll stop putting it off tomorrow.

chelilandia says:

@EwigesEis Hey search:”Putting off Procrastination…from Freedomain Radio”
in youtube THE FIRST AND ONLY VIDEO with REAL physiological reasons that
totally makes sense about why humans procrastinate trough out their
lives.It was really eye opening for me to hear what that guy had to say.
All that BS of Make a list, be organized, do it now etc. Has deeper insight
reasons originated in the conduct we had as children and conducts we’ve
learned from our parents. check it out! Hope that helps! 🙂

Mark Lehmann says:

Fuck that video, I start to work now.

fireflamerox says:

2 steps will do.. 1) SHUT UP 2) Get back to work

NightMareHarbingers says:

“Make the task fun.” HA! Ok! Find a way for me to make an infomercial
project on Jupiter for science fun!

rrlloo1 says:

OMG she comes off SO NATURAL!

Threeclips says:

I’ll watch this tomorrow…

pollydollyfolly says:

Some other time

FMAiscool says:

i’m guessing the dislikes are from the frustration of procrastinating?

Manoffriendship says:

She is too ugly to imagine naked.

kazimierz198 says:

The ideas on how to stop procrastinating presented in this video are
equivalent to telling a depressed person to just cheer up.

Thelukinator96 says:

I’m procrastinating watching this

JAYtheMAN2121 says:

This bitch is fucking annoying

Emeraldheart27 says:

im procrastinating right now

Brian Evans says:

Stop reading this comment, your procrastinating! Wait a minute… I should
be writing an essay

quinny44 says:

anyone else find this womans voice pirecingly annoying?

Grinder815 says:

Sounds like alot of work… Maybe I’ll just go do something else…

DeckedTigerUnit says:

ok i’ll get start…oh whats this 2:27…lemme just do this instead of
whatever i was gonna do…

TheWalagu says:

how many people were watching this as a form of procrastination.

aleglesscobra says:

hehehe…. nekkid

Nightfury8703 says:

2:15 – I’ll get to that Sunday. Remember folks, Sunday isn’t a day of the

guyboy625 says:

I actually got bored watching this, and checked other browser tabs while it
was playing.

Nicole Menegol says:


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