How To Move Matter Over Mind

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You can learn to think about the Universal facts of the Earth, and even move Objects! watching this Video!


Godskingdomwithin says:

Correction sir; the Earth rotates on it axis(imagined of course) at 1000
MPH. The Earth goes around the sun at 65,000 MPH. The Earth and the Sun
are part of the Milky Way galaxy, which is moving through the universe at
495,000 MPH!. And people don’t believe in God, who offers balance through
the gravity of everything in the Universe interacting with one another.
Everything is where it is supposed to be. This balance as well as the
energy within all matter, is maintained through, what is called, the “Will
of God.” 

frosted1030 says:

Although your “time travel” concept has a little merit, the whole mind over
matter thing is total BS.

Jon Bruce says:

2:00 how’d you make the hovercraft? It flew pretty steady. Gyroscopic

Terry Johnson says:

Funny model on a string!

Justin Fisher says:

i would also asume that you have a vary large electro magnet beside you i
can see somthing and cant be wind

Daniel Svenningsen says:

The way the object is moving, clearly hints at that there is a string. And
what’s really weird is, that for some people it takes 3 minutes for an
object to like it was pulled by a string, others like you can move it in 3
seconds, a surprising amounts of BS in this video.

johny five says:

Love the background music especially around 630

Mathew Sacks says:

For time travel to be possible “time” would have to be a real thing. Time
as you’re suggesting it does not exist, it’s a benchmark for us to measure
our existence. 

GaryChap72 says:

You, sir, broke my bullshitometer … I shall be sending you an invoice!

Talisman Skulls says:

Mind over matter. My Mind tells me your b.s does not matter. Easy. 

Mhykyl Khano says:

So fake. why the glass cups? why the plastic jar? In the practice of
Magic those are called controls. So….nice magic trick…probably get you
like 8 bucks and hours at an 8 year olds birthday party.

Cherry MSP says:

You look like Gundy from A.N.T Farm o_O

Poncho Martinez Santos says:

I love it

adiver says:

Warning: Subliminal message at 08:22!!! Just when you’re focused on his
“experiment”. Lot of this crap on youtube!

〈〈〈/%Its Only Natural%〉〉〉 says:

Subsciber 666 xD

Trebor Seven says:

Sorry…I don’t watch video with commercials, but here is my TK demo
compilation if interested. watch?v=UoLkiqDl1KY
No tricks and no commercials, plus free TK training tips. Namaste

bill clark says:

just let it happen

David Nation Sr says:

he didn’t do anything…lol

Astaroth says:

Maybe you should hire a beautiful women half naked and let her do all the
work for you then people might believe your crap.

Jorge Alvarez says:

Didn’t work

IggykoopaLOL playsMC says:

I CALL BULLSHIT! lol just kidding xD

puredmt says:


randy fox says:

That thought me nothing……..

SantaDog81 says:

I put matter over mind by lifting something up directly over my head.

martin pratley says:

Is he on drugs?

malique ziegler says:

The sun doesnt move

Coolertheorchan D says:

I call bullshit

Nick Schmitz says:

Do not try to move the lego… That is impossible. You must simply realize
the truth… There is no lego

jwn741 says:

What’s up with the video edit @ 8:24 Mr. Houdini? LOL

Jean Banville says:

Dude, You are funny and I love the soundtrack!

cottonproductions says:

Lmao … Yeah this guy has no clue what he. Is talking about the earth
spins at around 1000mph

Markus Botha says:

Look at the earth-ball. Why does it sway? It’s suppose to keep it’s
momentum. This guys is blowing smoke up your ass. Magnetism… that’s why
the earth-ball isn’t keeping it’s momentum. 

Mojack001 says:

the best part of this video is actually most of the comments below.

Kirque Ayes says:

we all know that this is bullshit bro

Tyler Work says:

oh sorry, one of the sham glasses are covered by it

Ben Snell says:

wow… his math is absolutely atrocious. and he mention space-time as if he
knew what he was talking about.. people these days, having heard and
learned from false teacher amd passing those false teachings. common guy,
if you’re gonna make a jackass out of yourself, at least TRY and make it

Justin Fisher says:

oh the controlled experiment with blacklight and before just to make
yourself not look ignorent you should say controled experiment
telekeneeses without any dunmass ignorent facial expresions of blufing
that everyone can see wize man see to move somthing you must touch
it.before you can touch it you must vision the object is a part of you.
before that your just a dumbass

JEEVAN . K M says:

Matter moveover Mind

Tyler Work says:

nice comments I didn’t see anyone talk about the black pad under the
glass table!

Justin Fisher says:

bullshit until your mom happend somsting somsting something balls in your
mouth somsting you should sho controlled experiment cough cough assrape
somsting somsting deez nuts somsting somsting prolly your mouth

Duncan Rankin says:

A lot of jibber-jabber, that’s about it!

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