How to Set and Achieve any Goal you Have in Your Life – with John Assaraf Part 1

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Hades Ungod says:

John thank you for your powerfull videos. By following your tips I’ve
attracted my dream job. Thank you very much for spreading such a valuable
content. Wish you health

World Class Events says:

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have
twenty-four hour days.” – Zig Ziglar

Eric Sapien says:

Are you interested in achieving your goals or are you committed to
achieving your goals? By committing you’ll learn, rehearse, practice and
drill to get what you want. Committed people stop blaming their
circumstances, skin color, people, economy, education and any other
circumstance for not having the life they want. Instead they put all their
attention and focus on how they will and can achieve their goals.

Planning the goals was easy for me but wasn’t accomplishing anything.
However, watching this video made me realized the missing parts. John
Assaraf explains there’s more than setting goals in order to reach them.

This is what Assaraf discovered that affects goal achieving

1. Goals – know what you want
2. Strategies(what you need to do) + tactics(how you need to do it) +
process(a system to follow)
3. Habits – Good habits to achieve goals, for example, read your goals
every morning.
4. Beliefs – am I good enough, smart enough, do I deserve success, do I
have what it takes?
5. Discover your big why – why is it important for you to achieve those

SpiritofSix says:

Good stuff, I admire the fact that he tries to help others isolate the
reasons why they fail to achieve their goals.

However, with full honesty, each speaker on this subject understands the
general idea of achieving goals–what they don’t do is just simplify the
core concept for what it is.

IF a goal is possible, all that matters is the level of your desire in
realizing this goal. It doesn’t matter how far away or close this goal is,
if you don’t desire it it may as well be impossible. This concept sounds
blunt, but there is more truth to it than we like to believe (as I have
found myself avoiding it too through time).

It is tough to accept the full responsibility for our own inadequacy, and
it is something I tried talking about so feel free to bring your opinions
so we can both learn and grow. That is all, no more no less

GamingFunz14 says:

Weed all day.Get high and then you’ll be in the mood to do all that stuff.

Paul Njonjo says:

Les Brown your such a blessing to my life iam feeling and thinking
different now and i know i will not srop till i make it, and yes what i see
they will not see, they will not be risk takers. Wish you well in life and

Chuck S says:

Thank you John ! always appreciate your messages. I just found out about
your PraxisNow. I will be on a mission !

Kha Fico says:

this is awesome. I feel he’s very honest with teaching people

ego eimaire says:

13:35 you lost me sir… :(

Andrea Samadi says:

This is an incredible refresher on HOW TO SET GOALS! #johnassaraf
#goalachiever #praxisnow #entrepreneurship 

nguyen ba sang says:

thanks you for your lesson, i know that set a goal is easy but do it in
reality is a long process.I alway have a goal of fluently english and i
alway obsess it,but, it is hard to maintain or to turn it as schedule.

fabio souza says:

good stuff … 

silvana lelesit says:

thumps up

Chris Martinez says:

Wow, this resonated with me deeply. Thank you. 

DarkDesertHWY says:

i am not intelligent or creative, I barely graduated high school, I am
introverted and awkward, too honest to be a good salesperson, how should I
use this magic to change my life and be successful, successful people have
skills they go to school and get degrees, I am not smart enough to go to
college trust me I am not, how should I become successful? I want to be
happy and have a good job and a family but you cannot do those things
working at mcdonalds, that is the problem with all of this stuff no one
ever explains how to put it to use in the real world, my goal is to be rich
and the only hope I have of achieving it is to win the lottery



David Hall says:

Love this. Going to share with my coaching clients. 

Dinesh Joshi says:

Thanks for making this imp video and sharing your ideas on how to acheive
i loved it.

BrightermanTV says:

Awesome! How much money have people earnt from this? My husband makes just
under $10,000 every three weeks after studying Sweet Profit Secrets. It’s
pretty sweet :). Just google the words Sweet Profit Secrets to find out
exactly how you and your family can earn money online.

