How to Stop Procrastinating!

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Matthew Santoro says:

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Daniel Mills says:


conman bama says:

888th comment. Do I get an ice cream cake

Jon Konik says:

Funny thing, I added this to “watch later” playlist

SirChubbyBunny says:

A video on stopping procrastination…I’ll watch it later.

Daniel Griffith says:

goddam it, I’ve left this report I need to do for school that’ll determine
my entire grade for Modern Studies to the day before it is due… I also
have homework for art and loads of other homework due tuesday as well.

anzwertree says:

I’ll finish writing this comment later. …

Justice Mascorro says:

Dude if the nerd was real I would have punched him in the nuts

Kenneth Bicocchi says:

i’ve got a lazy eye. ***k u. <3 :D

CallMeCloud says:

“9) Bomb the Russians” LOL

luigi1fan1 says:

youtube is so much more interesting than my… OH SHIT MY HOMEWORK!

lyonel scapino says:

am gonna procrastinate on watching these.

Anton Brockmeyer says:

Poopy lizard face 

MrSpeedyD3 says:


AnimeMangaOtakuAkG says:

Thing is about perfectionism, I’m never satisfied with my work until it’s
perfect. So yeah…

David Viviano says:

I just blame my ADD 

ZenergyYT says:

I’ll try these things later.

Leehashee says:

lol the checklist had lyrics from “Like a Boss” by the Lonely Island

Will Matychuk says:

I watched this instead of doing homework.

GonGetGot says:

I’ll try this tomorrow, sounds tempting to lol. I’ll study for my exam
first thing in the morning instead of working out and pushing the studying
far into the night. Then I’ll just work out later on.

DylanHatesMath says:

Lol bomb the Russians 

Paul Willis says:

Just when I was going to say you didn’t get me; you got me.

Emily Lawliet says:

“I guess I’ll do homework now- OOH LOOK! A video on how to not
procrastinate! I’ll just watch this first!”

Missing No says:

The problem with me and procrastination is that i like to let my mind
wander so mental things like studying and homework i procrastinate on but
physical things I will do right away.

Jim Jones says:

Task 8: “Bomb the Russians” lawl

Mohammed Sawi says:

like if you were procrastinating while watching this video

fuckelmo2 says:

How to stop procrastinating made simple by fuckelmo2:

Step 1: Subscribe to NerdCubed

Step 2: Unsubscribe

Congratulations, you are no longer a procrastinator! 

iPokerrr says:

Subbed, love your videos!

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