How To Reprogram Your Mind (for Positive Thinking)

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How to reprogram your mind for more positive thinking. Get this episode’s mp3/transcript: Get my new book free: http://www.TheC…


Stephanie Mccann says:
Laurie Millanes says:

My first thought after watching this video was, “This isn’t going to
work…” Then I quickly fought that thought and instead thought, “This will
work! I’m going to make it work!” I’m really hoping that it does help me
think more positive :)

Ana Catalina Salas says:

this lessons should be part of the academic curriculum. Easy to
understand, useful, and very practical.

Yew Wood says:

0:55 – 0:56 supports the argument of him being a psychopath. Would you look
at those facial expressions.

Leslie Sanders says:

Happy TGIF!How are you feeling right now? Are you thinking negative or
positive thoughts? I highly recommend listening to this video!
How To Reprogram Your Mind (for Positive Thinking)

Lyla Axiom says:

Just subscribed….Awesome work and I agree with most except the beginning
saying “no one programed you/us”.

Businesses often times pay the advertisement industry more money to
create adds then they spend to create their product. This is because its
not the product that really sells but our perception of that product and
how it can better our lives. That is programming and the TV, radio, and
other media are largely responsible for programming people to respond to
certain things in certain ways automatically because of running ads over
and over and over (repetition), while you at home, in the car, at the mall,
you will hear the radio, tv, see billboards, etc – heavy repetition
wherever you go.

Ad companies even instruct audio engineers to run the sound of
the commercials louder than the average sound of a TV “PROGRAM”, because
people often take a bathroom break during commercials so they ad companies
needs to take that into consideration. You don’t even need to pay attention
to the commercial for it to affect you. Also the point about “attention
span” is largely also due to TV, movies, video games, etc, because of how
they are produced. When you watching a video (even this video), the camera
angles are constantly changing, without us sometimes even noticing it. This
affects our attention span soooo much and I’m sure people can Google more
on these subjects if they really want more info.

I realise that this might be considered a negative way of viewing things
rather than saying, “nobody programmed me so let me focus on the positives”
but knowing what causes your behaviour gives you the power to change the
stimulus or get rid of it altogether. We are always a product of our
environment unless we are conscious (awakened).

If you know that TV is affecting your view of the world you’ll have a
better chance of re-programing yourself by consciously choosing uplifting
videos to watch repetitively and even commercials that get you to eat
healthily instead of the whats the norm in society.

I believe that we are programed by society, school, media, our friends
circle, etc and if you want to undo some of your automatic responses to
things you 1st need to know that they are there, then find out how they got
there,….then take that info and use it consciously on yourself but in a
positive way instead of allowing others to keep using it to manipulate you
to buy things and say things that aren’t even your own ideas, needs or

Brendon Burchard says:

Here’s how to create more automatic positive thinking in your life…

MClove911 says:

But what if it is more wise to listen to that negative thought and try to
analyze it and understand why it is occuring so that it doesn’t repeat the
same pattern rather than simply ignoring it? What is more preferable ? 

bustedprius says:

This video actually made my head hurt.

aquariouschic says:

I needed to hear this today. Thanks 

Outofmycastle says:

Thank u Brandon!

Kadija Ahmed says:

haha “it would mean alot to my mom if you subscribed” looool :P

lovegrilly says:

Thank you for making me smile.You make AWESOME VIDEOS (: THANK YOU.

Hanif Kapadia says:

His energy is really infectious.
How To Reprogram Your Mind (for Positive Thinking):
#positivethoughts #mindovermatter

Ricardo Vaca Gianella says:

Thank you . Brandon , Excellent !

Jasmin Horan says:

hii , i have a question since months i have the same thought over and over
again btw i’m 13 and in the middle of puberty . So it’s a hard time . My
thoughts are killing me. There getting worser and worser what should i do .
I have the thought that i cut myself , i don’t do this , i just have those
thoughts , or to kill me . But my life is Perfect usually . The thought
getting me down always . Do you know some tipss to stop thinking of it ?
Thank you :D

oceej0 says:

This for me is marvellous. I’m struggling with this concept, because I
believe for me it is a huge obstacle which is hampering me. I’ve been
reading stuff here and there, and doing various things with varying degrees
of effectiveness.
I will definitely try this, I feel I understand it more (though my
understanding is partial). I’m going to go for it, because I belive the
rewards far outweigh the costs.
Thank you, thank you and thank you again for this video and this series.

ibti0001 says:

Thanks sir..


Many people who watch this video are depressed, that’s why I think a good
approach would be to first understand why we thnk the way we do. Then you
can truly MODIFY how you think according to this video. Here’s some real
good stuff…

We are what we practice, and EVERYTHING WE DO IS PRACTICE- good or bad.
This is the key.