Sarra Slimani says:

ooh my god!! thank you thank you very much! it’s very amazing

manuel sinitsina says:

Simple and Magic Proposals !! Thanks !!

Andrew Senesac says:

“…not a matter of rocket SCIENTIST…” 16:52

Rex II ForSure says:

My goal is to be live to a remarkable age, so people will have remembered
that I took great care of myself and have a lot of the respect for me.

Narendra Khadse says:

Thanks for sharing…. Nice presentation on GOAL Setting. Keep it up. My
unconditional love to you. GOD bless you.

David Angulo says:

Awesome video!

Rahul Krishnani says:

I finish this 30 min video, find part 2, *FACEPALM*

JaJuan Calvi says:

Try to start each week at least one new goal

Lula Fantroy says:

Awesome, this has given me the how toos in implementing what I want to
happen in my life. It puts practicality on walking in Faith and renewing
your mind. Part 2 is awesome also in explaining the different belief
systems. It is those that I have found to cause me to self sabotage when I
wasn’t aware of it. Thanks John.

Amy Yvonne Thompson says:

I am beginning podcasting on goal setting and achieving because I truly
believe that it a vital step in using the law of attraction for our
benefit. One point out of many important points that you touch on in this
tutorial is that we must have the feeling of purpose in the goals we set
for ourselves. I can vouch for this point and how important it is in using
the law of attraction and making our goals commit-able. When I began
college, one of the emphasis we were learning in orientation is that we
must have a personal purpose for achieving our goal of obtaining our
degrees. I can tell you that when you set your intention toward your goals
with a personal purpose, you will be amazed at the level of success you
will experience in achieving that goal.

Akhilnath Muddana says:

This was an amazing speech……..I LOVE the way u deliver ur speech and
there is a great stuff in your words …..its interesting………once
again thanx for u to share such gr8 stuff

moath aljama says:

Thank u so much
And we also want to more talk from ur mouth….

Rocky B says:

contradiction: you said you don’t need to know how you’re going to achieve
your goal but then you go on to explain that you have to apply STP for
achieving your goal? seems like a contradiction. 

Lorenzo Corrado says:

Definitely another eye opener.

Yogi Sally Ann Slight says:

Yay !

anon cker says:

Let me tell you guys a little story,It may change your life 🙂
There was a man who wanted to be successful in his life,so he went to that
Guru and told him “I want to become famous and start making some money”,so
the Guru said “Do you really want success ?” and the man said “Yes I
do”,then the Guru told him “If you want really success in your life then I
will meet you at 6:00 am at the beach”,the man was surprised and told the
Guru “But I want to make money,I don’t want to swim”,the Guru said “Then I
will meet you tomorrow at 6 am at the beach”.
The next day the man came to the beach and the Guru was already there,then
he told him “walk into the water and keep walking”,so the man said in his
mind “This Guru make a lot of money but he is crazy!”,but he walked to the
water,and he kept walking and walking and going deeper and deeper,suddently
the Guru pushed him very deep and kept pushing him! The man kept trying to
get out but the Guru was stronger,then he rises him up and told him “When
you were under water what did you want to do ?”,the man said “I wanted to
breath”,then the Guru told him (I want you to remember that really
good),the Guru told him “When you want to success as bad as you want to
breath THEN you will be successful”.
If you want something really bad then you will have it,in this world there
are 2 types of people,some people who act,and others don’t do $hit,Don’t be
from the second category 🙂 I hope that helped a bit coz it did help me !
PS : sorry for my bad english.

Personal Trainer London Diet Lifestyle Corrective Exercise Clapham Battersea says:

garte video i like cool 

Victor Kozlov says:

… too much words describing a simple process. The whole speech can be
easily shortened to be just 5 minute long. To me, not much value in it
either. Listen to Brian Tracy or Brendon Burchard – less talk and much more

Muluneh Feyissa says:

thank you

moyani fisal says:

thank you

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