How to Stop Negative Thoughts and That Little Voice In Your Head

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How to Stop Negative Thoughts and That Little Voice In Your Head


Matthew Dandridge says:

This is very clever, change your thoughts change your life!

Theo Mourat says:

affirmations again… they dont work. i have tried them a lot and i believe
they dont work for many people

Los CJ says:

I know I can do it lol

Tori Manville says:

hey guys its Tori i have ancixty mines the worst to the worst nothing works
🙁 ill never survive at school it just stresses me out but i bet it just
gonna come bac on me my nagtive is stronger then me i tryed every thing
this only works only once then it gone then it happens again like a circle
mine are pretty bad i have ocd hd and ancixty i worry loved ones cared ones
and want to keep forever i think ill never survive high scholol next year
it hard nothing worksssssssssss 🙁 i started to get ancixty when i was 10
so ya it started happening when i gave up my first pill since i could not
swollow it so i tryed something else my mined was clear as a bunny then
something changed i took the hd pill it made me get ancixty and now here we
are mine gotten way more worse its getting worse any one can help me please
i need this :'(

2001HRM says:

This really helped! Thanks.

rough rooster says:


moniccov arrubi says:

what if you have a million and 1 negative thoughts?? 

bintuae1 says:

easier said than done..

kunpomzaa says:

wow!!! it’s very nice!!! I did it!!!

RaquelLarissa Pmo says:

wow fantastic. Thank you so so much for this technique and video. Love it.

403mcgerthy says:

haha! to sum up 4 mins… Ask yourself why there’s a voice in your head!
Then, what’s it saying/is it an asshole?

Joan Cameron says:

love the simplicity

MrDominicano227 says:

im good at this i can do it !!

Joe Towsey says:

Im going to try this out. Can this be used for multiple thoughts?

milangangster1 says:

Wow i feel change comming ty m8

Daniel Psarris says:

hey guys, i also have a video on healing as well if you’d like to check it
out for further healing.

johnmeye says:

Interesting stuff!!

hexder1 says:

christian bale?

shirusubemonaku says:

ur so fucking hot

kourtney taylor says:

That actually works i thought it was crazy but it works

jackspicerisland says:

I am really happy I stumbled upon this tonight. I needed it–and how great
to get these techniques as I’m thinking of the new year. Thank you.

GirlyKatKiller says:

That wasn’t needed. Weirdo.

Benjamin .Tampa says:

dude you are truly great!

Derek Mahon says:

This doesn’t jive with reality. We can’t think our way out of life’s
problems with imaginary volume knobs. We can only fix them by actually
doing things.

differentandalike says:

Wow, this was very informative. I like this concept. I am a big believer of
mantras affirmations and of course the video – The Secret. All the best and
positive energy to you.

Love Gonzalez says:

Yeah, I completely understand. It depends on how deep it is. When it’s
pretty deep it’s really hard to replace it, it can take some time. I’m glad
you don’t go through that anymore, I got over it as well. Thank God. 🙂

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