How To Stop Negative Thinking: End Obsessive Thoughts and Anxiety Now

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Close – This video defines the chain of events that cause negative thoughts. Once you understand WHAT really causes your neg…


Stefan Shand says:

I get it but what do you do when one has bad feelings and the other is
good? Does the good rub of towards the bad and then the bad switches? 

rebeks ando says:

this is great hey awesome way to say it 

da lisam says:

So repetitive childhood events are connected to negative thinking as an

gonicito says:

Anyone could tell me where I could find this in Spanish for a friend

Keiffo Jackson says:

Great video. Also recognised the Rome Total War music in there. :D

Andrea Dutton says:

What a trip! 


Larry, nice video creating. You did a great job. 

Sonali Negi says:


MrMan says:

Absolutely Fantastic,

adebisilives1 says:

So basically you are saying.. don’t think bad.. think about good outcomes
of all situations and circumstances. Yeah because that makes a lot of
sense. We live in reality. Experience shows us bad and good things. You
can’t just put experience behind you and always think positive. Life
doesn’t work that way.

Don Capers says:

its so difficult to explain that to ppl…. thank you.

Mr-Nice-Guy j says:

My dad refers to my family as “the Adams family”. You can only imagine how
(I. 31 year old of 4) feel today. Single no kids and never married

Lavily Otufangavalu says:

Thank you,,help me 

MsOpus1 says:

omG …I’ve never heard this kinda reality expressed in such a way I can SO
relate to. I live with this every day! … wow, i SO wanna Change my ‘ITv’
…seriously!!!!!!! I’ve struggled my entire life battling this. (there
have been times I was pretty successful in FORCING the Smile/Happy go Lucky
scenario) I’ve gone throu numerous counselors & read MANY Self Help books,
throughout my adult life. & I keep on SEARCHING for Help in ANY way i can
(always work in progress). So, if THIS could ONLY be TRUE/REAL (overcoming
all the Crap i’ve come to realize is Just deeply embedded in my brain) it
would be … well, there’s just no word/words that can/could Really explain
how That would feel. Except, maybe… just “TRUE COMFORT living in my own
skin” + Just BEing who I Really AM! …Loving, Kind & True. Hopefully,
this is not just another Scam 

zytigon says:

Hi Larry, Good points there thanks. Quite important to choose to think
positive, choose the optimistic view and choose to say the caring, helpful
thing. Quite interesting question of how to erase mistakes – like when you
have been angry and said over the top, exaggerated things, or said stuff in
a negative way eg I’m sorry I didn’t mean that, it was OTT, I exaggerated,
I just meant I was frustrated with the situation and couldn’t see how to
make it better. However maybe the other person needs to be understanding
and just read the comment as ” They are angry about this just now “

orientalindian says:

fantastic way to package this key message

Lori Bevenue says:


Paris Sofia says:

A kind of management thought or the so called EQ….

tecneon says:

I enjoyed the dramatic music

orange70383 says:

Consequences from your behavior is the reality that shows you that your
reaction to a situation is in need of reevaluating.

Danny Shterev says:


Ina Blaubeer says:

eye tv

John Salazar says:

Breaking down patterns.

Mafarah Baharom says:

Block unwanted -ve thoughts

Ana Calderon says:

Enjoy G+ =))

harold knox says:


Tyler Herrera says:

This actually can be reduced to soon and its origin. Read Genesis for more.
An easier and faster way to end anxiety and other problems mentioned in
this video is to put your faith into God.

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