Humans tend to get into negative thought loops which they play over and
over in their heads. These thoughts are conceived and controlled by the
cognitive portion (the thinking portion) of our brains. Each “neg-o-loop”
is created and played back exclusively by our cognitive portion. Then this
second thing happens. We have a negative reaction which is caused by our
reptillian portion of our brains. This is because the reptillian portion of
our brains (the oldest part of the human brain by FAR) is only able to
precieve and react to actual and remembered events in two ways;

1. Like the nurturing calm of the womb.

2. Run away NOW (grave peril).

Both of these are very much hard-wired in you!

The first one is just amazing. The second one is literally a terror… TRUE
TERROR! It’s much more intense than plain old regular fear. Terror is so
powerful it can force a sleeping lizard to run away from possible harm
without one iota of information being spoken or conveyed, thus, it can
still reproduce. That’s pretty amazing.

Also, this specific part of your brain is wired faster and more directly to
the senses than the newer parts of your brain. It is truly different than
the other parts of your brain (NOTE, the human brain is very complex and
doesn’t actually work in sections like it’s being inferred here. It’s said
this way simply to get the point across only).

Most people call these reptillian reactions their “gut feelings”, which
BTW, is what most of us give all our trust to and what really steers most
people’s decesion-making process throughout their day (BTW, it steers you
wrong about 50% of the time. People love to believe their gut is always
right. It’s definitely NOT!).

These negative loops we create are usually the reason for major
non-clinical depression at all ages. Our cognitive brain is well-practiced
at developing the neg-o-loop and before you know it, our ill-equipped
reptillian brain reacts to it over and over each time you replay your
neg-o-loop, just like it’s the first time (that’s because the reptillian
portion is REALLY basic and is not designed for understanding or repair. It
knows nothing about time, why, where, how, good, bad, it only knows
Ahhhhh-oooo and RUN!!!! It’s just like, well… a reptile… it basks in
the sun, then it runs away for dear life when a leaf falls near it).

So, whadda ya do? The idea is NOT to harm or kill-off the workings of your
reptillian brain, but to better understand when it is steering you
incorrectly and causing you unecessary drama, then, use this understanding
to also break free from the negative loop. How you ask??? HOW ABOUT

Here ya go… Start with practicing smiling. Really! SMILE for a solid 10
seconds. Then do it again for 20 seconds, and again even longer. Keep
going. This is ANTI-NEGATIVITY at it’s finest, and you know it! Yes, it’s
hard to crack a smile when you’re down. That’s exactly the point, so do it
anyway. It totally gets easier. Also, be aware of what you’re thinking
about. Every time you realize a negative thought from your neg-loop has
worked it’s way in again, immediately smile and think of your positive
thing, like a vacation you were on or some great sex you had once, or
anything else that’s positive in your life. It can be one thing or many, as
long as it’s positive and absolutely redirects you away from the neg-o-loop
thoughts. Then smile more and reread this again. STOP PRACTICING THE
NEG-O-LOOP. Break it’s cycle. It’s that simple. Yes, this is a form of
behavior modification, and it’s the best one you’ll hear.

Oh BTW, Mr. Reptillian’s womb reaction is amazingly wonderful, like when
you eat something delightful or ski down a mountain. Be very careful not to
hurt him in any way! Just control his negative overreactions.

E. Quijandria says:

This kind of videos should be on TV so people can wake up happy like me 😀
. Awesome Work!

D eez says:

One person pissing in the soup, ruins the soup for everyone. This, teaching
one person at a time shit, still ultimately doesn’t help fix all problems
in the world. Parts of this make sense but gets misdirected.

Human survival is all or nothing now. Look at what’s really happening in
the world.(not mainstream Media) If we don’t figure out how to get
everyone to have consideration for everyone, then we, as a race, are doomed
to fail. It’s already happening actually. And we are at the tipping point
of no chance in hell to be able to make things right. Everything will fall
apart if we don’t concentrate on fixing core human problems regarding
future survival & good health for everyone.

People have to care about everything. We see others doing wrong. They need
to see they are doing wrong.

saqib asad says:

its good what are you doing but for me i just want to share you that
between your explaination if you show some pictures regarding that topic so
that would be amazaing :)

Brian Keenan says:

I can do this ^

Amal FM says:

U’re helping the humanity , around the messed up world , thanks

sabrina spellman says:

thank you

Andrew Clouse says:

Definitely subscribing I love how informative he is ! Definitely a video
that keeps me focused, on track and keeping me positive whenever my brain
trys to make me think negatively! 

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