How to Re-Program Your Subconscious Mind to Get What You Want w/ Dr. Cathy Collautt

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C’mon over to where the main discussion happens after the episode! Your subconscious mind holds app…


playandrepeat says:

Marie, I was in a really bad mood when I woke up this morning and feel much
better/inspired from watching you. Thanks!

Summit Medical Group says:

Dr. Cathy Collautt talks about the power of the subconscious mind and how
to re-program it.

Tiffany Hodgson says:

Marie – first of all, thank you for this conversation. I’ve derived so much
from it. Is there any way that you can bring the doctor back on to talk
about Insecurity? I’ve struggled with insecurity for many years, and I
would like that 97% to come along with me. 

Julius Fawcett says:

Wow, how cool is it to watch two charming , powerful, happy women leading
the way and showing how to get more out of our lives from paying more
attention to our sub conscious.

gammypage says:

This is like watching a porn

Pedro Fraga says:

you are hot doctor! thanks for this btw

Jacob Mcjunkin says:

I wanna nail that perty lady in the white dress, WHO’S WITH ME!

Mark Landes says:

This lady is smart -both are good looking
How do you focus on improving with such sexy ladies
and I’m 69

Lhagvajav Gansuh says:

Beautiful women

RebirthbyLaTonia Taylor says:

O M Goddess! This is really friggin good fodder. Hearty Appetizer!!!! 

Darrell Gibson says:

really enjoyed content. I am personally struggling with taking my success
to another level. gave me much to think about and work with. may be you

sOsOmega says:

breaking that fear of success.

MsTwiggy28 says:

very nice! I am now trying to reprogram my habits and this information is
golden to me!! 🙂 xx says:

Thanks for sharing…….

ifengozi says:

I saw this when it first came out, but watching it again today is REALLY
profound for me!

Ed J Caites says:

What are you waffling about ??

Sofija Daudoraviciute says:

I am afraid of that house loan.

Stewart Kelly says:

Great talk. Loved the point of programming and debugging as a continuing
process to dissipate mental tension. Sustaining mastery has been a struggle
in this information overload world. I often think my conscious mind in on
the 9:05 LIRR out of Penn Station but my subconscious got on Metro North.

2manysecrets2 says:

This is ridiculous. 4 min in and this is absolute nonsense..15min in it
still is.

“Dr.” who went to Oxford .. anyone can become a “Doctor” btw, one need only
go to school for years.
..and for metaphysics and become a self help coach..sigh..Well, that’s all
fine. There are weak people in he world, but she seems like most
psychiatrists, as flaky as her patients.

…but this woman’s fear has absolutely nothing to do with The Myth of
Sisyphus. Nothing.

Rambling on, she is not making any sense at all.

..and this Marie is simply obnoxious. Viewing the sidebar wit other
shows”Follow Your Dreams” “How to Build Wealth” “Goal Setting” “How to
Figure Out What You Want” etc etc..she is just another making money off the
weak.(Women specifically)

She would be nowhere without her physical appearance…all of this reflects
a lot about our screwed up society.
The US is really such a plastic country.

Obing Ghozaly says:

i love this! 

Jackie Traverson says:

Great explanation about subconscious mind!

Irene Pirrera says:

I have kept myself from doing amazing things all my life. I think that I am
afraid of failure or even of it just being to hard…This video has helped
a lot though! Thank you so much

Roger Homan says:

Cathy Collautt LOVE at FIRST SIGHT… Cathy.. you have the prettiest face
I’ve ever seen… I’m spellbound watching you speak… nothing more to
add… LOVE to meet you one day… 

Alternative Balance says:

▶ How to Re-Program Your Subconscious Mind to Get What You Want w/ Dr.
Cathy Collautt – YouTube

ChristopherJoel Scott says:

Sexiest interview Ever!!! Those legs are extremely delightfully
distracting. Both women are so hott! Brains are attractive to me as well

Alicia Dane says:

right on sis*stars !!!!

Sakura Ama says:

I write my dreams down to understand my inner feelings, but I could be
recruting that part of my brain to help me study and be accomplish my goals
too. This video explains how to do that in five steps.

Maria Pablo says:

very powerful, inspiring. thank you!!!

鈴木大拙 says:

The best listening text of U ,if U are anxious to get over Band6 in IELTS.

Tricia Reynolds says:

Love this, I need to watch it again!

Michael Gaio says:

i really love this video. extremeley helpful.

Lisa Marie says:

What’s up with the shaggy dog hair in her face? That woman is too pretty to
have hair like that. It’s sooo distracting! I want to pull it back for her!

HowToBringBackTheRomance says:

Great, Get subconscious on board, follow 5steps. be humble – be specific –
promise – exemplary examples – solidify & affirm many times. Love it.

Barry Ross robertson says:

If the sub subconscious is a part of us. How doesn’t it know what’s going
on? So your talking to yourself about stuff you already know. Yeh makes
perfect sense. Very easy on the eye though.

Aaron Pedraza says:

Couldnt pay attention to the information that was being said.. Too
distracted by the sexyness

Emily McDonald says:

I am so thankful for this video – awesome! I am definitely excited to
learn more.

mine says:

Good info here!

Jocelyn Escober says:

Super like! Perfect and very timely for I look forward to achieve all my

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